Laser Hair Removal – Quick, Safe, and Painless

The constant shaving, waxing, and plucking is too inconvenient for people with thick body hair. Yet, at times, it seems like the only option when your legs start to resemble the Amazon jungle. Read more

Chemical Peels: Alpha Hydroxy Acid vs. Trichloroacetic Acid

Chemical peels have been around for more than thousands of years. In fact, the Egyptian, Greeks and Romans used various chemicals to improve and beautify their skin. Read more

Summer Jewelry Trends For Girls This Season

Want to update your look? Accessorizing an outfit with trendy pieces is just the way to do that. From in-your-face jewelry to subtle pieces, this season is all about finding the right balance.

Summer is a time to experiment with new trends. With so many exciting trends in jewelry this season, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to accessorizing. Whether you rock a biker chic look or sport the perfect girl-next-door look, these pieces will compliment a variety of outfits and make you stand out.

Take your summer style to the next level by shopping for these eye-catching pieces of jewelry. Read more

Top Engagement Ring Trends From The Past, Present And Future

Engagement rings date back to the Ancient Egyptians if not earlier. Many Ancient Egyptian bodies were discovered with a metal wire around the left ring finger which the Egyptians believed connected directly to the heart.

There’s some evidence that suggests that the Romans also gave engagement rings as a promise to wed their partners one day.

Engagement rings may have been around for a long time but they didn’t always consist of a diamond; diamond engagement rings came along much later towards the end of the Victorian era.

Let’s take a look at top engagement ring trends from the past, present, and future.

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4 Wardrobe Worries Only Expecting Mums Can Relate To

For pregnant women, alongside the challenges that a changing body and a human growing inside them brings, there are certain other matters that tend to weigh heavy on the mind. Read more

Launching a Fashion Brand – What You Need to Know

You might be a really skilled fashion designer, but launching a fashion brand and making it successful requires business acumen. Read more

Marketing Children’s Wear to Moms – Some Key Aspects

According to Entrepreneur, there are 75 million mothers in the United States. These moms have an influence on around 85 percent of household decisions. That equates to almost $2.1 trillion every year in spending. Read more

Robes Why They Make The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts!

To get your wedding robes for bridesmaids (and one for yourself), visit Love 4ever Boutique. Love 4ever Boutique is a featured store where you can get the Customized Silk and Cotton Robes for Brides and Bridesmaids!

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The Rise of Athleisure – How It Became the Star of the Apparel Industry

The word ‘athleisure’ was first used publicly in the year 1976 in an advertisement about sports trainers. It wasn’t used much after that until recently; it has become a massive trend. In fact, the United States’ Merriam Webster dictionary has included the word – it defines athleisure as ‘casual clothing to be worn for exercising and for general use.’ Read more

8 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet

Shoes are not just a girl’s best friend, they are a fashion necessity. Our style is a big part of the way we represent ourselves to the world, and any woman inclined towards fashion needs to have a well-stocked arsenal of heeled shoes at her disposal. Read more