The Dos and Don’ts of Smoking Weed

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7 E-Juice Flavors You Just Have to Try and Why!

Those of us who vape and own vape kits, pens and other such paraphernalia are often on the hunt for new and interesting E-Juice types and flavors. Read more

Go On A Water Sports Adventure In Style!

Who wouldn’t love to go on a sailing exploration out into the sea while also enjoying the water sports and activates?

Adventure seekers and sea enthusiasts are always looking for new aquatic sports to try. Chartering luxury yachts in Cabo is the best way to live life on the edge. A luxury yacht especially made for adventurous sea lovers comes with several water sports equipment and games. You can sail in a royal yacht and enjoy aquatic sports in comfort and style.

Let’s explore some of the water sports equipment that luxurious yacht charters carry on board.
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The Smell of Success: Ways to Make Your Perfume Hobby Affordable

“Nothing brings to life again
a forgotten memory
like fragrance.”

Christopher Poindexter

From the aroma of a dash of saffron to the subtle, yet lingering scent of rain, we rely on our sense of smell for everything.

Whether it’s the whiff of old, worn-out clothes, or the trace of baked, gooey chocolate chip cookies, we associate things and people around us with the way they smell.

How many times have you been able to tell who’s walked through the door because of the subtle, yet powerful fragrance that follows?

How many times have you had to take another route to work because of the malodor nearby?

But there’s a difference between “scent” and “smell.”

Our favorite scents are the ones we want to be able store in a gorgeous glass bottle. But collecting fragrances can be an expensive hobby.

Or is it?

For Your Scent’s Worth

chanel no 5

For the avid perfume enthusiast, there’s more to amassing dozen of fragrances on their dresser. It’s about the experience and collecting a true work of art.

But your hobby doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. With caution and a few tricks, you can learn more about scents and keep within budget.

Smell, Smell, and Smell!  

What’s the best way to learn about fragrances and scents? Simple: improve your sense of smell!

You don’t even need to purchase perfumes to be able to discern different scents! Just goes “scent shopping.”

If you want to sample an Armani Summer Code, you can simply walk into the shop and ask for a test. Take a notebook with you so that you can write down your experiences. This way, you’ll learn all about different types of perfumes and scents.

Don’t Rush Into Buying  

This is one of the most important things to remember. Sure, it smells great but that doesn’t mean you should buy it. When you’re starting a collection, you need to learn a lot of things.

You need to be able to discern replicas from originals; should be able to tell the source of the scent and create your own mix.

It’s Classy and Classic

Begin with classic perfumes. If you really want to create a collection of some of the most exotic and incredible perfumes, start with the classics.

From Chanel no. 19 to Dior’s Eau Sauvage, there’s plenty to choose from. But that doesn’t mean you should choose all of them. All you need is a few pieces to complete your collection.

Remember that it’s all about appreciating different scents, not collecting every bottle ever produced.

If you’re looking to buy some of the best perfumes online, Fragrance Frontier offers all your favorite products at the best pricing. Not only are they 100 percent genuine, there’s free shipping on all orders to the U.S.

Visit their website to learn more or browse through their online perfume shop to get your hands on the latest products. They also showcase genuine skincare products and if you are interested, give those a try as well.

Bong vs. Vaporizer: Know the Difference

When it comes to choosing how you want to smoke, you have unlimited options. Among them, bongs and vaporizers are by far the most popular devices that can take your experience to a whole new level. In fact, many chain smokers have switched from tobacco cigarettes to bongs and vaporizers for the same reason. Read more

Is it Time for a Bathroom Remodel? Five Signs You Need to Look Out for

Sometimes bathrooms can be designed well enough that they last years without needing a remodel. Other times small problems may arise that are fixed with simple updates. Either way, the bathroom is a high traffic area, and as such, should be as spacious and functional as possible. Here are five signs that the time has come for you to remodel your bathroom.

Storage Shortage

Old bathrooms designs were far from practical when it came to efficiently use space for storage and some were just built too small. Since modern bathrooms are heavily utilized for storage purposes, a shortage of space indicates that it is time for a remodel.

This might involve improving vertical space usage by adding shelves and improving cabinetry or increasing your bathroom’s size. Whichever way you choose, having sufficient storage space in a bathroom is vital.

Outdated Flooring/Fixtures

If your floor tiles are cracking or if your bathroom is really old and using carpet flooring, it definitely needs to be remodeled.

Maybe your electricity utilizing bathroom appliances are not energy efficient. Water efficiency is also something for consideration in toilets and showers. Look into purchasing WaterSense labeled toilet and shower models, as these use far less water. Fixtures are a major consideration in deciding whether or not to remodel.

