Top Tips to Keep Your Sterling Silver Jewelry in Top-Notch Condition

Sterling silver is a mixture of metals, consisting of 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% often consists of metals like copper to make the resultant alloy harder.

Sterling silver is now used for fine jewelry, and is also popular as a budget jewelry option among those who’ve just started out with their jewelry collections. Regardless of what you think of sterling silver jewelry, you would definitely agree with its versatility and irresistible allure. Read more

Five Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Men

Jewelry for men often gets a bad name but that is merely a reputation promoted by people who don’t have the courage to wear jewelry or don’t know how to style it properly. For a dapper style, we recommend thinking of jewelry as an essential accessory to complete your whole look and adding a much needed flair to make you stand out.

Whether you have a jewelry collection or not; investing in a few timeless pieces should be enough for you to get started on accomplishing eye-stealing looks. Read more

Just One Condition: Why Men Need to Use Hair Conditioners

Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be.

There’s a misconception that men don’t take care of their hair. While the unruly, ruffled, and tough-guy look is considered sexy, even celebrities associated with such trends put in hours worth of effort to maintain that certain style.

It’s true that many men find it difficult to take care of their hair. Some find it hard to take out the time from their busy schedule, while others don’t have a clue where to start.

However, hair care doesn’t have to be as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. It can be made easy by taking a few precautionary measurements and using organic hair conditioners.

Conditioning to Improve Your Hair’s Condition

Many men believe that combing their hair and using hair gel is the way to go. But that simply isn’t true. Thanks to male celebrities now becoming more open about the importance skincare and hair care routines, many people are becoming aware of its value as well.

But the main problem stems from lack of knowledge about hair care products that actually work. One of the main reasons why most men hesitate from using hair oils and conditioners is that they fear that these will do nothing for their manes.

This is simply not true. Organic hair conditioners do wonders for your hair. Here’s how:

They Condition the Roots preventing hair fall

Hair conditioners condition the roots of your hair, helping each strand become stronger and preventing hair fall. When your hair is conditioned properly, you will notice that it will become subtle and soft. This is good because you don’t have to worry about your hair becoming rough after using styling gels.

They Nourish the Scalp

There are certain nutrients that your scalp needs in order to help keep your hair healthy and balanced. When you condition your hair, you help it get access to those nutrients. Think of it as a semi-spa treatment that your scalp deserves after being exposed to the harsh weather, dust, and pollution when you commute to work every day.

By washing away all the dirt and dust from your scalp and hair follicles, hair conditioners help rejuvenate each strand, adding life to the dull complexion of your mane.

In addition, hair conditioners help moisturize the scalp, keeping it healthy and hydrated throughout the week. Apply an organic conditioner to your at least twice a week for the best results!

It’s also important to use fragrance-free hair conditioners.

The author frequently contributes to Allurials and in her free time, she works as a part-time hairdresser.

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