The Chomping Summer Wardrobe Tales: Keeping Your Clothes Moths Free

Summer can be fun, and it can also be absolutely cruel in many ways. Near the top of the concern list? The biblical proliferation of clothes moths…

Clothe moths love the summer heat more than we do. Damp weather further adds to their enjoyment. And when they have cashmere, shearling, cotton, silk and lambswool to feast on, they could be the happiest creatures in the world.

Non-stop chomping and ideal conditions for breeding, you say? Oh boy, bring on the onslaught!


So how can you keep your clothes moth-free and avoid the horrifying chomping wardrobe tales this summer?

Your friendly NYC organic dry cleaners have got some tips for you:

Regularly clean your wardrobe

Clothe moths like to lay their eggs in dark and humid places. Unfortunately for you, this is exactly what your wardrobe provides. So make sure you clean your wardrobe regularly and thoroughly, so if there are any eggs waiting to be hatched, you can remove them before the horn for infestation blows loud and strong.

Regularly wash your clothes

Clothes moths are attracted to fabrics in general, but they are attracted even more to articles soiled by perspiration, food, or beverages. This is why it’s important to regularly wash your clothes to keep them neat and clean. Washing your clothes regularly will also help get rid of the clothes moths that may already be splashing in the munchy playground. Have delicate garments? Bring them to your favorite organic dry cleaners—wink wink.

Properly store your clothes

This last tip is equally important as the other two. If you have clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t plan to wear in the summer, store them in vacuum sealed bags. Place small packets of thyme, lavender, or cloves in your wardrobe to keep the moths away. In addition, use wood hangars instead of plastic hangars,as plastic hangars can attract moths due to their static affinity for dust.


We wish you a happy and moths free summer!

About NY Organic Dry Cleaners

NY Organic Dry Cleaners is a leading 24-hr shirt laundry Rego Park, NYC. The company offers free pickups and drop-offs across all areas of the city. For more details, call (718) 459-770 or email at contact@nyorganicdrycleaners.com.


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