No Use Splitting Hairs! Let’s Discuss Different Hair Textures

girl hair

Not everyone is as lucky as Rapunzel, who could pull up a fully-grown man with help of her long luscious hair.

So, what should short-haired women do? Cry and blame genetics?

Well, that’s definitely not an option. You can turn things around in your favor with help of hair extensions.

There are lots of options within the hair extensions genre; so go curly or go straight, but before your give hair extension a try, know which type of extension will work best with your hair.

Bonded Hair Extension For Medium To Thick Hair

The name itself is self-explanatory, human hair is bonded to your existing hair with help of keratin gel or adhesive glue. This long-lasting hair extension solution takes up to 8 hours to be applied, but ladies, its ultimate beauty is worth the wait.

They can last a long time with proper care, as the application process uses glue don’t apply conditioner, oil, or any other hair solutions that can breakdown the glue. This non-reusable beauty will need to be replaced by new hair extensions once they have completed their due course.

hair extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions For Fine Thin Hair

Section of hair attached to a thin piece of tape that sticks to your original hair roots without being detected.

This option is ideal for thin hair, as the tape camouflages with the real hair adding volume and length. Just avoid use of oil, conditioners, and silicone based products near the roots, as this can cause the tape to lose its sticking. You can easily apply tape-in extensions within an hour and reuse until the tape has losses its sticking ability.

Weaves For Thick, Curly, Coarse Hair

In order for the weave to be sewn in your hair, the existing hair needs to be braided ear to ear. You can get a weave for a section of your head or for your complete scalp.

Once the cornrow braiding process is complete, bundles of hair weaves are needled in to your braids with help of a thread. To pull off a professional weave look, you need to make sure your braids are tight providing sufficient support to your weave.

Your braids will need to be retightened after every 4 weeks, so choose an expert salon. You can reuse the weave, but make sure you don’t loosen your braids by over styling your hair.

Clip-In Hair Extension For Low Or Medium Density Hair

Weft of hairs attached to clips that can be clipped in to the roots of your existing hair. They are easy to apply for short-term use; they should be removed immediately after use in order to prevent damage to the roots of your hair.

Partner With Right Extension


Hair extension takes support from your actual hair, so choose hair extensions according to the density of your hair. Match density with extension texture and weight, if you have fine thin hair use light weight extension to avoid damage to your roots and hair.

Get in touch with an expert stylist to apply your hair extensions and follow the maintenance guideline to prolong the life of your hair extensions.

Avoid leaving them in your hair for long duration, and get them replaced after 2 months. Although if you buy virgin hair, you can use them for longer period compared to extensions made from human hair. You can color, style and dye virgin hair, but human hair has its own limitation.

For the love of natural looking virgin or human hair, buy quality hair extension from a credible hair expert like the Mayvenn. This hair company is recommended my multiple stylists and provides 30 days guarantee and free shipping for all their products.


Hot Summer Hair Trends of 2018

Hair are meant to be envied, pampered and styled. You can revamp your entire look with a high-messy bun or loose pony tail. All you need is some elastic bands, hair pins, comb, and some quality hair extensions.

So, before you rock your new hair extension this summer, learn all the latest hair trends, to beat the heat, in style.

cute girl

Low Base Pony Tail

This hairdo works for day-time casual look, as well as night-time classy and feminine look. There is something about pony tails that screams casual yet classy.

Low base pony tails never run out of style, which is why we’ve witnessed the revival of this trend in Eudon Choi’s show that used simple bands and hair strands to rock this simply classy look.

In the Mansur Gavriel’s show scrunchies were used; whereas in Erdem show the use of vibrant ribbons was seen.  Other notable fashion brands endorsing this sleek look on their ramps were, Prada, Preen, and Loewe.

So, get out those scarfs and silky ribbons to secure your hair in this low-maintenance hairdo.

Twisted Hairdos


Many fashionistas were seen carrying a twisted hairdo in for summer 2018 collection.

Hair twists are easy to achieve and require little preparation. Rochas’ models were seen owning the low based hair twist adored by a classy ribbon, whereas the Daks held regality with a combination of high buns and small twist.


Similar twisted-casual buns could be seen on the ramp of Emporio Armani.

You can beat the heat and keep your hair out of your face with a majestic, twisted up-do.

Wet Hairdo

wet hair

This straight-out-of-shower sexy look has gained popularity over time.

