Why Your Towels Might Pill Out – How To Avoid It

Have you ever pulled out a towel with lint all over it? Imagine facing this situation in front of a customer at your salon or fitness center.

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Garment Sampling – A Brief Guide

Garment sampling involves creating a template on which the entire production will be based.

One of the major advantages of garment sampling is that it ensures that you are completely satisfied with your creation before you go into the production phase. Read more

The Epitome of Luxury Transportation

Getting around town is sometimes not just about getting from one point to another—it’s also about the car you’re going around in.

A lot of things matter when it comes to your transport to important events—the comfort, mileage, model of the car, and quality of driving. CT Rising Star Limo promises great quality and great luxury, guaranteeing you the best in transport services you can find!

What They Offer

They offer transport services to individuals and groups of people both, getting them where they need to be efficiently, safely, and on time. Need to attend a concert or a bachelor party with a group of people? They have just the right cars for that. Need a car for your ride away from the church as the wedding bells ring? You know where to go!

CT Rising Star also provides airport transportation. They provide pick-up and drop-off for flights at Bradley International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Airport, Boston Logan Airport, JFK Airport and more!

CT Rising Star’s Extraordinary Fleet:

Lincoln Navigator:

Manufactured by Ford Motor Company for their luxury division Lincoln, the Navigator is a full-size SUV designed for luxury transport purposes. This was the first SUV of the Lincoln series and the very first four-wheel drive as well. The capacity this vehicle offers is significant—it can seat from seven to eight people, as well as a greatest amount of space for cargo.

Cadillac DTS:

The Cadillac DTS was manufactured by American auto company General Motors. It is a full-size sedan, and was the largest luxury sedan of the company in 2006.

Ford E-Series:

The Ford E-series is a line of vans—full-sized—manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

Lincoln Town Car:

This is a luxury sedan manufactured by Ford Motor Company, available from the 1981 to 2011 models. One of the most widely used limousines in the United States and Canada, it offers comfort and class to its passengers, like no other!

Cadillac Escalade:

Yet another full-sized SUV that exudes luxury and class, the Cadillac Escalade was created by General Motors, and marked Cadillac’s entrance into the SUV market.

Lincoln MKT:

This high end car is a luxurious full-sized automobile, designed in 2001 by Ralph Gilles. It has high performance features dedicated to making your ride a smooth one.

Book a car with CT Rising Star Car and Limo Services and get where you need to be in luxury and elegance!

Whether you need to catch a plane, attend a birthday party, or show up on time for your wedding, they’re the answer to your transport problems. Contact them 800-930-8940 to get more pricing information or get a quote. Booking online has its perks—get 5% off on your fee!

The Dry and Sweet Factor of Sake

Sake is the only alcoholic drink that shares similarities with wine, in regards to flavor profile and food matching.

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What Does a Perfect New York-Themed Gift Consist of?

1When you think of a New York themed gift, what comes to your mind?

Maybe some chocolate, a generic NY travel mug, and perhaps a hat representing the New York Yankees (or whichever your favorite team is!) This is all well and good, but is this all New York City is about?

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All In Your Head: Overcoming Fears with Positivity

Everyone loves a good story—more so with a happy ending.

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Journey to the Infinite: How to Connect to the Universe

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Exploring the Art and Style of Wedding Photography

A smile with a kiss, the flash goes off, and your perfect memory is immortalized forever.

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Bathing in Luxury: How to Upgrade Your Spa on a Budget

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