Journey to the Infinite: How to Connect to the Universe

Do you ever feel lonely—more so in a crowd?

If so, you’re probably a city-dweller, well-versed in the language of consumerism; navigating the labyrinth of life with your ego as a compass. Read more

Exploring the Art and Style of Wedding Photography

A smile with a kiss, the flash goes off, and your perfect memory is immortalized forever.

This is what wedding photography presents for us. It is a practice through which we can capture those special moments and enjoy them for years to come. Read more

Bathing in Luxury: How to Upgrade Your Spa on a Budget

A spa, and its success as a business, is defined by the customer experience it provides. In the hospitality industry, it is all about the relationship with the client, and whether the business can provide the kind of experience the customer is looking for. Read more

Reimagining Your Mission

It is certainly difficult to move on and continue with life as usual when the passion has faded and life slows down to a crawl.

We start to miss the joy of having faith in Christ, as life continues to become more complicated, tiresome, or overwhelming.

It is perhaps time to go on your own spiritual journey to rediscover how amazing it feels to take delight in the glory of God.

The truth is that Christianity is a way of life, and following it can help overcome despair and gloom, as the Holy Spirit provides direction, transformation and strength to re-imagine your mission. Read more

Smart Homes – The Future of Home Automation Technology

Home automation is gradually taking over and it seems like it is here to stay. Many homeowners are now constantly looking for ways to automate simple operations like lighting, heating and cooling along with appliances through the various technologies available in the market.

Even though with the rapid paced advancements predicting home automation trends is almost impossible, here are a few things that are surely going to be the highlighting aspects: Read more

Embracing Change: The Christian Way

1God calls each of us to a specific purpose, but often before we can begin pursuing our purpose, we have to let go of what keeps us in bondage.

Philippians 3:13 – Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead

Read more

For the Love of Skin: Why You Should Clean Your Salon Towels

Behind every successful salon lies a team of hardworking individuals working diligently to provide exceptional service. Despite the positive attitude and luxurious ambience of an expensive salon, however, there is one more thing that determines the longevity of its success: the quality of products. Read more

Coordinated Bride and Groom – Should Your Attire Match?

Is this true? Does the groom’s tie clash with the bride’s bouquet? *gasp* say it isn’t so! Read more

Planning a Big Fat Greek Wedding? Hire a Photographer Who Can Handle It!

So, you’ve found your dream partner, set a date for your wedding, picked a breathtaking venue, discovered the most gorgeous wedding gown, and chosen a wedding song that perfectly encapsulates your romantic journey as a couple.

What could possibly go wrong?

Probably nothing – you know, besides your roaring, loud family and their penchant for drama. Read more

Why Hiring A Personal Chef For Your Next Event Is A Great Idea!

Gone are the days when personal chefs were reserved only for the rich and famous. It seemed to be a luxury only a few could afford.

Fast forward today: hiring a personal chef is particularly a good idea if you are throwing a cocktail party, hosting a birthday party for foodies, or even planning a corporate event like a product launch. Read more