Rock Climbing Shoes: The Importance of Finding the Right Fit!

A comfortable fit is extremely important for beginners and rock climbers who are trying to get into the sport. Read more

Cleaning A Swiss Army Knife Made Easy

A Swiss Army knife is one of the best blades to carry around. It’s no longer just a pocket knife¾it has become a status symbol.

For those who’re not aware of its history, the knife was designed by Karl Elsener in 1884. He was commissioned by the Swiss to develop a compact and sturdy tool. Read more

The Rules For Buying The Right Multi-Tool

In 1980, a guy named Tim Leatherman created a set of pliers users could easily tag along wherever they went. A few years later, the product was introduced into the market with the name of the ‘Pocket Survival Tool’ and was selling like hot cakes at $25. Read more

The Beauty of Grayscale Wedding Photography: What You Should Know

By hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day, you want to be able to freeze your love story in time. You want to eternize those beautiful moments.

Looking at your parents’ wedding album, you will find every moment captured brilliantly and perfectly; a solid reminder of true love. Read more

How to Order the Best Sake

Name the most underrated food/wine pairing? Without missing a beat, you will surely say sushi and Japanese sake. Read more

Why You Should Buy a Life Size Statue for Your Next Event

If you are planning an event and are looking for something unique, buying a life size statue can prove to be an incredible option. Not only is the life size statue a good investment, it can also add a sense of luxury and intrigue to your event. Read more

Photographing Sculptures – All You Need to Know

1111111111111Since sculptures and statues do not move, you might believe that they are easy to photograph. However, photographing them is way more than just taking simple snapshots.

Photographing sculptures is one artist’s attempt to understand, explain and sometimes glorify the work of another artist.

Capturing a sculpture in all its beauty and uniqueness can be quite tough and challenging.

Here are aspects that you should know: Read more

Things to Decide Before You Start Restoring Your Vintage Motorcycle

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The Art of Buying Towels: Things to Consider

There isn’t any feeling that compares to a soft, fluffy towel hugging your body after a hot shower. Not that the feeling is incomparable but it’s difficult to recreate with a different set of towels. This is why hotel showers simply don’t compare to when you have one after a long day at home. The quality of towels used for this task comes into play! Read more

From Winter to Spring: The Best Heels for Every Season

For a lot of women all over the world, heels mean serious business. This means heels for every occasion, with variety in heel style and plenty of patterns to choose from. Naturally, one must need heels suited to every season as well. Your strappy summer sandals just aren’t going to cut it when autumn and winter roll around. The fashion conscious will want to be prepared for all seasons. Lucky for them, we’ve got a few suggestions on how to decide which heels are your summer jam and which ones should be reserved for the winter months. Read more