It adds sophistication and a classic unique touch to your personality by enhancing your facial features.

One the biggest fashion brand, Chanel, was seen with a wet hairdo, rain coats and boots. On the other hand Alexander Mcqueen reminisced on the classy tightly brushed back look on the runway.

Wet you hair and comb them back and allows few strands of wet hair to frame your gorgeous face, before stepping out on a hot evening.

Luscious Long Hair

Long hair can never run out of style; it makes a huge impact even without any styling. So, get out your virgin hair extensions and make yourself fashionably ready for summer. Notable model Kristy Humes was seen strutting Michael Kors runway in blonde hair.

blonde girl

Natural Waves

This easy and effortless wavy blow-dry look is here to stay.

Highlights, blow-dry, and natural waves were common amongst many fashion brands like, Balmain, Rodarte, and Giambattista.

Kinky Curls

Fashion brands like Guido Palau and Valentino reinstated the uniqueness and sensuality of shoulder length clean curls with little bit of wave.

Part your hair in the middle or the side and curl it up to enjoy the waves on a summery beach.


Although each fashion brand brought an individual look to the runway, inclination towards natural and simple hairdo was seen. So, get out your hair bands and clips for this summer as the 90s hair accessories have made its way back to fashion.

Lastly, for all these hairdos you need healthy voluminous hair, which can be easily achieved at Mayvenn.

They are a stylist recommended hair company that provide all types of hair extensions style like, virgin curly hair extensions, dyed hair extensions, Brazilian straight hair bundles, curly weave Brazilian hair, frontal, closures, Yaki straight, kinky straight, body wave, etc.

Everything You Need To Know Before You Adopt A Doodle

poodle puppy

Doodles are a mixed-breed of dogs that come from the breeding of a poodle with a dog from another breed.

Doodles gained a lot of positive press when they first came to the public’s attention. Other than their obvious charm, they are touted as a breed of hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed.

People with allergies to dogs and conditions such as asthma are unaffected by such dogs – making doodles ever so popular.

Want to adopt a doodle of your own? Here’s what you need to know.

1) All the different types

Doodles come in a large variety. The most prominent doodles are goldendoodles, labradoodles and shnoodles but there are so many options for you to pick from. Before going to adopt one, think of the type of doodle you want keeping in mind the look, size, and temperament of the dog you desire.

2) Some doodles still shed

It’s true that certain doodles do not shed but most goldendoodles and labradoodles still shed to some degree. Speak to the breeder about whether the dog you’re considering is a shedder or not, don’t just assume that it won’t.

3) Expect them to be messy

Because of the texture of their fur, doodles require frequent grooming. They love rolling in the mud, enjoy water and are curious about their surroundings. Their fur can be like Velcro, anything that comes in contact with it, will likely stick. Expect to see dirt, leaves and all sorts of debris trapped in doodle’s fur coat.

messy dog

4) They are active

Before you adopt a doodle, you need to make sure that you can give it time. Doodles require at least 30-60mins of proper exercise every day. That means you have to commit to playing/walking with them for at least half an hour every day – leaving them alone in the yard doesn’t count as play!

5) They can be quiet large

Despite their poodle background, doodles grow to be quite large. The average doodle is about 65 pounds and can grow to be near 100 pounds!

Think you’re ready to adopt a doodle?

Rosey Doodles have been breeding poodles with other dogs for years. The doodle puppies are raised with a lot of love and are properly trained – making them a perfect addition to your family!

Take a look at the bernedoodles and newfoodles puppies that are available for adoption. Call 208-604-0494 today to book your favorite doodle for a just $250-$500.

Diving in the Deep End – How to Start Dating after a Break-Up

The pain will leave, once it has finished teaching you -Pavana


Relationships are great and finding that one perfect person is pure magic.

But all good things come to an end and even the best days can bring the dark. As humans, we are built for survival and then eventually we find our way again. The fact that you’re here reading this article means you are ready to look for someone to share your life with.

Whether you just had a break up or spent the last few months focusing on you, dating again can be intimidating. This is why we want to help set you up for a better relationship in the future.

Take a leap of Faith

The most important part of dating again is to stop letting fears of the past plague you. It may not be easy to let go of doubts that a bad breakup has brought but remembering that this is your new chance helps.

Putting your hopes in another person is scary but it can be well worth it. All you need to do is be willing to redevelop your sense of confidence in someone else.

