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Teach a Man to Fish: Getting Started with Saltwater Sport Fishing

Onshore fishing has been a little off for you lately.

Not that you are struggling to find and catch fish onshore, but it has just become too monotonous and predictable for you.

You want to experience the unpredictability of the offshore fishing game. Right from the middle of the deep waters.

Unfazed, you really want to embrace the thrill and excitement of saltwater sports fishing that you have only seen on popular TV shows like Shark Men or Deadliest Catch, until now.

But the problem is, you are yet to find someone who can teach you how to go about it.

If so, then you have come to the right place.

Today, we will share with you some advice and tips to help you to get your first plunge in the ultimate fishing experience that which we master anglers call saltwater sports fishing!


So, let’s start with the very basic: the gears.

Saltwater fishing gears are many. However, since you are just starting off, you don’t need them all; you only need the essential gears.

Essential saltwater sports fishing gear include saltwater rod and reel, line, hooks exclusively designed for saltwater fishing, bait/lure, downrigger (depending if your targeting fish at the bottom) and life jacket.


The next thing you need to decide on is the fishing spot and when you want to go saltwater fishing. This decision would encompass many considerations such as your budget when it would be most convenient for you to go fishing and the type of fish you want to catch.

For instance, here in Cabo San Lucas, saltwater fishing is quite economical. The place is best known for marlin fishing and you can expect to catch a marlin at any time of the year except in the months of April and May. Besides marlin, you can also find other varieties of fish in Cabo.

You can ask for help from the gear shop from which you bought the gears, or you can even ask experienced anglers in your circle to guide you better. Local fishermen might also be willing to help.

Of course, don’t forget to carry supply essentials for your deep-sea fishing trip. Sunblock, sunglasses, food and water, these are the typical items that you’ll be needing for your trip. If you have rented a fishing charter, you might not need to carry these items at all.

Good companies provide on deck fresh food services and also the fishing equipment that you need for saltwater fishing. You can also avail their fishing crew services who will accompany you on your fishing trip and will provide you with all the necessary guidelines and information on how to make a solid catch.

Closing off, learning about saltwater sports fishing is a never-ending process. Even the experienced anglers can’t say they know everything about it. You are just getting started and now that you are finally into it, we hope it becomes your favorite hobby.

The author is an active member of blogging community at Tag Cabo Sportfishing and loves to talk and share his expertise on everything related to fishing. His company, Tag Cabo Sportfishing, organizes and expedites sport fishing trips and adventures in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. The company provides yacht charter services, fishing fleet rental solutions and also sells fishing gear for saltwater fishing and surf fishing. Visit the company’s website for more information.

5 Ways to Inspire Your Cynical Mind

Let’s be honest; there’s a huge difference between being cynical and being a realist.

Cynicism is an attitude that characterizes a general mistrust of the people around you. Being a realist means that you see things without a filter i.e. you consider positive things and negative things to be just that.

Ergo, you cannot be a cynic and a realist at the same time. After all, cynicism teaches you a general mistrust. Realism shows you that unlike a cynic, you still can see the potential for goodness.

And that is what you must teach your mind.

Rewiring Your Cynical Mind – What You Must Do

1. Confront Your Negativity

Even you know deep down that this isn’t the way to live life. Rather than dismissing an entire group of people because you just know they’ll betray you, be cautious.

Confront this wave of negativity you have taking over you, and accept that there are all types of people in the world. There are untrustworthy people, but there are also nicer people who will try their best to boost you.

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet them just because you don’t want to try.

2. Pay Attention to Your Thought Patterns

What are you thinking about? Is it that nasty coworker who wants to make your life miserable? Or are you thinking about how much fun you had with your friends a few days ago?

For a cynical mind, going to a negative thought is much easier than a positive one. But the key to having a balanced and peaceful mind is to bend those thought patterns and retain positive ideas.

Focus on the little victories and happier days. Think about those times when you’re feeling frazzled. You’ll feel your body relaxing.

3. Remove Negative People from Your Life

If you can’t do so, perfect your poker face and switch to it when they start ranting about their life then daydream. All of us have something or the other happening in our lives. You don’t want someone else’s burdens on top of your own.

Whether you want to admit it or not, other people’s negativity does have a great impact on you, since you’re the one they’re unburdening their troubles on. Don’t take on their problems.

angel paintingsHowever, if it’s someone who means something to you that’s doing the ranting, listen and be kind. But don’t fret over their problems. They’re grown-ups. They’ll handle it.

4. Create an Atmosphere of Joy

If it seems like some things just aren’t working right, stop. Lean back, close your eyes and take a deep breath, maybe two. Be compassionate towards yourself.

Furthermore, be compassionate towards other people as well.

Remember; you’re not the only one who goes through a rough time. If you see someone else fretting or going through a rough patch, have a conversation. Do little favors, like buy them a cup of coffee or send a funny picture. Do your part in creating a positive space.

5. Bring Positivity at the Forefront

abstract angel paintingsIt’s not an easy job for a cynic to be positive, but it’s not impossible either. Do what you can to sway your mind from the negative thoughts.

Use a mode of inspiration, every time you feel your mind going back on the same negative track. Buy beautiful abstract angel paintings from Dove’s Angels and use them as your guide for positivity. Use art to provide you with that mental peace you need in tumultuous moments.

The Bottom Line…

Break through those walls you’ve built around yourself and focus on living a positive life. Not today, not tomorrow but some day, you will start to feel that mindfulness, that happiness and that peace of mind that you so desperately need to live a happier life.

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