Coordinated Bride and Groom – Should Your Attire Match?

Is this true? Does the groom’s tie clash with the bride’s bouquet? *gasp* say it isn’t so!

This statement may seem ludicrous to those who don’t value perfectionism.

But for a bride who has worked hard to have the perfect wedding, a clashing piece of attire can be a definite sin.

But before we go and burn the offender at the stake, stop and think; is it really so bad that the groom’s attire didn’t complement the bride’s?

To answer this delicate question, we called upon the expertise of the professionals at Perfect Bridal!

What’s the Story?

In the past years, modern wedding dress designs have allowed brides to be a bit more daring with their own individual taste. So it’s only fitting that the groom would want the same freedom with their sense of taste.

However, we don’t want our grooms to show up wearing their favorite jersey on their big day. So to help you with that, here are some ways through which you can make sure that your groom has a bit of a choice in the clothing matter, while looking exactly the way you want him!

The key is to just remember that there is a difference between clash and contrast!

How to Make Your Groom’s Attire Perfect

Give the Groom Choices

Now, most men have a plain gray, black or navy suit in their closet for the occasion. So if you’re wearing a gorgeous Bari Jay wedding gown in Ivory that you bought from Perfect Bridal, you can have them wear their plain gray suit with a small pocket square that either matches or contrasts your flowers or jewelry. Remember, he doesn’t have to match you completely. Oompa-loompa themes look good with infant twins, not adults!

Understand Basic Standards

Of course, you can tell your groom to make sure that their suit fits them well and is in good condition. But basic necessities such as black shoes are not compulsory.

Continuing with the above example, if your groom is wearing a gray suit, they can pair the suit with some light brown brogues, or anything that allows them to make a statement.

Think before You Theme

Themes are an obvious part of weddings now, but you need to remember that your groom should have as much fun with the theme as you. So if you call for them to wear a double breasted suit simply because you want them to match with you, you may be in for a bumpy ride. Allow your groom to choose their suit that accommodates their style best.

Don’t Go Overboard

Don’t play innocent!

We know it’s easy to go overboard when it comes to deciding on details of the wedding. Even if your groom doesn’t end up matching you completely, it won’t your day. Your wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion, so don’t be annoyed if that one detail of your groom’s suit doesn’t match your gorgeous Allure Romance wedding dress!

To Match or Not to Match

As said above, the key here is to know the difference between clash and contrast. Once you figure that out, your groom will easily be able to wear any style he wants and still match with you like two pieces of a puzzle!

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