Stress-Relieving Travel Tips

When it comes to planning a vacation, it’s either easy-breezy or you end up wanting to pull your hair out. But for most novice travelers, planning a trip can be a pretty stressful experience. Read more

The Mod of Vaping Faith: Choosing Your First E-Cigarette

can be the cool in the world of clouds. Regardless, it’s important to choose the right mod when stepping into the unknown for the first time, for your choice will certainly have an impact on your wallet, and more importantly, on your body. Read more

7 Ways of Staying Healthy This Year that’ll actually Work

The beginning of the New Year is the best time to begin your journey to being healthy. After all the overindulgence during the festive period and New Year, we tend to feel lethargic and demotivated. It doesn’t help that our clothes feel snugger too!

Adopting a healthier lifestyle for the New Year will only do you good. You’ll lose a few pounds, feel energetic, and have better skin, hair, and nails too. Read more

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Is It worth It

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Office Party Shenanigans – What You Need to Keep the New Year Party Aftermath in Control

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Debunking Myths: 5 Vape Myths Proven Wrong

Vaping is perhaps among the most rapidly integrating trends the world has seen over the past decade. Unable to understand how vaping works or to accept that it is actually a healthier alternative between the same and smoking, they tend to make things up to support their point of view. Read more

E-Juice Flavors You Must Try: From Salty to Sidecar

Over the past few years, numerous smokers the world over have switched from smoking to vaping. If you ate or someone who has been vaping from the get go, one of the things you probably know is your vape device is only as good as what you juice it with! Read more

Healthy Toking: 3 Things you should do to Make Sure your Habit Doesn’t Become Unhealthy

There is a saying attributed to the Buddha; something about achieving balance and how in balance one may find the way forward. The quote makes a comparison to the tuning of a stringed instrument. Where over tightening the string causes it to snap, leaving it too slack means that it will not be able to emit sound. Perfection is found somewhere in between! Read more

Rules that Every PA46 Pilot Should Live By

Whether you’ve taken up piloting lessons for the Piper PA46 aircraft recreationally or areserious about becoming an aviation instructor yourself, you have taken your first step in to the world of piloting. Read more

Top Reasons People Want to Become a PA46 Pilot

For as long as one can remember, mankind has dreamt of flying high in the sky; to take wing and be free just like the birds. From Icarus’ venture of flying too close to the sun to finally building an airplane capable of flight; humanity has come a long way. Read more