What to Expect at Your First Wedding Dress Fitting

If your wedding is the solar system then your wedding dress is undoubtedly the sun.

Half-baked analogies aside; the bride is often taken to be the star of the show. Why? Because of the gorgeous wedding dress, of course. The first thing many brides-to-be will think of is what dress to get.CATAN PIC1

Should you go for a ball gown, or a fitted sheath? Perhaps you have your eyes set on a mermaid bodice; maybe you want change it up and go for a mini.

Whatever dress type you get, you want to make sure it’s fitted and shaped to perfection so that you look utterly stunning on your wedding day.

But before you get there, you have to go through the dress fittings first. Here’s what you should know before you go in for your first bridal gown appointment.

When to Go In

Generally, your first fitting should take place 2-3 months prior to the big day so that you have plenty of time to make all the adjustments necessary. This will give you enough time period to avert any impending dress crisis.

If you’re losing weight before the wedding, make sure to mention this to your seamstress so that fittings can be planned accordingly.

Who You Should Take

First wedding dress fittings tend to be emotionally overwhelming. Seeing yourself in your lovely wedding gown can send your emotions in a tizzy.CATAN-PIC2

Take someone along with you who can keep an eagle-eye on everything practical that needs to be done. Take along your mom or your bridesmaids to your fittings.

How Long It Will Take

Your first bridal dress fitting will usually take about an hour or so. The seamstress will pin and tuck your dress so that it hugs your body lovingly.

Steps will be taken to make sure that the fabric molds the shape of your body and that there are no areas that are sagging or puckering. The first fitting is where all things that are unsatisfactory with the dress can be planned to be adjusted. Fittings afterwards will be relatively simpler and hassle-free.

What You Should Bring With You

Usually, wedding gowns tend to be long and thus the length needs to be altered properly to your height. If you’re planning on wearing heels with your dress then make sure to bring them along to the fitting. It is also important to bring along your underwear or shapewear as that can greatly affect the overall look and feel of the gown. Your seamstress will tweak and alter everything to make sure it looks just right.

Make Your Wedding Shopping Experience Memorable

Buy your dress from a reputable bridal salon that has high-quality and eye-catching wedding dresses to make your big day memorable. Catan Fashions offers a stunning collection; everything from contemporary chic to vibrantly vintage is available.


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Just Buy Any Pen as a Gift

Historically, a pen is one of the most important inventions. Ancient Egyptians invented the pen to write on papyrus scrolls. It also makes a great personal and corporate gift choice.

However, there’s an art to gifting a pen. If done right, it can be one of the best gifts someone has ever received. If not, it’ll be a cheap and forgettable gift that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Just like any other gift, it’s all about how much thought and effort you put into choosing the pen. Here’s why you shouldn’t just purchase any pen when gifting it.


Quality of the Pen

When it comes to purchasing pens, there is a wide range of qualities available. There are pens designed to last a few days and there are others that last decades; passed on from generation to generation.

When purchasing a pen as a gift, quality is perhaps the most important factor that needs consideration. Gifting a pen of good quality and build will leave a lasting impression.

The grip of the Pen

An often overlooked factor, the grip can make or break the experience of using a pen. You may sometime not like using a particular pen but don’t quite know why. It’s often because the pen may not be easy to grip.

Pens with thicker barrels are easier to grip for larger hands. For smaller hands, a slimmer barrel does the trick. Make sure you pick a pen while keeping the recipient’s hands in mind.

Usage of the Pen

Considering where and how often the pen will be used is also essential. For example, a customized pen may not always be a good idea. A pen with a very visible engraving makes for a great personal gift but the recipient may not feel very comfortable pulling it out at their work.

For corporate environments, it’s all about a pen that commands respect. The person will only be using it to sign or getting documents signed. In such situations, it’s all about making a strong impression in a short time.

On the other hand, if the recipient is of the academic background, the pen will be used a lot so it’s all about the comfort and grip.



The material of the pen is a good indicator of pen’s caliber. Pens, made of stainless steel or aluminum, are durable and withstand the test of time.

Another popular option that’s really hot these days is the handcrafted wood pen. These pens exude class and sophistication—an ideal gift.

JRLWoodCreation is an online gift store making waves because of their collection of handcrafted products, specifically pens.

You can pick from a large assortment of stylish and classy designs such as the Accord pen and European style pen. Select the wood you like and customize the color and texture. You can even get names, initials, dates or messages engraved.

