Debunking Myths: 5 Vape Myths Proven Wrong

Vaping is perhaps among the most rapidly integrating trends the world has seen over the past decade. Unable to understand how vaping works or to accept that it is actually a healthier alternative between the same and smoking, they tend to make things up to support their point of view.

The problem is, some of these falsities catch on to be passed around as truth! We’ll be addressing these very myths in this blog post:

Debunking 5 Vape Myths

We’re going to get into five common vape related myths and proceed to knock them out of the ballpark, one at a time!

Myth 1: There Is No Such Thing As A Nicotine Free Vape

People sometimes insist that all vape juice contains nicotine. Anyone who knows their vape juice choices would also know that this is untrue. Though vape juice with reasonable nicotine content is available, there are just as many low nicotine and zero nicotine e liquid options available!

Myth 2: E-Liquid Has Anti-Freeze In It

You have people freaking out all over the place making claims that vape juice contains anti-freeze. Wrong again. This misconception springs from the fact that an ingredient, Propylene-Glycol which as it happens is also an ingredient of anti-freeze is used as a base in vape juice. What they fail to mention is that Propylene-Glycol is actually an FDA approved food additive! In other words – it is safe!

Myth 3: You Can’t Carry Your Vape To An Airport

Again – not true. You are most certainly allowed to carry your vape to an airport and can even travel with the same, carrying it to your destination if you wish. Sure different countries and airports have different sets of rules but there is no hard and fast global rule against carrying your vape kit along!


In all likelihood, if you’re responsible with how you carry, no one is going to stop you from taking your vape kit wherever you go!

Myth 4: You’re Better Off Just Smoking

This one is more widespread denial than a myth really— most people you hear this from will probably be smokers themselves! The fact of the matter is when you’re vaping, for the most part, you’re inhaling the vapor of a mixture of natural flavor and FDA approved base substances (be it VG or PG). When you smoke a cigarette, you’re inhaling burned material (carbon), as well as the hundreds of chemicals that go into processing both the tobacco and paper! So think for a minute – which of the two do you really think is more harmful?

Myth 5: Vape Devices Blow Up Easily

These are vape devices not fire crackers. Though on occasion, there have been accidents due to overcharging, inappropriate storage or outrageously excessive use this is by no means a regular thing. If you don’t believe us, ask the hundreds of vapers around you who have been doing so for years without incident!

Winding Down

If you’re someone who is thinking of giving up smoking for vaping or someone who vapes anyway, just make sure you put the right e juice in your tank, preferably something made well. That way you know you’ll get the right hit while staying safe as can be!

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