Try new things

If you met your ex in high school, it is about time you catch up. Try new forums such as dating sites. The terrain is new but so are you! Letting your experience change you into a more confident version of yourself is exactly what you need to do.


The silver lining here is an opportunity to redevelop yourself! Choose new places to visit or take that aerial yoga class you’ve always wanted to try. Make new memories with loved ones.

Don’t push yourself

We all want to move past painful experiences as soon as possible. This is why you need to remind yourself that moving slow is important grass roots are. Get to know someone before you dive head-first into a relationship. There are plenty of fish in the sea but the first isn’t always your fish.

Overall, it is healthy to take some time off after a breakup and enjoy time getting to know yourself. There doesn’t have to be a set timeline. Remember, not everyone takes the same amount of time and dating websites can sometimes hold the key to finding true love!

Date Wisely

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, dating through online sites becomes a sport because of the need to just get your mind off your ex.

This is unfair both to you and others because it stops you from making a genuine effort to find someone you like. You don’t need to tell these people every single detail of your heartbreak and relationship. Letting them know of your lack of interest in something serious is something worth a mention.

Another common mistake is the expectation of finding someone better than your former partner. This can result in the wrong expectations and cause resentment. The relationship becomes more of a competition instead of a meaningful connection.

Find a Forum

Let the world know you are ready to date again. Send out good vibes and they will come right back to you.

Tell your friends that you are ready to mingle or join a dating site!

Safe dating sites such as MatchTubeX will allow you to makefind new friends online and maybe even run into your perfect match!

All we’re saying is that it’s worth a try. Dating blogs can also give great advice on new relationships and navigating the whole new world of online dating.

We wish you all the best on your journey of finding love again!

Are You Safe Online? 5 Ways to Safely Date Online

guy using laptop

Online dating has fast become a popular way to find your perfect match. More and more people are joining online forums to find the person who’s right for them. According to statistics, more than 40 million Americans are using online dating services!

But, there are two sides to a coin; with good comes bad.

You can’t be a 100% sure that every person you meet online is safe and not dangerous in any way. Many take advantage of the anonymity factor of online dating.

However, there are still people who are truly good and can potentially be a good match for you online.

So how do you make sure that you date safely online? Here are a few precautions you can take.

1. Share Limited Personal Information

People with bad intentions online can misuse the personal data you provide to them. Practice discretion. Don’t reveal personal details such as your contact number, residential address, or any other personal or financial information that they might use wrongly.

It is always better to protect your identity and anonymity from the start.

2. Tell Someone Else About Them

If you have decided to take bring your digital date to reality, always make sure that at least one family member or friends knows of your whereabouts and the person you’re meeting.

Let them know the time and place of your meeting, as well as when you’ll be back. You can also check in with them during your date to remain on the safe side.


3. Do Some Investigating Online

The advantage of online dating is that you can check them out on other online social platforms before going on a date. You can look them up on social media to find out what kind of a person they really are. Ensure and cross check to see if they really are the person they’re making themselves out to be.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Always trust your gut when a situation doesn’t seem right to you. If a person makes you feel comfortable even from the safety of being online, then there must be something wrong. It could be something innocuous or something potentially dangerous; either way, don’t let your guard down that easily.

5. Use a Trustworthy Online Site

The best way to ensure you’re talking to a trustworthy person is by signing up on a dating website that is reputable and reliable. With thousands of online dating platforms available, finding the right one can get a bit tough.

Make sure to check how long the site’s been up for and how many users it has, as well as its success ratio.

When perusing free online dating sites for singles always go for the ones that are committed to helping people find their perfect match online. Go for well-known dating sites such as MatchTubeX. They have a diverse online community of trusted individuals.

5 Unique Customized Wedding Favors for Your Special Day

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. But it wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for your friends and family who are traveling from far and wide to celebrate your union with the one you love. Why not present them with a little gesture to show them how much they mean to you?

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favor

Your wedding favors don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. They’re meant to hold some sort of sentimental value. This is why many couples opt to have their small favors customized, so they can have a personal message printed on them.

If you’re thinking of giving out wedding favors, here’s a list of gifts that might just work well for you!


     A Tray of Macarons


Affordable and just classy enough, a tray of macarons is the best gift that not only satisfies the sweet tooth but also makes an impression on those who receive it. Macarons have always been considered the sophisticated dessert.