6 Things to know before you go DERMA!

Looking into the mirror, you see the damage time and pollution has done on your skin.article1 PIC1

The most noticeable part of body—your skin—is accustomed to dust dirt and multiple other harmful chemicals. With regular exfoliation routine, moisturization, hydration, and a balanced diet, you can acquire a healthy glow. But sometimes, damage is sustained deep beneath the skin layer, which calls for a skin treatment like DERMAPLANNING.

So, what exactly is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an extensive exfoliation treatment carried out by a trained doctor or an aesthetician.

Dead skin cells are scraped-off of the outermost surface of the skin using a surgical scalpel. In this scrapping process, dead-cell build-up and peach-fuss (microscopic hair) is removed from your skin.

Your complexion darkens when small hair and dead skin cells are not removed from the skin. The build-up can also clog your pores and result is a widespread breakout. Hence, it’s important to make your way to the nearest a dermaplanning clinic in Calgary. But before you schedule an appointment here are 5 basic things you need to know about dermaplanning treatment.

For All Skin Types

Is your oversensitive skin keeping you from trying out this deep exfoliation? Then put yourself at ease. Dermaplaning is for all types of skin. It can treat sun damage, fine lines, microscopic hair, dull skin, dry skin, etc. But people with a bad case of acne should steer clear of this treatment, as the sharp scalpel can further damage the inflamed skin.

No Threat of Beard Spurt Growth

Hair growth isn’t affect (will not increase) after a derma-treatment, although their texture will be different.

No Downtime

Skin treatments need some time to show results, but that is not the case with dermaplaning. Schedule an appointment and you will be walking down the street with fresh glowing skin in 40 minutes.

Post-Derma SPF Requirement

Sunscreen is a must-have to prevent sun-damage and skin cancer, but after an extensive exfoliation treatment, your skin might require some extra protection. Make sure you are regular and diligent about sunscreen use, and avoid staying in the sun for long-time, or immediately after a dermaplaning treatment.Article 1 PIC 2

Introduce A New And Improved Makeup Experience

The peach-fuzz on skin prevents the makeup from blending. The creams and the powder make this micro-hair more prominent and destroy your effortless evening-look. Dermaplaning provides you a blank canvas to try different makeup look with professional results.

It’s Not a DIY

Dermaplaning is not your regular shaving activity; blades are to be handled by professional alone. Don’t try this at home. Dermaplaning uses a surgical scalpel.

For professional and safe results consult a medical spa, like Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Organic Spa. They provide all sort of medical and cosmetic treatments such as, Dermaplaning, BOTOX, Facial, Chemical Peels, Microblading, Laser Hair Removal, etc. using organic and safe products. For inquiry or booking details call +1 403 680 2198


An Unforgettable Proposal – Pop the Question on a Yacht to Cabo!

Being in love with someone is one of the headiest feelings you will ever experience – butterflies in your stomach, a smile that never leaves your face, and your heart skipping a beat whenever you see them. When you know they’re The One, the next natural step is to pop the question.

When you start planning your proposal, you immediately think of location possibilities. You want it to be somewhere romantic—a place where you can propose in a grand way, a place that will make the whole affair special.

And what better place to do it than aboard a luxury yacht in San Cabo Lucas, Mexico? With a breathtaking backdrop of glittering turquoise water, and a gorgeous sunset that can charm the heart of anyone, proposing on a yacht to Cabo will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Here’s what makes it extra special:

It Offers Luxury

A yacht is a symbol of luxury and can make your proposal a grand affair. Pop the question in style as you celebrate your true love for one another. Proposing aboard a yacht will let your partner know that you want nothing but the absolute best for her.

It Offers Privacy

Want your proposal to be special and to be yours? If you don’t want an audience, then a luxury yacht will offer you just that: intimate privacy. Sail away from the city crowd and cherish your special moment together with one another only.

It’s Romantic

Few things are more romantic than telling your partner you want to spend your whole life with them while sailing on the sea. Imagine getting on one knee while the soft sea winds caress your faces and the lazy evening sun peeking out of the shimmering horizon as she says ‘yes!’


Want to make it absolutely unforgettable? Here are a few tips:

  • Make the proposal extra romantic by setting the scene right. Soft fairy lights and red rose petals strewn around can do wonders to set the mood
  • Rather than winging it, write down what you want to say before you pop the question
  • Find the right moment – just because the sun is setting or dinner is over doesn’t mean you need to rush to propose. Do it when the moment feels right
  • Think about afterward! Have a celebratory champagne chilled and ready to celebrate with afterward

Charter a luxury yacht to Cabo through a trusted and professional rental service. Cabo Yacht World will ensure your yacht experience is enjoyable!

