Sports Activities You Must Try Out in Cabo San Lucas

Trying out different water sports activities is one of the best ways to explore Cabo San Lucas and discover the beauty that it has to offer. With immaculate beaches, exotic bays and waters teeming with aquatic life, there is something to do for everyone—from nature enthusiasts to sports junkies.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular sports activities that all vacationers should try out in Cabo San Lucas.

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Beyond the Dive Bars and Beaches: The Attractions of Cabo San Lucas!

Cabo San Lucas has everything to offer to tourists. From serene and high energy beaches (talk about beach-diversity) to the rolling and hopping tequila-soaked dive bars and resorts.

It truly is the all-inclusive tourist centric-town!

These things don’t interest you, you say?… Fine enough. Not a big deal. Cabo smiles.

Because of dude, horchata is served in Cabo in just so many other cups all around.

Beyond the dive bars and beaches, let us take you to the attractions of Cabo San Lucas that people seldom know about. But once they get to know them, they fall in love with this waterfront playground in their own romantic way.

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The Upside of Owning and Camping in an RV

An RV trailer is perhaps one of the best purchases a person can make today. About 6.75 million people were reported to own an RV trailer in U.S in the last year. This is not too surprising considering the benefits of owning and camping in an RV. Read more

What Makes Cabo San Lucas The Ideal Place For Fishing

Fishing is one of the most common activities in the United States. Every year millions of people engage in this activity.

There are many places that people who want to engage in this activity can visit. One such place is Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas is located on the Southern tip of Baja California Peninsula in Mexico.

Here is a look at some of the reasons Cabo San Lucas is an ideal place for fishing:

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Which RV Is The Right For You?

Every first-timer is faced with the question, “Which RV is right for me?”

This question creates a lot of confusion in the mind of the aspiring RVer for two reasons. One, there are several types of RVs. Two, there is no RV that is right for everyone.

Before making a decision, it’s important to understand different types of RVs , and then narrow down the search accordingly.

Here are 5 different types of RVs that you must be looking at for getting to the right one: Read more

RV Camping—Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Going to bed after a long tiring trek may be one of the best parts of the day for any camper. RVs are designed to provide comfort that many camping tents fail to offer.

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A Pre-Departure Checklist For An RV Trip

The first thing you should do after purchasing an RV is make a comprehensive pre-departure checklist. This will prevent any sort of inconvenience while you are on the road miles away from your home. Read more

Common Blunders First—Time RVers Make

The first ever RV trip is always special, because you will remember it all your life. Freedom of the roads, listening to music, making new friends in camping grounds; it’s a lifestyle that most fall in love with. Read more

Driving a Motorhome—Tips for Safety on the Road

Driving a motorhome may sound intimidating, but it isn’t too difficult. In fact, they are the easier to drive compared to RVs. It is all about getting used to the extra weight, size and height that is associated with it.

However, driving a motorhome is different from driving a car or a truck. It has to be dealt with accordingly. Here are a few tips that will help you take your motorhome safely on the road: Read more

How to Take Your Surf Fishing Experience to the Next Level

Standing on the shoreline, surrounded by an expansive blend of fishing opportunities, the inquisitive angler in you ponders – should you steer your boat to the left or to right?

How about you park it on the bayside, and head straight for the drylands?

Yes, the beach.

And don’t undermine the offerings of the shallow saltwater; there, awaits a contrasting catch in the brine, ready to reward every surf-caster for their share of efforts.

Ah, so the previous ‘disappointing’ surf fishing experiencing is still fresh in your memory?

Give it another shot and this time, based on our recommendations; make your next surf fishing adventure a worthwhile addition to your already rich fishing Rolodex.

Tip #1: Know the territory

Surf fishing conditions vary from one shore to another. Before you set foot in the reduced waves, it’s vital you know in advance what you can expect from the tossed cast. A brief survey of the site should serve you well, and if you can get some insight from the locals, that would great.

Tip #2: Keep a keen eye on the surf

Read the tide and current pattern. It will provide you with a wealth of information about which spots to target when placing your bait. Look in particular for areas where smoother, flatter seas dominate.

Tip #3: While you are at it, don’t ignore the weather

Wind speed and atmospheric pressure dictate where fish are likelier to venture and at what times. A calm sea implies that you are more likely to find them in deep waters during daylight and can expect their return to the shore once the sun starts setting into the dusk. On the other hand, strong winds at the shore is most likely a good sign.

Tip #4: Use real bait

Artificial lures are best if you are surf-casting for the first time, but since you are not — you are here to improve on your previous experiences and target a valuable catch — we would suggest using real baits. Fresh shrimp, as such, would be an ideal choice.

Tip #5: Go for the accuracy rather than the distance

Look, I can break all national records of casting – I can cast at great distances…

All too often, surf casters adopt this attitude, looking to prove a point to their accompanying buds. Yes, casting long has its benefits but for that:

  • You need to have a super technique
  • You need to be physically strong
  • You need to be using a high-quality casting gear

Since not everyone is resourced or capable enough in all these three departments, it’s better to go for accuracy. How can you achieve accuracy? By following surf fishing tips 1, 2 and 3.

And well, that’s pretty much it. Next time you go surf fishing, follow these tips and we assure you that by the end of the day, you will have plenty of fresh seafood to grill.

Good luck!

The author is an active member of blogging community at Tag Cabo Sportfishing and loves to talk about and share his expertise on everything related to deep sea fishing and surf fishing. His company, Tag Cabo Sportfishing, provides fishing fleet rental solutions and yacht charter services in Cabo, San Lucas Mexico. Visit the company’s website for more information.