Presenting your guests with a small tray of it (6-10 macarons in each) to each guest will show them that you’re willing to add a bit of extra effort (and money) to show them how much you care for them.


     Dessert in a Jar


Small, sweet gifts are usually most popular as wedding favors because they offer instant gratification. With a dessert in a jar, this gives your guests something to snack on. Since the jars are able to keep the desserts from going bad, your guests are able to snack on them, even days after the wedding.


     Customized Handmade Wooden Pen


This takes your wedding favors to a whole new level. Pens – especially customized handcrafted pens – have always been considered the classic gift, since they’re beautiful and useful to boot. Companies like JRL Wood Creations present customers with a choice collection of handcrafted wooden pens in different gorgeous styles, so you can choose different pens for all in your guest list, making each pen a unique gift for each person.



Either go DIY with a candle recipe of your own or ask a candle maker to make a bunch of different candles with various fragrances. It’s your choice whether you want to offer teacup candles or go big with Mason jar candles. Whichever you choose, select your favorite fragrances so the gift is something that relates to you.

     Temporary Tattoos


Who doesn’t love a good temporary tattoo? Fun and stylish, not to mention cheap, you could go all out with some wedding themed tattoos, or with styles of your own and fill each bag with a bunch of different tattoos that your guests will be able to enjoy later on!

While there is a long list of wedding favors to choose from, the five above are truly the best. Now all you need to do is pick one as your wedding favor! Choose a favor that you know your guests will enjoy. You’ll be hearing them rave about your taste in gifts for a long time!

Summer Vibes for the Summer Bride – Bridal Trends of 2018


Summer is right around the corner and it promises to be hot and sunny. But for a bride, that can spell disaster. You want to look like a glowing, blushing bride on your big day, but you can’t do that if your choice in a wedding gown causes you to swelter in the heat.

Not to worry, the summer bridal trends will not let you down.

Here’s the low-down on the latest trends and the latest designs that are gracing the bridal market that will make you look exactly as you want, courtesy of Cleveland bridal expert from Catan Fashion, Patrice Catan.

2018 Summer Bridal Trends

  • Tropical Silhouettes

Fashion motifs have turned tropical this year with ruffles, florals, flounces and tiers, all of which give off a playful vibe, perfect with peek-a-boo cutouts, swopping necklines and bare shoulders. These silhouettes offer a sultry, open look and aren’t that heavy to begin with, so you can easily wear your dress on the warmest of days without breaking a sweat.ct2

  • Lace and Patterns

When is lace not popular! A fitting choice all year-round, the lacy dresses we’re seeing this summer give off a certain garden-party vibe, mixed in with some romantic cuts and patterns that remind you of a wedding straight out of Come Dance with Me. Accented with bouquets of blooming flowers in soft ivory, crisp white and luscious cream, the dresses are perfect for a breezy summer day.

  • The Beach Bride

Imagine those intricate details, gorgeous appliqués, fine laces and body-hugging silhouettes, all on one dress that’s just at the right height for a mini dress. Beach wedding dresses are supposed to look effortless and use gauzy fabrics to make that happen. They’re only weighed down by bridal laces and ribbons so there’s no worry about your gown flying up either.

  • Grecian Goddess

This is one for the minimalists. Grecian style bridal dresses lacy, light but come with the perfect balance of beautiful draping, delicate pleats and silhouettes that are artsy and oh-so-exquisite.

  • Fun and Strapless

Having dethroned the off-the-shoulder trend, the strapless look is classy and interesting, with just the right amount of sexy. Strapless dresses come in a lot of different silhouettes and styles so you’ll have plenty of choices to pick from, especially if you’re going with the short beach bride look too.


Buying Your Wedding Dress

If you want to follow these trends though, buy from only the best in the city. For example, Catan Fashion is the leading bridal boutique in Ohio for wedding dresses. If you want to buy a gorgeous wedding dress, visit the boutique so you can have your pick of the crop.

And ask a professional if you become overwhelmed. There’s plenty to choose from, you’ll find the perfect wedding dress to suit your summer wedding!

Keep it simple – the Perks of having a Small Wedding


We’ve all dreamt of the perfect wedding at some point or another in our lives. Each person has a different interpretation of what the perfect wedding would be.