Wedding Trend Alert: Top Reasons To Wear A Weave On Your Big Day!

First off—congrats! We are assuming if you are reading this, a wedding is in the works.

It is only reasonable for a bride-to-be to plan ahead and decide her beauty look for her big day. After all, hair dramas are all too common on wedding days.

You may have everything place—from your designer gown to your man’s immaculate tux to the three-tiered cake and a gorgeous venue but if your hair and skin aren’t at their best, it can (gasp) ruin your whole look.

Even Meghan Markle and her army of hair stylists couldn’t keep a strand of stray hair from showing during the ceremony. Weaves are here to make sure you don’t suffer the same fate.

So, to weave or not to weave—that is the question.

For us, weave is the way to go and here are the top reasons why.

You Need To Give Your Hair A Break

If you are no stranger to the world of hair styling, chances are, your hair is tired and begging to be given a rest.WED 22222222

Wearing a weave is a great way to give your natural hair a break from your rigorous daily wash and hair care routine, while still looking fabulous in brand new hair that can be styled to your heart’s content.

Weaves Love The Camera

Virgin weaves are so silky and lustrous that they are a favorite for models during photoshoots.

Opting for a weave on your wedding day ensure your hair catches the light at all the perfect angles and result in breath-taking photographs.

It speaks volumes

Thin or fine hair? Weaves solve that problem by giving you the voluminous hair of your dreams. With so many weaves ranging from Peruvian curly weaves to Brazilian straight hair weaves, the choices for the style you want is endless. A soft weave that blends well with your natural hair is sure to make you look like a million bucks.

WED 33333333333333

You wedding day is the one of the most special days of your life. You may not be Ms. Markle, but you deserve to feel like a princess. Decide on your hair plans well in advance and nail your look for the big day!

Looking for a luxurious weave for your big day? Shop at Mayvenn today and look your best!


Choosing The Perfect Shade Of Hair Extensions For Your Skin Tone

Dark skin comes in all shades of fabulous. However, choosing a color for your specific tone can sometimes be hard to figure out. Contrary to the uninformed opinion of many women, dark complexions can wonderfully handle ultra light hair colors such as blonde or platinum. The choices are endless. As long as you have the confidence to carry a look, you can rock any color.

Whether you decide to go for natural or unnatural colors, read on to find out which shades compliment your particular skin tone. Once decided, pick a matching hair extension to look like the ultimate diva.

Light Gold Skin Tone

A skin color with olive undertones looks the best paired with a bold platinum blonde hair. Celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz who opted for fierce ashy blonde hair looks absolutely fantastic coupled with her flawless skin.

Light Brown Skin Tone

Different shades of brown look compliment a light brown skin tone. Adding toffee-colored highlights can brighten the face and give a beautifully soft look.

Medium Brown Skin Tone

One of the best colors for this type of skin tone is burgundy. Whether you choose burgundy highlights or a complete dye in the hue, a color like that is bound to accentuate your features. For a more fun look, opt for copper hair. A copper head is sure to turn heads and look great on all medium brown skin tones.

NEw ArtICLE 2222222222

Perfect Choices for a Retirement Gift

Some things always take time and patience. And of all these things, one is choosing the right gift for that special someone. Whether it’s a loved one or a close friend, giving a gift means taking into consideration their personal choices, style, and likes.

This is especially true when it comes to retirement gifts. Retirement gifts are supposed to be special and something that the receiver can cherish for the remainder of their life.

Not sure how to pick out the perfect gift that shows your loved one how much they mean to you? We have a couple of tips to help you pick the right gift.

A Handmade Card

A handmade card with a bouquet of roses is one of the best gifts you can give to a loved one—it’s really personal. When you make a card yourself, you’re letting them know how much you value them in your life.

Write a personal message. It can be an inside joke between you two, or write a short poem. The gesture itself is sweet and they will appreciate it.

Article 1-pic 2

A Celebratory Dinner

One of the best gifts you can give to someone is an experience of a lifetime. Take them to celebrate all their milestones. Every achievement, every adventure should be celebrated.

Get them their favorite cake and take them to their favorite restaurant. Life’s all about happiness and celebrations!

