4 Ways to Spruce up Your Business This Spring

health and well-being of their employees.

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Never Miss a Flight Again With These Tips

Nothing puts a damper on an enjoyable trip like missing your flight. The stress of arriving at the airport with minutes to spare, the adrenaline-fueled rush of getting to the gate only to experience the sinking feeling of seeing your plane soar away—leaving you behind with a crushed heart, scrambled up plans, dreaded delays, and possible additional costs. Read more

CBD Oil—Separating Fact From Fiction

The prevalence of cannabis-derived products has significantly increased in recent years. By the year 2020, the total CBD consumer sales are estimated to be $1.15 billion.

Many scientific studies and researches have revealed health benefits of CBD. In as such, CBD can aid in the alleviation of several medical conditions including anxiety, seizures, depression, etc.

However, there is much confusion regarding CBD oils, particularly because of its relationship with cannabis. Here, we’ll debunk a few myths regarding CBD oil to separate fact from fiction.

First Off; What Is CBD?

The cannabis sativa plant has hundreds of cannabinoids—CBD and THC being the most popular among these.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive chemical, known for altering a person’s senses upon administration and inducing cravings.

On the other hand, CBD or Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive and works with the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors to produce therapeutic effects. In this regard, CBD has proved to be beneficial in managing seizures, chronic pain, anxiety, etc.

Cannabis plant

Debunking Myths Regarding CBD Oil

CBD oil is used in relieving pain, inflammation and anxiety, among other conditions. Here are a few myths that still continue to haunt this therapeutic elixir.

Myth # 1: Using CBD Oil Will Get You Addicted

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is non-addictive and safe.

CBD oil can stimulate the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain and lift your mood. This helps in a number of conditions including depression or anxiety.

The endocannabinoid system in our bodies regulates several bodily functions including mood, appetite, inflammation, sleep, etc. CBD oil can enhance the working of this endocannabinoid system, to restore harmony and balance in the body.

Myth # 2: CBD Oils Are Only For Relieving Pain

CBD oil doesn’t only relieve pain, but is beneficial for several other medical conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, preventing Alzheimer’s, etc.

While CBD oil is an effective food supplement, scientists and other medical researchers are adamant to class it as an effective medicine for various conditions.

Myth 3 #: CBD Oil Can Be Sedating

CBD, per se, is non-sedating. CBD can actually counter the psychoactive effects of its counterpart, THC. It can also reduce hangover from THC and delay the sleep time.

The confusion whether CBD is sedating or not is often due to the fact that several kinds of cannabis containing CBD often have an ample amount of myrcene, which is potentially sedating.

Myth # 4: CBD Oil Can Give You Hallucinations

Only Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has psychoactive properties that can get people intoxicated. This chemical is not present in CBD oil and thus doesn’t produce hallucinations. However, CBD oil can counter some of the psychoactive effects associated with THC and reduce stress and anxiety.

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