Organizational Wellness: Why Is It Important To Invest In Corporate Or Organizational Wellness?

In the age of monotonous workdays and monochrome cubicles, employees are bound to lose motivation. To keep your company going, you need your employees to be productive, healthy and happy.

This is the reason why many corporations are now investing in wellness programs to keep their employees happy and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.


Here are a few advantages of arranging organizational wellness programs.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

A workplace that promotes healthy habits through seminars and activities is likely to spend less on employee compensations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, workplaces that encourage physical activities maintain a healthy workforce. Moreover, corporate wellness programs can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity of employees.

Builds an Active Employee Community

Encouraging group activities focused on fitness will build a strong employee community. Your employees will develop better relationships through these activities which will help them collaborate better.


Happier Employees

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. According to the 2012 AFLAC Workforces Report, employees who participated in workplace wellness programs are more content with their jobs than employees who don’t. This is because exercise and healthy living positively affects your body and helps manage stress.

As per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, exercising releases endorphins which can improve sleep, stabilize mood and reduce stress.



Repetitive work can reduce employees’ morale and productivity. You can involve different initiatives and activities to help your employees let loose and rejuvenate occasionally.

Reduce Absenteeism

Employee absenteeism is a bottom-line-killer. Employees who engage in unhealthy activities like smoking, unhealthy eating, etc. are prone to take more leaves than those who don’t.

The National Institutes of Health surveyed employees in the US and other countries to find a relationship between smoking and absenteeism at work. Their findings reveal that current smokers reported work impairment and greater absenteeism than non-smokers.

By arranging seminars highlighting the effects of smoking and other unhealthy activities, you can encourage employees toward a healthier lifestyle and better performance at work.

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