A Funny T-Shirt or Mug

A funny mug or T-shirt will help make their day. They wear the T-shirt at home and drink from their favorite every morning! Remind them that life is a gift and add a quote they love or find funny.

A Handcrafted Pen

Handcrafted pens are popular because they are made from the finest quality wood. They will outshine and outmatch every piece of stationery that your loved one owns.

A handcrafted pen is guaranteed to make the process of writing easier, simpler, and smoother. There’s no worry about ink leakage with a handcrafted pen and they can also be customized accordingly.

Have your loved one’s name printed on the frame, or have their favorite quote engraved. It’s guaranteed that they will love it!

Furthermore, it comes with a beautiful casing so that makes it easier for your loved one to carry their gift everywhere with them. They can simply take it out when they want to pen their thoughts!

These are just a few ideas worth taking into consideration.

Want to purchase a stylish and unique handcrafted pen for a loved one? Feel free to contact us at 760-215-0611 or shoot an email at dklafrance@gmail.com to learn more!


No Use Splitting Hairs! Let’s Discuss Different Hair Textures

girl hair

Not everyone is as lucky as Rapunzel, who could pull up a fully-grown man with help of her long luscious hair.

So, what should short-haired women do? Cry and blame genetics?

Well, that’s definitely not an option. You can turn things around in your favor with help of hair extensions.

There are lots of options within the hair extensions genre; so go curly or go straight, but before your give hair extension a try, know which type of extension will work best with your hair.

Bonded Hair Extension For Medium To Thick Hair

The name itself is self-explanatory, human hair is bonded to your existing hair with help of keratin gel or adhesive glue. This long-lasting hair extension solution takes up to 8 hours to be applied, but ladies, its ultimate beauty is worth the wait.

They can last a long time with proper care, as the application process uses glue don’t apply conditioner, oil, or any other hair solutions that can breakdown the glue. This non-reusable beauty will need to be replaced by new hair extensions once they have completed their due course.

hair extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions For Fine Thin Hair

Section of hair attached to a thin piece of tape that sticks to your original hair roots without being detected.

This option is ideal for thin hair, as the tape camouflages with the real hair adding volume and length. Just avoid use of oil, conditioners, and silicone based products near the roots, as this can cause the tape to lose its sticking. You can easily apply tape-in extensions within an hour and reuse until the tape has losses its sticking ability.

Weaves For Thick, Curly, Coarse Hair

In order for the weave to be sewn in your hair, the existing hair needs to be braided ear to ear. You can get a weave for a section of your head or for your complete scalp.

Once the cornrow braiding process is complete, bundles of hair weaves are needled in to your braids with help of a thread. To pull off a professional weave look, you need to make sure your braids are tight providing sufficient support to your weave.

Your braids will need to be retightened after every 4 weeks, so choose an expert salon. You can reuse the weave, but make sure you don’t loosen your braids by over styling your hair.

Clip-In Hair Extension For Low Or Medium Density Hair

Weft of hairs attached to clips that can be clipped in to the roots of your existing hair. They are easy to apply for short-term use; they should be removed immediately after use in order to prevent damage to the roots of your hair.

Partner With Right Extension


Hair extension takes support from your actual hair, so choose hair extensions according to the density of your hair. Match density with extension texture and weight, if you have fine thin hair use light weight extension to avoid damage to your roots and hair.

Get in touch with an expert stylist to apply your hair extensions and follow the maintenance guideline to prolong the life of your hair extensions.

Avoid leaving them in your hair for long duration, and get them replaced after 2 months. Although if you buy virgin hair, you can use them for longer period compared to extensions made from human hair. You can color, style and dye virgin hair, but human hair has its own limitation.

For the love of natural looking virgin or human hair, buy quality hair extension from a credible hair expert like the Mayvenn. This hair company is recommended my multiple stylists and provides 30 days guarantee and free shipping for all their products.


Hot Summer Hair Trends of 2018

Hair are meant to be envied, pampered and styled. You can revamp your entire look with a high-messy bun or loose pony tail. All you need is some elastic bands, hair pins, comb, and some quality hair extensions.

So, before you rock your new hair extension this summer, learn all the latest hair trends, to beat the heat, in style.

cute girl

Low Base Pony Tail

This hairdo works for day-time casual look, as well as night-time classy and feminine look. There is something about pony tails that screams casual yet classy.

Low base pony tails never run out of style, which is why we’ve witnessed the revival of this trend in Eudon Choi’s show that used simple bands and hair strands to rock this simply classy look.

