The Challenges of Composing Music

Most musicians know how challenging it is to learn how to compose music—to come up with fresh tunes, combine them and create something entirely new is easily one of the most difficult parts of creating music.

But did you know that even when you’ve learned how to compose music, the actual process is not a walk in the park either! Here are some challenges of composing music that you may not have heard of.

A Lot to Learn in Short Period of Time

Composing music means knowing everything about music and being able to connect all of that to come up with an astounding piece—sounds overwhelming? Well, it can be.

Let’s take an example, shall we? You can’t make a melody and simply harmonize it without knowing how harmony works; and harmony is connected to melody, so you should also know how melody affects harmony. You see? It’s all connected and it’s all too much!

A simple way to counter this challenge is to take up specific tasks and learn them one-at-a-time.  Say, learning how to come up with a melody for a given chord progression, for example. As you get a hang of one exercise, you can proceed to another.

Infinite Possibilities

A great thing about music is that the sky is the limit—but this can become a hurdle while composing. You’ve too many ideas and in trying to come up with the perfect outcome, you find yourself unable to come up with anything substantial at all.

Not to mention, composers often feel overwhelmed by others in their field who’re coming up with all sorts of unique stuff—the pressure to outdo others also adds to the struggle!

The only way out of this is to place restrictions on yourself—follow your personal rules and schedule. Try finishing a piece in a time you originally allot to it and define some boundaries that you wouldn’t cross.

Lack of Inspiration

All artists can face difficulty in finding inspiration when they need it—that’s why; don’t wait until later to record your ideas. Do it then and there! More often than not, you forget the ideas later on and a potentially great idea will have been lost.

When you’ve got the inspiration and the ideas, then you can use them creatively and logically. It all starts with the inspiration; the rest follows it!

Difficulty in Transcribing from Mind to Life

Sometimes you’ve it all—you’ve got the motivation, the inspiration, the time, and yet you feel at a loss. You can hear something very promising in your head but you start to lose it as you try bringing it to life.

To be able to write down exactly what you’ve in mind, you’ve to identify exactly what you’ve in mind. And that can be a daunting task! Some say ear training helps but you’ve to experiment with a number of methods before you find the one that works for you!

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