You Are What You Drive

There are over 250 million vehicles registered in the United States. With so many of them on our streets, it can be difficult to distinguish most of them apart. This is unfortunate, because cars are like empty canvases. When built upon, they can become beautiful representatives of their role and their owners. Here is what you should know about customizing your car using stickers. Read more

Effective Tips to Save Big on Commercial Lighting Products

Lighting is an extremely crucial component of a business. Installing high quality lights not only plays a vital role in enhancing worker productivity but, it also plays a vital role in the environment you create for your customers.

However, most business owners struggle to find commercial lighting products that meet their needs and budget. Read more

How To Save On A Destination Wedding

Just because you’re a budget-savvy couple doesn’t mean you can’t have a luxurious wedding day.

Okay, yes it does. But only for those who just don’t know how to save on their wedding planning. An average wedding without the inclusion of honeymoon can rack up to $31,213. As such, one can only imagine how much a wedding in another location might cost soon-to-be wed couples.

And yet, even the Library of Congress is stating that destination weddings are becoming a huge business, with couples travelling to the corners of the globe so they can recite their nuptials in the most romantic places possible.