In the Mansur Gavriel’s show scrunchies were used; whereas in Erdem show the use of vibrant ribbons was seen.  Other notable fashion brands endorsing this sleek look on their ramps were, Prada, Preen, and Loewe.

So, get out those scarfs and silky ribbons to secure your hair in this low-maintenance hairdo.

Twisted Hairdos


Many fashionistas were seen carrying a twisted hairdo in for summer 2018 collection.

Hair twists are easy to achieve and require little preparation. Rochas’ models were seen owning the low based hair twist adored by a classy ribbon, whereas the Daks held regality with a combination of high buns and small twist.


Similar twisted-casual buns could be seen on the ramp of Emporio Armani.

You can beat the heat and keep your hair out of your face with a majestic, twisted up-do.

Wet Hairdo

wet hair

This straight-out-of-shower sexy look has gained popularity over time.

It adds sophistication and a classic unique touch to your personality by enhancing your facial features.

One the biggest fashion brand, Chanel, was seen with a wet hairdo, rain coats and boots. On the other hand Alexander Mcqueen reminisced on the classy tightly brushed back look on the runway.

Wet you hair and comb them back and allows few strands of wet hair to frame your gorgeous face, before stepping out on a hot evening.

Luscious Long Hair

Long hair can never run out of style; it makes a huge impact even without any styling. So, get out your virgin hair extensions and make yourself fashionably ready for summer. Notable model Kristy Humes was seen strutting Michael Kors runway in blonde hair.

blonde girl

Natural Waves

This easy and effortless wavy blow-dry look is here to stay.

Highlights, blow-dry, and natural waves were common amongst many fashion brands like, Balmain, Rodarte, and Giambattista.

Kinky Curls

Fashion brands like Guido Palau and Valentino reinstated the uniqueness and sensuality of shoulder length clean curls with little bit of wave.

Part your hair in the middle or the side and curl it up to enjoy the waves on a summery beach.


Although each fashion brand brought an individual look to the runway, inclination towards natural and simple hairdo was seen. So, get out your hair bands and clips for this summer as the 90s hair accessories have made its way back to fashion.

Lastly, for all these hairdos you need healthy voluminous hair, which can be easily achieved at Mayvenn.

They are a stylist recommended hair company that provide all types of hair extensions style like, virgin curly hair extensions, dyed hair extensions, Brazilian straight hair bundles, curly weave Brazilian hair, frontal, closures, Yaki straight, kinky straight, body wave, etc.

Everything You Need To Know Before You Adopt A Doodle

poodle puppy

Doodles are a mixed-breed of dogs that come from the breeding of a poodle with a dog from another breed.

Doodles gained a lot of positive press when they first came to the public’s attention. Other than their obvious charm, they are touted as a breed of hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed.

People with allergies to dogs and conditions such as asthma are unaffected by such dogs – making doodles ever so popular.

Want to adopt a doodle of your own? Here’s what you need to know.

1) All the different types

Doodles come in a large variety. The most prominent doodles are goldendoodles, labradoodles and shnoodles but there are so many options for you to pick from. Before going to adopt one, think of the type of doodle you want keeping in mind the look, size, and temperament of the dog you desire.

2) Some doodles still shed

It’s true that certain doodles do not shed but most goldendoodles and labradoodles still shed to some degree. Speak to the breeder about whether the dog you’re considering is a shedder or not, don’t just assume that it won’t.

3) Expect them to be messy

Because of the texture of their fur, doodles require frequent grooming. They love rolling in the mud, enjoy water and are curious about their surroundings. Their fur can be like Velcro, anything that comes in contact with it, will likely stick. Expect to see dirt, leaves and all sorts of debris trapped in doodle’s fur coat.

messy dog

4) They are active

Before you adopt a doodle, you need to make sure that you can give it time. Doodles require at least 30-60mins of proper exercise every day. That means you have to commit to playing/walking with them for at least half an hour every day – leaving them alone in the yard doesn’t count as play!

5) They can be quiet large

Despite their poodle background, doodles grow to be quite large. The average doodle is about 65 pounds and can grow to be near 100 pounds!

Think you’re ready to adopt a doodle?

Rosey Doodles have been breeding poodles with other dogs for years. The doodle puppies are raised with a lot of love and are properly trained – making them a perfect addition to your family!

Take a look at the bernedoodles and newfoodles puppies that are available for adoption. Call 208-604-0494 today to book your favorite doodle for a just $250-$500.