Submit Your Free Classified Ads In 1, 2, 3!

A well written classified ad can work just as well as a flashy billboard at a fraction of the cost! Here’s how you can submit a classified ad.

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Bong Maintenance Essentials

A bong is a great asset to your smoking needs, and can make the experience unique and smooth.

That beings aid, it’s essential to keep your bong clean, and maintain it in a way that it lasts you for a long time to come. To ensure your smoking experience is as enjoyable as possible, you want to make sure that your bong is as clean as possible! Read more

Vaping 101: Beginner’s Guide to Getting the Best Experience

No doubt vaping is the best alternative to smoking cigarettes. By making the switch, you have successfully taken one step towards a better health, and of course, a healthy lifestyle. You are on the way to ridding your body of the thousands of toxins and chemicals that have accumulated over time. Read more

Want to Create a Classic Barnyard Look? Here Are Some Life Size Statues by Butlers and Signs

Whether you are planning a fancy barnyard wedding or a kid’s farm-themed birthday party at your back garden, you want some props and displays to create that classic barnyard appearance.

Butlers and Signs, an online platform for life size statues, provides life size statues of farm animals.

With incredible color, texture and design, it’s as if these animals have been given lifelike properties. Here are some options that might interest you: Read more

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Your best friend – your comrade-in-arms, your partner-in-crime and the one person you wish you could marry sometimes. This is the person you want to grow old with. So it’s fitting that they should get a gift on their birthday that shows them how much you treasure them. Read more

Engraved Gifts: What’s so special about it?

Life has become fast-paced. We don’t really give much thought to gift giving as we should. Sure, we spend enough money buying something that would be expensive enough. But would it also be meaningful enough? Read more

5 Reasons Why Personalized Gifts Make Fantastic Presents

With so many options available, finding the right gift for a loved one can stress out anyone.

To make just the right impression, you could get them a personalized gift.

Personalized products are perfect for everyone—be it your friends, family, partner or colleagues.

If you’re sick of the run of the mill gifts, here are some reasons you should buy personalized gifts for your loved ones: Read more

Choosing A Limo Transportation Service For Your Ride To The Airport

You have a 10 o’clock meeting in another city to worry about, why add unreliable Boston public transportation to your troubles?

Business travel is a challenge on a good day. Add in the hassle of getting up early in the morning (after a late night conference call), then driving yourself to the airport, only to face traffic and/or any other issue.

Opting for public transportation is out of the question. It’s expensive. You’re tired. You need a break.

You need comfort, reliability, and convenience with a touch of luxury for your ride to the airport. Ever thought of riding on a classic and beautiful limo to catch your next business flight?

Consider Limo Booking Process

You are already handling a dozen things regarding the last-minute meeting. You have yet to book flight tickets and arrange accommodation/transportation in the foreign city. It goes without saying that you’d prefer an easy airport transfer booking process. Is the booking service form to lengthy and unintelligible? Do they offer more than one payment options? Does the customer service representative answer all queries regarding the service? These questions are important to consider.

Consider Safety

This factor is often overlooked by people when choosing a limo transport service. It’s important to consider whether or not shortlisted airport limo service has:

  • Proper Insurance
  • Employee Screening Policy
  • Licenses

Consider Offered Insurance  

A good airport limo service will go above and beyond to take better care of their customers, especially in the event of an accident or mishap. However, ask the following questions:

  • How much insurance does each vehicle carry?
  • Are there any safety procedures followed in the event of an accident? How much are customer compensated?
  • When was your insurance coverage updated last in accordance to policy changes?

Remember, you’re not just finding one for your trip next day; the company will be your go-to transport provider for future trips as well. So do your homework!

Search for Good Online Reviews

The search for quality and affordable services begins online for many consumers. In this respect, online reviews and testimonials are your best bet. These offer invaluable information regarding their customer service for past clients. Online reviews and testimonials also offer first-hand account of a customer’s experience.

Take the above into account when searching online for a good airport limo transport service. Also, consider the service’s limo fleet before hiring. Take a look at the impressive limo fleet offered by CT Rising Star Limo.

From Winter to Spring: The Best Heels for Every Season

For a lot of women all over the world, heels mean serious business. This means heels for every occasion, with variety in heel style and plenty of patterns to choose from. Naturally, one must need heels suited to every season as well. Your strappy summer sandals just aren’t going to cut it when autumn and winter roll around. The fashion conscious will want to be prepared for all seasons. Lucky for them, we’ve got a few suggestions on how to decide which heels are your summer jam and which ones should be reserved for the winter months. Read more

The Right Way of Attaching a Decal to Your Vehicle

You finally have that adorable stick family stickers in your hand that you’d ordered days ago and you can’t wait to install it on your car.

Fast forward two minutes later, and you’re standing in front of your vehicle with a ruined sticker, a scratched rear windshield and a bad temper because the dang thing just won’t stick right!
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