Yacht Types for The Thrill Seekers

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The best thing about yachts is the incredible amount of versatility they offer. Whether you enjoy sailing in broad daylight with lots of friends, or prefer going on blue water cruising trips alone, there’s a yacht type for everyone out there. This article includes a comprehensive list of yacht types for those who love chasing high tides. Read more

New Year’s Resolutions You CAN Keep

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8 Fishing Accessories you don’t want to Leave Home Without!

When it comes to the US, hunting and fishing are not just sports! One US News online publication states that the same actually boost and power the economy. This comes as no surprise given that the USA has neither a shortage of sports fisherman and hunters, nor is there any dearth of places in which to undertake either sport.

When it comes to fishing, the success of your trip among other things depends on how well prepared you are!

Fishing Accessories that are Essential

If you’re about to head out for a fishing trip, you probably want to make certain that you’re packing most if not all of the items on the list below!

Extra Fishing Line

This is one of the bare basics. Any seasoned fishing enthusiast knows that you could lose or break the line you currently have attached to your reel. In such situations, not having spare line pretty much means the end of your trip.

Make sure you carry a spool or two of extra fishing line when you’re going for that trip.

Assorted Hooks   

Unless you have your heart and head set on one particular type of fish (and even then), carrying an assortment of hook sizes is highly advised. This not only ensures that you have spares in case you snag and lose a hook on an underwater rock; it also allows you flexibility by way of the size of fish you can potentially catch.

Make sure you’re stocked with enough spare hooks and do make it a point to try carry the complete range of hook sizes.

Bait, Tackle and Lures

You want to attract those fish right and chances are a bare hook just won’t cut it! For this reason, your bait, tackle and lures are the next thing you want to be sure to carry with you. You can buy tackle and lures online as well as packaged bait if needed.

The more variety you have in your tackle box, the better equipped you will be to catch whatever fish the season and location has to offer.

Bobbers and Sinkers

Different fish swim and bite at different depths. In order to ensure that your bait or tackle are at the correct depth, bobbers and sinkers are both extremely helpful. Bobbers make sure your hooks stay afloat at a shallower depth whereas sinkers do the opposite pulling the same deeper under water!

In a sense these help you expand the area within which you fish!

Fishing Knife

Fishing Knife

In case you want to gut or even prep and eat your fish on the spot, a fishing knife is essential. These are quite handy and can double up to help you with other outdoor tasks which involve cutting, shredding and penetrating.

Line Scissors or Clippers

There are times when you may need to trim your fishing line. There are other times where it may knot or snag onto something under water. In such instances you can use your fishing knife however having a pair of line clippers or scissors makes the job a whole lot simpler!


Sometimes de-hooking the fish you catch can be a real task which is why taking along a simple pair of slim nose pliers is always a good idea.

First Aid Kit

Last but not least, if you’re braving the outdoors, even for a fishing trip, you don’t want to have to drop everything and return home because of a small gash or cut. At the same time, rusty hooks and certain kinds of fish can do a number on you if your skin is penetrated. In such situations you risk contracting tetanus or other forms of poisoning.

To counter this, it is important to carry a first aid kit, complete with anti-septic and bandages among other supplies. Make sure you carry the items listed above and that winter fishing trip is sure to be a roaring success!

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Survival Arms: 6 Brilliant Options for when things get Wild

Mankind and firearms have a long history when it comes to hunting and braving the outdoors. Today though we’re not under any kind of natural threat for the most part, those of us who enjoy taking trips into the wild may still end up exposed from time to time.

The question is, are there any kind of firearms that are best suited to outdoor survival? Yes there are! We have listed some brilliant options below that would be helpful to have on your person if you ever find yourself in a fix when pitted against nature and the outdoors!

Long Guns

Long guns make a brilliant selection when it comes to outdoor survival. Apart from being available in lightweight models and designs, these guns offer increased accuracy when it comes to aiming at targets at a distance.

Having a long gun and a few rounds in your arsenal is always great to eliminate threats before they get too close!

Semi Automatic Rifles

Of course you don’t want to be caught unprepared but in case you are and the threat in question is too close, a long gun might not cut it. In such instances semi-automatic rifles like the trusty AR-15 are brilliant potential options.

The AR-15 in particular is known for being easy to carry, very simple to use and of course, brilliant in situations where you don’t have time to keep reloading! That being said, there are other options when it comes to close quarter survival!

Pump Action Shotguns


The pump action shotgun is not just a strong candidate when it comes to home defense. The same can keep you protected even when facing adversity close quarters in an outdoor setting. Though terrible when it comes to long distance accuracy, there are few things that can beat the stopping power of a 12 bore/gauge round flying out the muzzle of a pump action shotgun close quarters!

One brilliant option is the SLP semi-automatic 12 gauge pump actions manufactured by FN America. Apart from being highly reliable, the same is known for its soft recoil making it manageable by even those who are new to firearm use!

