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The World’s Best Destinations for Travel Photography

The world is replete with beauty and grandeur, enough to keep the aesthetic mind satiated for a lifetime. From snowy mountains to colorful skies, and roaring oceans to bustling cities, every travel photographer is sure to find something to pour their soul into and come out with a photograph resembling a magical utopia.

However, some locations have been found to be photography havens by travel bloggers all around. These locations offer some of the most scenic views and once-in-a-lifetime photography opportunities for travelers, so make sure to check them out at least once! You’re sure to emerge from the experience with dozens of photographs rivaling the best the photography masters have ever come out with!



A fan favorite for years, Iceland is a land of surreal beauty, offering hundreds of photo opportunities to travelers. The land of fire and ice, Iceland consists of a world of otherworldly beauty, including glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls and the spectacular Northern Lights. A dramatic and vibrant destination, Iceland should be a must-visit on any serious photographer’s list looking for amazing landscape photography tours!

Istanbul, Turkey


The land of historical relics and cultural heritage from a bygone era, Istanbul is a haven for any history buff. Replete with remnants of the Ottoman era, the city is home to some of the most majestic architectural specimens in the form of the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia from the Byzantine Empire.



Norway is a land with relatively few people as compared to its landmass. This makes for some scenic opportunities in areas that have been completely untouched by man. Glaciers, mountains fjords and the famed Aurora Borealis, the land of the Vikings has it all!

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is home to one of the largest collections of museums and galleries in Europe. Home of the infamous artist who cut off his own ear, the city takes its art seriously—and it shows in the number of art hotels and renaissance architecture scattered across the city.

If you’re not one for capturing the beauty of city life, the world’s only floating flower market is sure to change your mind!



One of the most underrated travel photography spots on this list, Georgia, also known as the Gateway to the Mountains, is a crossroads of cultures and landscapes. From the highlands of the Ushguli village, the highest village in Europe, to hiking to the Shdugra waterfalls and experiencing the grandeur of the cave city of Vardzia, Georgia offers photo opportunities all around.

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Top 5 Tips for Travel Photography

Every place that we visit is unique. It consists of distinct landscapes, sights, sounds and smells and as any photographer worth his salt will tell you – it is possible to capture all of those aspects in a single photo.

Whether you’ve just ventured in to travel photography or are already a pro, learning new tips and tricks in this field is a life-long process, and an extremely fruitful one. In this article, we’ve compiled for you 5 helpful tips that will take your travel photography game to the next level.

Learn Everything About Your Camera

You must know your camera like the back of your hand. Whether you use a professional DSLR or are starting out with a simple smart phone camera; you’ll go a long way if you know how to make full use of its features.

Watch free tutorials on YouTube, read articles and seek help from established photographers. Before you begin, make sure you are well-versed with your camera’s features and supporting gear. This knowledge will go a long way in making the most of your tools.

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Get up early to get the best shots. Touristy areas are most likely going to be full of people by late morning so it’s always a good idea to set out super early and make use of the empty spaces. This is highly recommended as you will also get the best lighting during the wee hours of the morning.

Research Places

Before you get to a city, chart out a simple itinerary. Research places you want to see by going through platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Having an idea of the places you want to hit for your adventure photography tours will save you time looking them up and searching for their location once you are in the city.

Alternatively, don’t stick to a map or a plan entirely. One of the best things about travel photography trip is that it gives you a chance to explore and capture new sights. So, go out of the way, check out nearby shops, streets or coffee houses that look enticing and capture them in interesting angles.



For stand-out images, take a moment to observe your surroundings and subjects and use the viewfinder to creatively fill photos. Make sure you don’t have unnecessary blank spaces in the foreground and find unique ways to photograph your subject with lots of different angles.

Crop ‘em

Don’t forget to crop every single image that you capture. Smart cropping can be the difference between a great photo and a mediocre one. Start out by looking at the sides and the foreground to crop and while you’re at it, think of how you can crop the image to make your subject the centre of attention.

If you want to polish your skills and master the art of photography, contact Pro.Photo.Tip. We organize dynamic photography travel tours for all kinds of photographers. This is your chance to get real experience on the field with professional photographers and learn all the tricks in the book.

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Feel like stepping out for an adventure, amongst Nature, under the gorgeous open skies? Camping it is! There are few things in life that are as invigorating and thrilling as hiking.

So when you’re out there in the “wild”, where do you set camp?

Choosing a campsite is an important part of every hiker’s skill set; it allows them to maximize the comfort and convenience they can achieve during their downtime, thereby improving their hiking efficiency.

Here are the things you should evaluate when looking for a location to set up camp:

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In this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular sports activities that all vacationers should try out in Cabo San Lucas.

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Fifth wheel travel trailers are a type of towed RV, available in different lengths and with various facilities. They can be completely bare inside or feature extensive interior with multiple rooms and amenities. In 2017 alone, 94.2 thousand fifth wheel trailers were shipped to dealers in the U.S.

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