Reasons Why You MUST Date a Russian Guy At Least Once

For many modern American women, marriage is not only about raising a family; it is also about finding someone who they love and cherish, and spending their lives with them. In an attempt to find someone compatible, many women get stuck in a cycle of dating different men, but never quite finding one that is compatible with them for a long term relationship; one that could potentially lead to marriage. Read more

Quick Tips to Help Your Pregnant Bridesmaid Feel Perfect

So your darling bridesmaid has a bun in the oven and that bun is making her feel all the wrong things about her gorgeous self!

So what should you do to make your beloved pregnant bridesmaid feel better? Read more

A Brief Guide on Towels for Every Working Professional

Stepping out of a gorgeous bathtub in a luxurious couples suite at a 5 star hotel, or an ice-cold shower after a hard day’s labor at a grimy construction site – soft, absorbent towels are a staple in every line of profession. From restaurants to automotives, beauty salons to healthcare and hospitality, every working professional expects to find clean products in his or her industry. Read more

Prioritize Your Priorities: The Christian Way!

Creator. Sustainer. Father. God knows us better than we can ever hope to know ourselves. And since He is God, He also happens to know what we need and how it is a lot better for us than what we may want right now.

Through His written word, God has also established some priorities for our life, giving us free will but also showing us His chosen path.

Simply put, a priority is the right to precede other tasks, people and products in rank and privilege, i.e. giving precedence to one over another. Do you recognize the priorities God wants us to have in our lives?

Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Your Towel Might be Making It Worse

It’s the night of the big party you’ve been planning for weeks. You pulled a few strings and got a discount at the best caterers in town, booked a lovely indie band you know your friends will love, and even managed to drop those few pounds to fit into that gorgeous black number. The stars clearly aligned for you on this auspicious occasion, and you feel nothing less than a Greek goddess, waiting to be worshipped at the altar of your name. Read more

Disney 2016 Fall Events — Make The Most Of Your Disney Vacation!

The cold weather leading up to Christmas would deter anyone from visiting Orlando during those long, dreary winter months. However, October, November and December are the most popular months to visit Disney World, after the summer.

Budget travelers prefer freely trudging the vast expanse of Disney World, as compared to long waiting lines and large crowds that the summer attracts.

What does Disney has to offer in the Fall? A lot! A variety of seasonal events are held at Walt Disney World every year – most are tied to the festive season while others are Disney exclusives. One thing is common in all of them… a great deal of fun for everyone! Read more

Color Coding – 4 Reasons Why You Must Try It At Your Next Move

moving company Orange CountyPlanning a summer move? A residential move in any month can be challenging. In summer, it becomes a daunting process. There’s so much involved, in addition to the procedures followed in standard moving. Read more

Signs You’ve Found True Love With Online Dating

Finding true love doesn’t always seem like a rom-com flick. You probably didn’t meet your loved one while being saved from a speeding car; neither do you recall chasing after someone you love in the rain, or at the airport. Read more

Online Dating – Russian vs. American Women

Russian and American women are different in many ways. It is due to the way they are brought up in the sharply contrasting societies. One of the most important differences is how Russian women believe in the patriarchal social system, while American girls have relationship views that are visibly towards the feministic side. Read more

Why You Should Be Wearing A High Waisted Bikini This Summer

bodyfabIf you’re a retro diva, the one thing you need in your swimwear collection is a high waisted bikini. Read more