Marketing Children’s Wear to Moms – Some Key Aspects

According to Entrepreneur, there are 75 million mothers in the United States. These moms have an influence on around 85 percent of household decisions. That equates to almost $2.1 trillion every year in spending. Read more

4 Personalized Gifts for the Perfect Day

Nothing says “I love you” better than a personalized gift, one that you spend time and effort into finding for your special person. Finding the perfect personalized gift doesn’t take a lot of effort though – a little insider information on likes and dislikes about your loved one will help in your quest. Following are some gift ideas that may also help with your search for the perfect personalized gift! Read more

Rock Climbing Shoes: The Importance of Finding the Right Fit!

A comfortable fit is extremely important for beginners and rock climbers who are trying to get into the sport. Read more

Like Mother, Like Daughter: 5 Qualities Every Mom Should Possess to Build Her Girl’s Confidence

They say raising a girl is easier than raising a boy; they prefer to stay home, to play with their dolls, to help in the kitchen and comply with all the rules.

Somebody tell that to Honey Boo Boo!

Children are children, be they boys or girls. And reducing a child to his or her gender is nothing more than a lazy generalization. Read more

Love Receiving and Giving Gifts? There’s more to it than you think

Why do I love getting gifts? Because they’re gifts! That should be enough!


Although this may seem like a good enough reason for many, we’d like to delve into the details of it. The gifts we receive are based on our likes and personalities and perhaps, our understanding of that situation. But if we take that influence away and instead focus on the way we feel, it is then that we realize why many of us so deeply love receiving and giving gifts. Read more

From Winter to Spring: The Best Heels for Every Season

For a lot of women all over the world, heels mean serious business. This means heels for every occasion, with variety in heel style and plenty of patterns to choose from. Naturally, one must need heels suited to every season as well. Your strappy summer sandals just aren’t going to cut it when autumn and winter roll around. The fashion conscious will want to be prepared for all seasons. Lucky for them, we’ve got a few suggestions on how to decide which heels are your summer jam and which ones should be reserved for the winter months. Read more

Exploring the Art and Style of Wedding Photography

A smile with a kiss, the flash goes off, and your perfect memory is immortalized forever.

This is what wedding photography presents for us. It is a practice through which we can capture those special moments and enjoy them for years to come. Read more

Always the Bridesmaid, Now the Bride – Capture Your Perfect Wedding with the Right Photographer

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, especially if it’s your sister’s or friend’s.

Planning your own wedding, however, can be a piece of work.

Everything has to be perfect and proper. The date, the venue, the dress, the invitations and the food – all of these have to be planned ahead. Read more

Why Choosing Leather Messenger Bag For Your Laptop Is The Better Option

Forget your typical 9–5 job; technology now allows you to sit back, relax and work at your own Leather Messenger Bagluxury—from a local coffee shop, at a beach, their backyard, anywhere where there is internet connectivity!

This ease and convenience comes at a price. You’ll have to lug your laptop around. Obviously it isn’t possible to carry laptops in our hands all the time. It can fall and break! This is where the essential laptop bag comes in the picture.

Go for a leather messenger bag from Copper River Bag! Here’s why: Read more

Shoe Shopping – Buying the Best Pair Online

bodyfabShoes! They’re gorgeous, they’re comfortable and they add an element of beauty to your tootsies. Read more