22 LR Hand Gun

There are times when you might encounter smaller yet equally deadly natural risks such as snakes and coyotes for instance. In such cases, you don’t want to be overdoing it by firing off a pump action and having debris fly all over the place.

A handgun capable of shooting 22 LR size rounds would be more than adequate for such a situation.

44 Magnum or 45 Caliber Handgun

Of course if you’re going somewhere that you’re bound to encounter say more wild bears than snakes, you probably want more stopping power. In such instances, a 44 Magnum or 45 Caliber Handgun would be advised!

Commando or Hunting Dagger

The thing about living in the world today is that we sometimes forget that the best defense is a simple yet decisive offense. If you buy guns online and purchase arms made by well reputed manufacturers, chances are they won’t fail on you.

At the same time, the thing about survival is that you need to be prepared for anything and everything. For this reason, the last item on this list is not a gun. It’s a dagger. You can get some great sturdy stainless steel daggers from outdoor supply as well as arm stores.

Regardless of how many guns you intend on carrying, make sure you pack one of these babies for that trip outdoors. When it comes to survival, that last line of emergency defense is crucial!


You will still need to decide on other specifics such as manufacturing company, size and weight. This being said, the arms stated above are just the kind that will help you brave any and all outdoor survival obstacles!

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Gun Basics: What You Need To Know

Most firearms have core the 5 components called muzzle, breech, hammer, magazine, and trigger. The classification and operation of firearms depends on these working parts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunting enthusiast taking their first steps in to the world of firearms or a veteran who could do with a little refresher.

This post is a must-read for all those with a healthy interest in firearms.

Get ready to learn all about the basic anatomy of a gun.

1. Muzzle

The muzzle is the business end of a gun. It’s the opening on a firearm where the projectile emerges. Early firearms were called ‘muzzle-loading’ guns as the limited technology only allowed a gun to be loaded using a muzzle.

2. Breech

Thanks to the developments in technology, things are a lot different today. The breech is the back end of a gun which can be used to load ‘breech-loading’ firearms.

3. Hammer

This is the part of the firearm which ignites the powder to make contact with the bullet and propel it out the muzzle. The hammer is located on the outside of the firearm in some rifles and handguns. In some pistols, shotguns and most rifles the hammer is internal.

A firing pin might be used in some guns instead of the hammer.  In such cases, the hammer doesn’t directly contact the bullet’s primer but drives the firing pin forward. A round is fired when the pin strikes the primer.

4. Magazine

The magazine is a container with a spring-operated component. It comes in both fixed and detachable options and is used to hold the cartridges for re-firing.

5. Trigger

Perhaps the most well-known part of a gun, the trigger is used to file the round.

The hammer has to be pulled in to position—or cocked—to pull back the trigger in single action revolvers.

In such types of firearms, the trigger releases the hammer so that a shot is fired.

With other guns, the hammer is cocked and released simultaneously when the trigger is pulled.

This is considered double action and is another way to initiate the firing process.

There are a bunch of other components that complete a gun but this read explains all the core parts. If you’re interested in purchasing high quality firearms and firearm gear for sale in Washington, get in touch with Golden Mountain Arms.

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A Guide To Bullets: Types, Sizes & Calibers

What bullet size should I get?”

This might be a dreaded question—coupled with a few more about the right type and caliber—for some people shopping for a suitable gun.

This guide will help you gain basic understanding of the most common bullet types, sizes and calibers.

Bullet Types

The three most common types of bullets include:

· Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

FMJ is one of the most popular types of bullets available today. It consists of a metal core encapsulated in a second, harder metal casing. The first core is usually made with lead while the second is copper. These bullets can have a pointy, round or flat appearance with small wound channels that go through a target.

· Hollow Point (HP)

This type of bullet is designed to expand upon impact. So, their stopping power makes them ideal for use by police officers, in home defense guns, and in concealed weapon carriers.

· Open-Tip

Open-tip bullets resemble hollow points in appearance as they both have a top opening. However, they differ in their core manufacturing processes. Unlike a HP, the openings in an open-tip are too small to properly expand.

They are also the opposite of FMJs. Full Metal Jackets are made from small-sized copper cups and the tip of the bullet is filled by the bottom of these cups. In the case of open-tips, the bottom of the cups fills the bottom of the bullet instead of the tip.

Bullet Size & Calibers

This is a vast topic, but you should know the most popular—and fairly controversial—bullet sizes and calibers.

· .22 Long Rifle (LR)

This is a highly common caliber as far as units sold go. The ‘twenty-two’ denotes the internal diameter of the long rifle’s barrel. .22 LR provides mild shooting in rifles and pistols alike. This is because the re-coil is minimal—which makes it great for starter rounds for beginners.

