The Best Hoodies for Your Body Type

Hoodies have become a staple in most people’s wardrobes. Transitioning smoothly from gym-wear to street-casual, hoodies are known for being chic and comfortable. But how do you choose a hoodie that’s both comfortable and is flattering for your body type?

When it comes to styling your outfit with a hoodie, choosing one according to your figure will best accentuate your style. From oversized to structured fits, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Go through this guide to see which style is best for you.

But First, Understand Your Body Type

The first step to finding a perfect hoodie is to understand what your body type is. This will help determine what cut and size will suit you best. If you’re comfortable both, physically and mentally, with your choice you’ll be able to rock your look confidently. Ill-fitting clothes won’t do you any good. Below are some of the most common body types:

Rectangular This body type is also called “a boy shape.” Rectangular bodies have an evenly distributed figure and don’t have curves.


Pear-Shaped A pear-shaped body type has narrow shoulders and a slim waist.


Hourglass This body type has the same size shoulder-to-hip ratio and a slim waist.


Oval Oval body types have a heavier frame with a big bust and a wide hipline.


Wedge This body type is characterized by broad shoulders and smaller hips.

For Short Heights

If you’re short, you should consider avoiding oversized hoodies. A hoodie that’s too baggy or too long will not flatter your short frame. Ideally, the hoodie should fall just below your belt. Avoid long sleeves that go past your fingers; a larger hoodie will just dwarf you out.


If You’re Tall

If you’re pushing 6 feet in height, your priority should be to find the right length. A small hoodie will not suit your taller frame. If your body type is tall, lean or rectangular, you’ll be easily able to pull off an oversized or a long-length hoodie. A cropped hoodie, on the other hand, might not be such a great idea.

If You’re Neither Too Tall or Too Short

If you’re neither of a short or tall build and fall somewhere in the middle, you should check out a slim-fit hoodie that sags a little around the waist. A fitted hoodie will accentuate your body type and will flatter your figure, even if you have a slightly muscular build.

If You’re a Bit On the Heavy Side

If you have an oval body type, make sure to choose a hoodie that doesn’t call attention to your midriff. It’s essential to think about comfort but it’s also important to choose something that flatters your body type. Choosing an oversized hoodie to deflect some attention may end up making you look bulkier. Go for a hoodie that is double-pocketed than one that has a big kangaroo pocket on the front. You can also try layering your hoodie under a coat.

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All In A Day’s Work—Foot Care Tips For Heel Lovers

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with high heels. You can live with them but you can’t live without them either; because really, what looks as good as a pair of absolutely gorgeous heels! And quite honestly, your wardrobe is pretty much incomplete without a couple of pairs of heels.

But it’s one of the worst feelings when you’ve prepared yourself to get through the day in heels, only to find yourself cursing the moment you took that decision. Like we said—it’s complicated.

For those of us who can’t deny how incredibly confident we feel in high heels, here are a few tips to ensure your feet are taken care of throughout the day.

If The Shoe Fits

Now, you may not be Cinderella but your heels need to fit you properly. A size too big and your feet will feel tired too soon and be in excruciating pain. A size too small and you just might be donning blisters for the rest of the day. Your shoe size will change over the years. For new mothers, your foot size can go up by one by the time you have kids.

Have your feet measured whenever you go out to buy shoes. Better safe than sorry, as they say!

 Know Your Foot Type

You probably don’t hear this one too often but it’s super important to know your foot type. While a podiatrist can guide you better to understanding your foot type more accurately, you can even try a hack at home.

An easy way to do this is by wetting your foot and blotting it on a piece of construction paper. From here you can assess how flat or arching your foot is to understand which soles might work for you better.

The Chunkier The Better

Thin heels and stilettos cause your feet to wobble around and put more pressure on them while walking. While it’s okay to wear stilettos occasionally, thicker heels make for a much suitable option for daily wear.

Take A Break

Take frequent breaks in the day to take your shoes off and stretch out your feet and ankles. You can do this while at your desk and even slip into more comfortable flats when there isn’t much walking around to do. Try out stretches that target the front of your foot; point your toes out and down to stretch out the calf muscles and tendons.

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