Eco-friendly tips for towel care

Towels are omnipresent¾you reach for one every time you climb out of a pool, have to clean a mess, or dry off following a hot shower. When it is so often used for personal care, think about how many towels are being used in your spa/salon/hotel every day. Read more

Down to Earth Month: Celebrating California’s “Earthiest” Wines

April may have been the cruelest month according to 20th century poet, T.S. Eliot, but according to the California Sustainable Wine growing Alliance, it’s definitely the greenest.

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Social Animal: How to Keep Up With a Dachshund

Although originally bred for hunting purposes, Dachshunds have been transformed into social creatures.

Most of these mini doxies are fun, energetic and love socializing with people.

In fact, they are so full of energy that you may find it hard to match their enthusiasm.

Here are some ways you can enhance the social experience of your little pet:

Allow It to Socialize with Other People

From little kids to old women in the park, allow your pup to socialize with all kinds of people. This exposure will allow them to interact and be comfortable with different people. Moreover, it will also help it adapt its behavior and understand how to behave around humans.

Touch Train It

Although your puppy is energetic, you might find that you and your pet are having those little quiet moments. If you pick her up and play with it, it gets positive reinforcement for being touched. This ensures that your pet does not lash out at times when someone else tries to touch it.

Regularly take them out for Walks

Bred for the wild, Dachshunds have incredible energy. To avoid pent-up of this energy, you should regularly take your pet to a walk everyday for about 30 minutes. This helps them blow off some steam.

Exercise, Every day

Continuing from the point above, you should also plan everyday exercise sessions with your dog.

From setting up obstacle courses to fetch games, there are many ways you can burn off that extra energy.

Create a Puppy-Proof Indoor Environment

Keeping the dog indoors is a great way to help your Dachshund socialize. This way, not only will it be getting 24/7 human interaction, you will also expose them to noises and experiences.

1They might be shy or frightened in the beginning; but after some time, they will become absolutely comfortable in your home.

Puppy-proof the place:

  • Allot a single place for them—pillow, toys and all. Make sure they’re comfortable in the spot.
  • Store cords, chargers, wires, and other potentially unsafe items out of their inquisitive reach.
  • If you’re going to be away for long, leave them with sufficient water and food.
  • Don’t leave human food lying around.


Just like all other creatures, Dachshunds also create a bond with their mothers. For it to function effectively, it should not be taken away from its mother. Taking the mini doxy away from its canine family too early can hamper its social skills.

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Puppy Power: Exploring the 5 Senses of a Dachshund

Clever, amusing, lively and curious. These are just some qualities of Dachshund. With well-evolved communication systems, these wiener dogs have at least some understanding of how the world works.

Since you are going to spend some time with your beloved mini doxy, it is important that you understand its 5 senses. It will not only help you view things from its perspective, but also allow you to understand why it does what it does.

Here’s a brief description of their 5 senses:

Sense of Smell

Talking about their strongest suit first, the dog’s olfactory sense is way more powerful than humans’.

It uses its sense of smell predominantly to get to know the world around. With millions more scent glands than humans, the dachshund can sense a lot.

Because of the shape of Dachshund’s bodies, their noses are closer to the ground. This makes their sniffing all the more efficient.

Sense of Hearing

With large ears, hearing is another sense that Dachshunds are better at than humans. From perceiving different frequencies to distinguishing sounds, the puppy has an exceptional sense of hearing.

This is the reason that high-pitched sounds, such as that of vacuum, might irritate the Dachshund. Roughly speaking, their sense of hearing is four times better than ours.

Sense of Touch

Being social creatures, their sense of touch plays an important part in the socialization with human beings. This is the first sense that they develop in their mother’s wombs. They have sensory nerves throughout their bodies. Some parts of their bodies, such as the base of their neck, are more sensitive than others. They really enjoy being touched, petted and groomed.

Sense of Sight

Although puppies cannot experience colors as well as we do, they are not completely colorblind.

They have been known to accurately perceive shades of blue and yellow.

They are not as good at perceiving things in distance as we are, but their sense of sight is great with close up things. Moreover, they are good in areas with dim lighting.1

Sense of Taste

The dachshund does not have as evolved a sense of taste as we do. They have around 2,000 taste buds, compared with our 9,000. This is the reason you will find your puppy taking almost anything in its mouth. They do not recognize the normal sweet, sour, bitter and salty that we do.

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The Beauty of Grayscale Wedding Photography: What You Should Know

By hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day, you want to be able to freeze your love story in time. You want to eternize those beautiful moments.

Looking at your parents’ wedding album, you will find every moment captured brilliantly and perfectly; a solid reminder of true love. Read more

Choosing A Limo Transportation Service For Your Ride To The Airport

You have a 10 o’clock meeting in another city to worry about, why add unreliable Boston public transportation to your troubles?

Business travel is a challenge on a good day. Add in the hassle of getting up early in the morning (after a late night conference call), then driving yourself to the airport, only to face traffic and/or any other issue.

Opting for public transportation is out of the question. It’s expensive. You’re tired. You need a break.

You need comfort, reliability, and convenience with a touch of luxury for your ride to the airport. Ever thought of riding on a classic and beautiful limo to catch your next business flight?

Consider Limo Booking Process

You are already handling a dozen things regarding the last-minute meeting. You have yet to book flight tickets and arrange accommodation/transportation in the foreign city. It goes without saying that you’d prefer an easy airport transfer booking process. Is the booking service form to lengthy and unintelligible? Do they offer more than one payment options? Does the customer service representative answer all queries regarding the service? These questions are important to consider.

Consider Safety

This factor is often overlooked by people when choosing a limo transport service. It’s important to consider whether or not shortlisted airport limo service has:

  • Proper Insurance
  • Employee Screening Policy
  • Licenses

Consider Offered Insurance  

A good airport limo service will go above and beyond to take better care of their customers, especially in the event of an accident or mishap. However, ask the following questions:

  • How much insurance does each vehicle carry?
  • Are there any safety procedures followed in the event of an accident? How much are customer compensated?
  • When was your insurance coverage updated last in accordance to policy changes?

Remember, you’re not just finding one for your trip next day; the company will be your go-to transport provider for future trips as well. So do your homework!

Search for Good Online Reviews

The search for quality and affordable services begins online for many consumers. In this respect, online reviews and testimonials are your best bet. These offer invaluable information regarding their customer service for past clients. Online reviews and testimonials also offer first-hand account of a customer’s experience.

Take the above into account when searching online for a good airport limo transport service. Also, consider the service’s limo fleet before hiring. Take a look at the impressive limo fleet offered by CT Rising Star Limo.

Why You Should Buy a Life Size Statue for Your Next Event

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Why Your Towels Might Pill Out – How To Avoid It

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Garment Sampling – A Brief Guide

Garment sampling involves creating a template on which the entire production will be based.

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