Top Tips for Layering Men’s Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry for men, the trend is not new at all. From ancient Egyptian pharaohs to Roman senators, jewelry has always been considered a celebration of everything luxurious and powerful.

But while the ancient civilizations were completely comfortable with their men wearing jewelry, the recent centuries have seen it become a taboo for men to wear anything but the most minimal of jewelry.

But circa 1970s, with the rise of statement piece wearing celebrities such as John Travolta and the birth of the punk rock scene, gold chains, medallions and harsh spiky jewelry on men became commonplace—and the rest is history! Read more

Chemical Peels: Alpha Hydroxy Acid vs. Trichloroacetic Acid

Chemical peels have been around for more than thousands of years. In fact, the Egyptian, Greeks and Romans used various chemicals to improve and beautify their skin. Read more

The Case For Bacteria Buildup-Proof Kitchen Sinks

You can scrub till your stainless steel kitchen sink gleams, but when it comes to you vs. bacteria, it’s a tricky fight.

Overtime, bacteria builds up where there’s exposure to grease, dirt and environmental particulates. While about 99 percent of these microorganisms are not harmful, the remaining percent can be frustrating, even dangerous. From a runny nose to a fatal infection, these can cause a lot of health damage. Read more

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dermaplaning

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The Most Popular Sterling Silver Bracelet Styles

Since olden times, silver bracelets have been adorned by women and men alike. They are considered a versatile precious metal and can look great with any look.

Sterling silver is a purer form of silver. It is considered durable, as well as more stylish than normal silver jewelry.

Sterling silver bracelets have been a popular choice of jewelry because of the sheer variety they’re available in. They come in various styles and designs for both men and women. Read more

Debunking Common Facial Peel Myths

Chemical peels have been a hot favorite when it comes to facial rejuvenation. They work by facilitating exfoliation of dead skin cells and giving the skin a cleaner and fresher appearance. Read more

Virgin Hair Extensions: How To Find Your True Color Match

Beautiful girl

Whether you’re using virgin hair extensions for the first time or have used them in the past, they can easily transform your hair to get that much-coveted thick luscious hair. Every day is a good hair day!

Virgin hair extensions add length, volume and fullness to hair and make it appear more healthy and appealing.

Virgin Vs. Non Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair means natural, raw or unprocessed hair. Virgin hair extensions consist of natural hair strands that have not been dyed, bleached, bonded, permed or chemically treated. They are considered the highest quality extension hair and wigs because of their natural state.

Virgin hair extensions are collected from a single donor. Due to their unprocessed state, these extensions are stronger and more durable than non-virgin hair extensions, which is usually colored or chemically treated.

Can You Color Virgin Hair Extensions?

If you’re bored with the natural color of your virgin hair extensions, you can get it dyed. The best thing about virgin hair is that it can hold color better since it’s natural hair.

Before coloring your extensions, you need to figure out the right color shade that will complement your skin tone.

Choosing a hair dye shade is an extremely important but challenging decision. The right shade can accentuate your facial features and give new life to your hair. You may not realize it, but your hair color speaks volume about your personality and personal style. Make sure you pick the right color for your hair extensions. Here are some simple tips for picking the dye color for your virgin hair extensions:

Determine your skin tone

Do you have warm, cool or a neutral skin tone? The color underneath the surface of your skin is your skin’s undertone.

If you have golden, brown or peachy skin, you’re likely to have warm undertones. On the other hand, cool undertones appear red, pink or blue and neutral is a combination of cool and warm undertones.

Wash your face to determine your skin’s natural tone. Make sure you’re not wearing makeup, sunscreen or any other skin care.

Analyze your skin color under different lighting

Our skin and hair color looks different under different types of lights. Check the natural color of your extensions and your skin under natural light.

Check your veins

Take a look at the veins in your wrist in order to determine your skin tone. People with a cool skin tone have blue veins, while green veins reflect warmer skin tones.

Gold vs. silver jewelry

Do you look better in silver or gold jewelry? If silver suits you more, you’re cool toned. Gold is a great choice for warmer toned individuals.

Check your eye color

Most cool skin toned people have lighter eyes, such as blue, green or gray eyes. On the contrary, brown and hazel eyes are more common among warm skin toned.

beautiful wigs

Do a strand test

The easiest way to check whether or not a specific dye color will suit you is performing a strand test. Apply the dye onto a small section of your hair. If you like the end result, you can color your entire hair.

Generally speaking, warm shades, including rich chocolate brown, deep red and warm blonde suit warm toned. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule for selecting dye color for extensions.  If you like to experiment, why not choose a trendy, fun hair color?

Interested in buying virgin hair extensions online? We offer dyed virgin hair extensions in a variety of stunning shades! Get your hands on our best hair wave bundles.  



The Creative Process of Combining Spirituality and Art

As an instrument of self-expression, art is perhaps one of the most innovative methods through which one can successfully display their emotional power through visual and creative stimulation.

Art encompasses a diverse range of activities, many of which may be unusual. Nevertheless, they are prominent because of their ability of presenting a skill through a unique mode, one which captures the attention through expressionism and technique.

One such mode of art is that of mixed media.

Understanding Mixed Media

According to the Tate, mixed media can be defined as:

A term used to describe artworks composed from a combination of different media or materials.

This style primarily combines the best of different methods of art, and presents them in a way that makes them distinct by their own methods. And that’s what makes mixed media the best option for anyone who wants to combine art and their take on a different thought, let’s say, spirituality and present it at a superior level.

Using Mixed Media to Express Spiritual Artistry

There are many benefits of using mixed media to express your creative connection with spirituality.

Mixed media is basically a method of creating art for the risk takers. Art itself does away with creative boundaries and instead offers a blank canvas (metaphorically and literally). But mixed media takes it one step further and prompts you to ask yourself, why shouldn’t I use something other than paint to create art?

You are able to use multiple materials to get the effect you need, and that in turn allows you to expand your creative bounds. With multiple materials, you use multiple techniques. Through that, you’re able to see the particular objects in a new light.

original angel paintingsOne great example of mixed media being used effectively is that the original angel paintings created by artist Dove Grace Quinlan.

Using mixed media, Quinlan presents a fine selection of paintings that depict a world of magic, whimsy and wonder. And she is able to do so while connecting with her source of spiritual inspiration and transferring that emotion accurately onto the canvas.

The Bottom Line…

Art presents a process through which people can delve into the abstract and multi-faceted existence of their emotions and bring out something that accurately depicts what they feel. That is something that artists like Dove Grace Quinlan thrive on, especially for something as unique as abstract angel paintings and prints.

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