Overcoming 3 Common Interior Design Problems

We aren’t all born with an inherent sense of aesthetic. A large amount of our understanding of beauty, aesthetic and what looks good develops when we are children. This, however, continues to evolve over the course of our lives.

How is this Relevant?

What appeals to you visually can often change, evolve and develop over the course of time. What you once found beautiful or aesthetically appealing might not seem so a few years or even months down the line.

Clothes and Homes

One thing we purchase in based on comfort, as well as practicality, is clothes. We buy clothes we like, follow trends that are hot and eventually get rid of them or give them away. The good thing about clothes is when you start realizing the style in question does not suit you any longer, you replace them.

Homes on the other hand are a bit trickier. You can’t replace them when you want. At least not without a degree of trouble.

When it Dawns on You

Sometimes it might dawn on you that the home you live in is victim to certain flaws in design and aesthetic. We’re going to go over three common interior design problems and what you could do to address them!

Multi-purpose Spaces

At times due to a lack of rooms or divisions, you might want to double up your basement into a den or study or your sitting area to space for the kids to play as well. In situations like this, there are times when there is just too much happening. This makes your space look cluttered and untidy.

What to do?

Vary the light: Using varying lighting in this situation can be helpful. Different lampshades and lighting should serve to create a sense of separation and tidiness.

Install a Screen: Another thing that could help is the installation of a lightwood or glass screen to divide sections of the room.

Have the room Renovated and Resized: This involves hiring a professional contractor but a room renovation and resizing will give you the space and aesthetic you need without being too heavy on your wallet!


Smaller Rooms

There are times when the house you purchase is perfect…all except that one room. Many pre-built homes come with rooms that are over or undersized. The problem with smaller rooms, however, is no matter how much you try, they always look cluttered.

Further, too much furniture can sometimes also make them seem claustrophobic.

What to do?

Go Minimal: The first step is to get rid of extra furniture. Chairs, tables, couches, anything that is heavy and takes up space but is not always in use.

Play with Color: Try out using different colors on the walls. Lighter shades are known to make spaces look larger whereas darker ones give the impression of being closed and small. Try out a light shade on three walls alternating one for variety!

Get it Resized: Having a room resized is a great way to nip the small space and clutter problem in the bud!

Outdated Styles and Conflicting Themes

Our homes sometimes reflect the aesthetics of the times that they were built in. The 80s, for instance, was all about gold and gaudiness, the 90s a little more somber, early 2000s minimalist and so on. On occasion, you might find that the tiles, fixtures or other installations in your home no longer seem appealing. Further, they do not match with furniture and items that came in later!

What to do?

Embrace it: One way to go about this is to embrace the old look of your home and proceed to restore what you need to. Further, ensure the items you bring in to match the already set theme in your home.

Have the fixtures and tiles changed: Another thing you could do is go in for a simple fixture and tile replacement. This should help update the look of your home to a degree.

Full Remodeling: Last but not least, if you have the funds go in for a full bathroom or kitchen remodeling and have your home redesigned just the way you want it!

We do not always have to feel the same about things we once found appealing forever. For those that require professional services such as interior design or any kind of construction, renovation or home remodeling services in or around the Shreveport area check out your options and get to it!

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