Dangers of Using a Dirty Bong

Water is essential to the proper functioning of a bong. Percolating the smoke with water creates a much better smoking experience as it filters out any solid particles and cools the smoke to reduce the intensity of the hit. Unfortunately, if your water hasn’t been changed in a very long time, you expose yourself to a lot of diseases because it’s completely likely that the water is now home to many microscopic pathogens, bacteria and yeast.

When you smoke with a dirty bong, all of these micro-organisms are provided a direct path to your throat, lungs and blood, which can then spread these throughout your body. These infections can be highly contagious and potentially life threatening. These are also easily avoidable, which is why all bong owners are asked to regularly clean out their bongs to avoid contracting some fatal disease.

What Infections Can A Dirty Bong Cause?

There’s a range of infections that you can possibly contract from the microbes found in old bong water.  With the nutrients available to these and a constant water supply, along with the optimal temperature for microbial growth, you can find bacteria that can cause emphysema, malaria, typhoid, pneumonia and many other infectious diseases.

Considering how many possible bodily surfaces the vapors come into contact with, you can potentially contract diseases of the throat, liver, lungs and even the blood. There is no telling what you could get from dirty bong water.

What’s more dangerous is the fact that most these infections are resistant to antibiotics and might very well require specialist treatments and potential long term hospitalization. In many cases, people also develop chronic illnesses which can debilitate into fatal conditions like cancer, liver failure, stomach ulcers and much more.

How to Tell If You Should Clean Out Your Bong?

When you’ve smoke your bong continuously for a long period of time, you’ll begin to notice that water has a clear film floating over it. This is also called a bio-film that contains a mixture of nutrients that are required for microbes to begin growing in. Overtime, this film begins to get thicker as these microbes begin to accumulate inside it. If you see something like this in your bong water, throw the water and wash the bong.

Overtime, you will also begin to see white or black flecks inside your bong, which are also an indication of accumulation of bacteria and microbes. At this point you should thoroughly rinse out your bong to prevent potential illnesses.

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