Hiking or Trekking? Which Is It?

Most people tend to use the terms ‘hiking’ and ‘trekking’ interchangeably, as if they’re synonymous to one another. Although they are both leisure activities that involve walking on trails in the nature, there are several prominent differences between the two.

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What Not to Do Before Your On-shore Trip In Cabo San Lucas

Sometimes, a few days (or one) out at the sea can be just what you need to get rid of the monotony of life—and the waters of Cabo San Lucas are definitely the best place for that. With so much said about what to do and bring on your trip on-shore, here are a few don’ts you should be careful about:

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How to Choose the Perfect Campsite

Feel like stepping out for an adventure, amongst Nature, under the gorgeous open skies? Camping it is! There are few things in life that are as invigorating and thrilling as hiking.

So when you’re out there in the “wild”, where do you set camp?

Choosing a campsite is an important part of every hiker’s skill set; it allows them to maximize the comfort and convenience they can achieve during their downtime, thereby improving their hiking efficiency.

Here are the things you should evaluate when looking for a location to set up camp:

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Benefits of Using Taxi Services

Whether you’re travelling around in your city or exploring a new one, there are numerous modes of transport available for you to use. You could drive your own car, rent one, or use public transportation like buses or trains. Read more

Sports Activities You Must Try Out in Cabo San Lucas

Trying out different water sports activities is one of the best ways to explore Cabo San Lucas and discover the beauty that it has to offer. With immaculate beaches, exotic bays and waters teeming with aquatic life, there is something to do for everyone—from nature enthusiasts to sports junkies.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular sports activities that all vacationers should try out in Cabo San Lucas.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Care of Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers

Fifth wheel travel trailers are a type of towed RV, available in different lengths and with various facilities. They can be completely bare inside or feature extensive interior with multiple rooms and amenities. In 2017 alone, 94.2 thousand fifth wheel trailers were shipped to dealers in the U.S.

Taking care of a fifth wheel trailer can be quite complex because of its multiple components. It has to be done very carefully with complete attention to detail.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used RV for Your Next Camping Trip

If you’re in the market for a perfect family car and decide to go for an RV, you might find that the most ideal move for you would be to get a used one.

Purchasing a pre-owned RV in good condition can cost you almost half the price of a new one, once you factor in depreciation, maintenance and other costs.

The process of buying a used RV can be overwhelming. Here is a list of things you might want to keep in mind: Read more

5 Reasons to Buy a Motorhome Today

Buying a motorhome is a major decision that families have to make. They cost quite a lot of money, need considerable maintenance along with a separate insurance policy for financial security. This is why it is imperative that families put in a lot of thought and consideration when deciding to buy a motorhome.

But are they really worth it?

There are lots of reasons why motorhomes are becoming so popular. In this article, we have listed down 5 reasons why buying a motorhome will prove to be a good decision for you and your family in the long-run. Read more

RV Buying Guide – How to Select an RV that is Right For You

If you have decided to buy an RV for this summer vacation, then you are probably having difficulties deciding which RV is right for you. There are various categories and classes of RVs that are available, and it is easy for any individual to become overwhelmed with the available choices.

There are many RVs that may capture your attention with their stylish looks, and some may impress you with your luxury interiors. However, the right decision relies on how you assess your needs and then go about looking for an RV that meets those needs.

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Ways in which RV Camping is better than Tent Camping

Is RV camping better than tent camping?

It has been a long standing debate. There are supporters of each sides, with tent campers finding tent camping more “adventurous” than RV camping. While that may be true in some regards, the opinion that tent camping is better is nothing but a bias that many campers have against RV camping.

If we rationally compare both sides, RV camper is by-far a superior choice for camping in every respect. To explore more regarding this topic, let us see how RV camping in better than tent camping: Read more