· .25 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)

This caliber is slightly larger in size than the .22 caliber and more powerful—but not my much. Several guns use this ammo size because of the reliability of its center-fire casings. .25 ACP bullets also have slightly more stopping power.

· .380 ACP


If you’re looking for a more beefy size of bullet, this one is your best bet. It is also known as 9mm Short and is great for a carry weapon. It is however, fairly low power due to the nature of the bullet.

Purchase Ammo Online

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Gender Pay Gap In Golf: Does It Exist? Why Does It Happen? And What Needs To Be Done?

The gender wage gap is not unheard of in the modern work environment. In fact, there is more conversation on the subject than ever, which opens up new avenues to discover why, where and how industries across the world are contributing toward maintaining the glass ceiling instead of tearing it down.

Blatant sexism is actively observed in the world of sports, as it is among several other professions. The world of golf is not different. The question we must ask ourselves at this point is: how is it fair for a person or a group to be compensated differently for doing the same job? The answer is: it’s not. So why does the gender pay gap exist in golf?

A Matter Of Numbers

According to BBC, from the top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world, it’s only tennis star Serena Williams that made it to the list. Even in soccer, the women’s football team’s 2015 World Cup win scored them $2 million in prize money, while their male counterparts secured a winning of $35 million in 2014.

The world of golf seems to be no different. The U.S. Open Championship for men increased its prize money by $2.5 million, bringing it up to a total of $10.5 million in 2018. On the other hand, the U.S. Open Championship for women announced a winning prize of $9 million in 2018.

A stark gap, one has to admit.

Who Takes The Cake—And Why?

Professional female golfers are making significantly less than their male counterparts and the reason behind this is straight forward: there’s a lower demand for female golf players, which means there’s also less advertising and prize winning for them.

Women’s golf gathers less viewership—on television and in person—which leads to less money from advertisers going into the sport. In contrast, male golf accrues higher television rankings and larger crowds at tournaments, which results in a higher interest from advertisers. This also results in larger prize winnings from tournament promoters for men’s golf than women’s golf.


Closing The Gap

A recent study by BBC reported that the gender gap in sports is narrowing. The study discovered that as of 2017, that 83% of sports now reward male and female professional players equally—although golf, cricket and soccer remain to be the sports with the greatest disparity in prize money.

So how do we bring change to marrow the pay gap?

The change, in fact, needs to come from advertisers and promoters—but it also has to come from fans and viewers. Advertisers and promoters pay for what the fans and viewers watch. While it is difficult to influence consumers, it’s not completely impossible to do so.

We need to change the way we perceive women in sports and how we talk about them in the media. So instead of PR agencies pushing out articles about “Top 20 of The HOTTEST Female Golf Players”, what they should be promoting are articles about “Top 20 of The Most TALENTED Female Golf Players”. An active initiative needs to be taken to change the discourse and the language we use about women in sport, which could be the first step in the right direction.

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Golf Stars: The Top 5 Female Players Of 2018

From Thailand to Japan—female golf players have been impressing LPGA fans all over the world. With marked accomplishments across competitive tournaments and thousands of dollars worth of winning prizes bagged by these remarkably talented professional golfers, 2018 has been an impressive year in golf for women.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 performers of the year, according to the LPGA rankings.

Ariya Jutanugarm

The 5’7” Thai player who started her career in golf as a rookie in 2015 has quickly risen to the top over the past 3 years. With more than 7 million dollars in career earnings, the golfer has much to be proud of with her accomplishments. The player stands at number 2 according to the Rolex rankings and at number 1 according to the CME ranking.  Jutanugarm played 25 events this year, scoring 3 wins and 4,002 globe points.

Minjee Lee

The Australian player started her career as a rookie in the same year as Jutanugarm—2015. Having bagged over 4 million dollars in career earnings, the professional golfer stands at number 5 as per the Rolex rankings and at number 2 according to the CME ranking. Lee has played 24 events this year, with a total of 2,785 globe points.

Brooke M. Henderson

Born and raised in Canada, this rising star also started her rookie year in 2015 and has earned over 4.7 million dollars in career earnings. Henderson currently stands at number 8 as per the Rolex rankings and at number 3 according to the CME ranking. Having played over 25 events, the player has accrued over 2,600 globe points.

Sung Hyun Park

Park started her rookie year only last year and has shown incredibly impressive performance since then. The Korean golfer has played over 21 events and scored a total of 2,323 globe points. Having earned more than 3.7 million dollars in career earnings, Park currently stands at number 1 according to Rolex rankings and at number 4 according to the CME ranking.

Sei Young Kim

Kim started her career in 2015 and has played at 23 events this year and scored over 2,200 globe points. Having made an impressive 5.7 million dollars in career earnings, the Korean golfer stands at number 10 with the Rolex rankings and at number 5 according to the CME ranking.

No matter how far they’ve gotten all these women have one thing in common: they all started small and made their way up quickly through determination, persistence and practicing their skill.


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