Most people want it to be grand, filled with flowers, delicious food, a gorgeous wedding cake and more. As much as we’d all love to have a Kimye wedding – we can’t. Less than 1% of America has that kind of cash on a wedding day that lasts several hours. Besides, weddings are stressful and the larger they are the more hectic they get.

There are so many perks to having a small wedding that people tend to overlook:

1) Budget-Friendly

Like it or not, we’re stuck with a budget. People often make the mistake of stretching their budget and regretting it later on. Is there really a point of having a big wedding if it’s forcing you to take loans and max out your credit cards? There’s no need to pay your bills with a heavy heart. Stick to your budget and work with what you have. It’s better to have peace of mind and have a small wedding instead of developing angst over a wedding that is way over budget.


2) Spend On What You Want

When you’ve trimmed down your guest list, you automatically reduce the cost of catering, décor and any other guest-related costs you may have. You don’t have to pocket the cash. As long as it’s not pushing your budget, you can always spend more on something you value more. How about spending the extra cash on a better band so you and your loved ones can dance the night away? A gourmet menu or a nicer location may make for a more memorable night.

3) It’s More Intimate


How many times have you been to a wedding where the bride and groom don’t know their guests? If you don’t know them, do you need to have them at your wedding? Not really. With a small wedding you can make sure that only the people who actually matter are invited.

4) It’s Much Easier To Manage

Arranging a more intimate wedding with a limited number of people is significantly easier to arrange than one with many more guests. You don’t have to worry about people arriving on time, where they’re going to be seated and their food choices.

5) More To Spend On Honeymoon


Instead of a spending on a several hours of celebration, have the honeymoon of your dreams in a place you won’t ever forget. Welcome your new life with heartwarming memories with just the two of you!

Maui, Hawaii is the best location for a stunning small wedding. Its spectacular beauty provides a breathtaking backdrop for intimate weddings.

Maltese Dreams offers couples-to-be the chance to pick from affordable wedding packages that include the cost of a minister in Maui, wedding permits, wedding photography and more. Couples can also get packages tailored to their needs.

Want a stress-free, intimate wedding in Maui, Hawaii? Call 808-264-3151 to get in touch with Maltese Dreams to find out more about their services.

4 Ways to Get Over a Bad Break Up

forever alone

Whatever the reason, breaking up with your partner can be a challenging and depressing event. The pain of having someone special leave you can be hard, and for some, the void they left may seem impossible to fill. But seeing things from a new perspective can change everything for you.

Read more

Love Thy Self; Love Thy Hair—Which Hairstyle Should You Try This Summer?

With summertime around the corner, the perfect time to experiment with your hair is nearly here! Whether it’s lounging at the beach or fancy lunch dates with friends, there’s a lot of potential to explore many different hairstyles that are in line with your aesthetics!

girl's hair

From a long angled bob to luscious beach waves, there are likely many different styles you wish to try out. Take a look below at some top choices for trendy hairstyles this summer!

  • Messy Top Knot
  • Braided Po
  • Twisted Bun
  • Loose Curls
  • Glamorous French Braid
  • Wavy Bob
  • Textured Loose Braid
  • Low Ponytail

The possibilities are many, but the sad truth is that you might not have the volume, the length, or the kind of color you’re looking for in your summer hairstyles. It’s unreasonable to expect you to be in and out of the salon, and even then you’re hard-pressed to find the kind of variety you’re looking for in your hair styling choices.

So what could be the right solution for you? Hair extensions, of course!

Why Hair Extensions?

With hair extensions, you can get the kind of hair length you’re looking for. Regretting your last hair cut or just wanting to experiment with long locks? Hair extensions can give you the length you need while waiting for your hair to grow out. They also contribute more volume to your hair, allowing you to have the confidence to strut your stuff!

You can play around with different colors, without the damage that hair dye can bring. You can add in highlights or streaks, and simply take them out if it isn’t working for you.


All in all, hair extensions make it fairly easy to mix up your look and try out numerous hair styles you’re itching to show off! They’re easy to use, blend seamlessly with your natural hair, and can be waterproof and sweat-proof, making them perfect for the summer heat and pool-time activities.

At Mayvenn, you can find the kind of hair extensions you’re looking for! They offer an extensive range of different types of hair extensions, including Brazilian natural straight hair, virgin deep wave extensions, dyed virgin hair extensions, curly weaves, and more.

Give your hair the style revamp it needs! If you act quick, you may be able to take advantage of the 25% off Spring Sale! Visit the website to find out more.