Outdated Color

Faded color and paint cracking are both signs that a bathroom is outdated. Or maybe the bathroom was built utilizing vibrant colors that have long since gone out of style. When remodeling, consider using a white color scheme as it is timeless and works with the traditional and modern style of bathroom.

Lifestyle Change

Maybe your lifestyle has changed drastically since the time you had your bathroom made. If you’re looking to get into the latest bathroom remodeling trends such as steam showers, using media devices in bathrooms, floor heaters, and towel warmers, or making your bathroom pet-friendly, a bathroom remodel can help you implement these in your own bathroom.

Time to Sell

Any person looking to sell their house will want all the rooms looking at their best so they can get the highest possible value from the sale. This obviously includes bathrooms. Having up-to-date bathrooms throughout the house will enable you to sell your house fast.


If any of these factors apply to you, it’s time to consider remodeling. To start planning your remodel contact a professional bathroom remodel service. If you’re living in Red River Parish and considering remodeling, get in touch with Showcase Homes and Remodeling. They have over 30 years of remodeling experience and offer services suited to all your needs.

Keeping Your Smoking in Check: What you Need to Know

There is an old saying that goes something to the effect of; If you tune a string too tight it will snap but if you leave it too slack, it won’t play. Simply speaking, the saying refers to balance and how important it is to maintain a balance in whatever we do! Read more

Home Décor 2018: Reinventing Your Home’s Design

Home is where your heart is. At least for most of us! The aesthetic of your home is not just about pleasing and impressing those who visit. Psychology actually suggests the way your home is designed and ordered actually influences your emotional wellbeing!


One way to reinvent your home is to tear the place down and have it renovated. That is however a little extreme! Another way is to redecorate and reorder in order to make better use of the space hence allowing the space to shine!

Tips and Tricks

We’re going to share a few tips and pointers on the basics of reinventing your home. We’re also going to discuss a few things to look out for when shopping for household items or visiting a household items store. These things will help facilitate, enhance or contribute to whatever change is being suggested!

Here are five essentials when reinventing your home space!



The first thing you want to do when reinventing your home space is to de-clutter. In other words, clear the space up a little. A cluttered space is not a cozy space but an untidy one! If you feel like there is always too much stuff lying about or on display and you would do better with a little organization and order, look into storage.

Racks, open shelves and baskets are all excellent ways to make a humble addition to your home aesthetic while addressing the problem of clutter!

Color Correction

Sometimes a space could use a little re-coloring with regard to the wall paint or wallpaper. Changing the colors of the walls can at times make a massive difference with regard to how a space looks. A general rule of thumb is darker colors contribute to making a space look cozier but smaller too. Light colors help spaces open up a little.


Sometimes we have lovely homes, colors, furniture and still don’t manage to achieve the aesthetic were looking for. This is probably because where on their own, your household items and your home are spectacular. When put together however, they are incompatible. If you feel your furniture and other items are clashing with the going theme of your house have them replaced. Get a sense of the going themes in your home so that the next time you visit a household item store; you know exactly what to look for.


Lighting your Life

Another small change that goes a long way is lighting. With the right lighting you can completely alter the ambiance and aesthetic of a given space. You can influence warmth, size and how cozy a space feels just by a little light adjustment.

Lamps both table type and standing are a great way to alter and adjust the light and how it looks in a given room or space. Invest in a few table lamps for smaller spaces and stand up lamps for larger areas such as the living or dining room!

Bits and Bobs

Once you have de-cluttered, re-lighted, color corrected and set a theme for the home (in other words pretty much established your new home aesthetic), it is time for the final touches. Depending on what kind of an overall look you have gone for, you might want to add decorations or items to enhance the going ambiance. This could be anything from vases and wall hangings to incense or oil burners as well as other decorative and semi-functional items.

Just remember, as we said in the point above; try to make sure the little accessories you add to your home space to not clash with the going theme!

The Joy of Reinventing

Reinventing your home space is an extremely enjoyable process. Further, it makes your home look and feel better and can actually benefit the emotional wellbeing of those living there! If you follow the prescribed tips and pointers, you won’t go wrong!

Get Started

If you’re looking for household items in Virginia, you have a number of reliable online store options that might make life easier!

Myrtle’s Mart is one of Virginia’s fastest evolving wholesale stores for household items including but not restricted to furniture and electronics, catering to personal buyers as well as those buying for retail purposes, offering only the best quality in items sold.

Stainless Steel Vs. Copper Kitchen Sinks—Which One’s For You?

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Five Things You Need To Know About Smoking Cannabis

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