The Right Way to Display Your China Collection

Just as accolades deserve to be displayed and exhibited in the best possible manner, so does a collection of China crockery. It’s no less of an achievement to have a complete collection of China to your name!

Owning an exquisite set of gold-rimmed China plates and a matching tea set is truly a luxury worth noting. It’s a sign of fine taste and extravagant living to wine and dine in these classy plates and sip from the delicate teacups. Read more

Plate and Cup Decoration for the Holidays: What Can I Do?

Unlike most of the world, Christmas down in Straya is a little on the warm side. Even so – it’s still Christmas and people from Melbourne to Perth are probably immersed in preparations for the holidays to come.

An article published in the Daily Mail online talks about how Australians in general are expected to buy four gifts a second online and about the hidden shipping costs associated with the same. Though on the one hand, it makes perfect sense to be splurging on gifts— after all, it is Christmas! Read more

5 Businesses Where Cup, Plate and Bowl Stands or Racks are Essential and Why

Starting a business in the food industry is all about getting winning dishes on the plate and keeping the customers coming back, hungry for more. For people invested in the food and culinary industry it’s mostly the food that matters: the quality of the produce being used, the time it takes to prepare the food, the rawness of the cooked food and the final taste of the prepared dish. Most of what chefs or cooks or bakers do remains limited to the food on the plate—but what about the plate? Read more

Aesthetic Guide – Arranging Your China Cabinet

Often, the china cabinet is discarded as a dust collector. But with some proper organisation and arrangement, your understated china cabinet can be the star of your dining room, if not your home.

Here’s how you can make those arrangements. Read more

Is there an Echo in Here? 6 Interior Design Flaws You Need Fixed

Walking past an antique store, your eyes fall on a majestic wood encased mirror. You immediately think; this mirror would look PERFECT in your living room.

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Plate Collection for Beginners: How Collectible Plates are Graded

Human beings have been fond of collecting things for a long time. You have people that collect stamps, rocks, butterfly wings, coins and even antique vehicles! Among the many collectible items out there, plates are actually one of them.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already aware of the value a collectible plate may hold. You might have already started collecting plates hence you would know that the experience can be quite rewarding. Read more

Is it Time for a Bathroom Remodel? Five Signs You Need to Look Out for

Sometimes bathrooms can be designed well enough that they last years without needing a remodel. Other times small problems may arise that are fixed with simple updates. Either way, the bathroom is a high traffic area, and as such, should be as spacious and functional as possible. Here are five signs that the time has come for you to remodel your bathroom.

Storage Shortage

Old bathrooms designs were far from practical when it came to efficiently use space for storage and some were just built too small. Since modern bathrooms are heavily utilized for storage purposes, a shortage of space indicates that it is time for a remodel.

This might involve improving vertical space usage by adding shelves and improving cabinetry or increasing your bathroom’s size. Whichever way you choose, having sufficient storage space in a bathroom is vital.

Outdated Flooring/Fixtures

If your floor tiles are cracking or if your bathroom is really old and using carpet flooring, it definitely needs to be remodeled.

Maybe your electricity utilizing bathroom appliances are not energy efficient. Water efficiency is also something for consideration in toilets and showers. Look into purchasing WaterSense labeled toilet and shower models, as these use far less water. Fixtures are a major consideration in deciding whether or not to remodel.

Outdated Color

Faded color and paint cracking are both signs that a bathroom is outdated. Or maybe the bathroom was built utilizing vibrant colors that have long since gone out of style. When remodeling, consider using a white color scheme as it is timeless and works with the traditional and modern style of bathroom.

Lifestyle Change

Maybe your lifestyle has changed drastically since the time you had your bathroom made. If you’re looking to get into the latest bathroom remodeling trends such as steam showers, using media devices in bathrooms, floor heaters, and towel warmers, or making your bathroom pet-friendly, a bathroom remodel can help you implement these in your own bathroom.

Time to Sell

Any person looking to sell their house will want all the rooms looking at their best so they can get the highest possible value from the sale. This obviously includes bathrooms. Having up-to-date bathrooms throughout the house will enable you to sell your house fast.


If any of these factors apply to you, it’s time to consider remodeling. To start planning your remodel contact a professional bathroom remodel service. If you’re living in Red River Parish and considering remodeling, get in touch with Showcase Homes and Remodeling. They have over 30 years of remodeling experience and offer services suited to all your needs.

A Home Builder’s Perspective on a Complete Kitchen Remodel

“The kitchen is the heart of the home.”

This saying holds true for many a household—the kitchen is the place to cook, eat, gather around and talk for residents and visitors both.

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Add some Edge to your Kitchen with a Black Sink

If you’ve spent some time picking out the perfect cabinets, countertops, tiles and flooring for your kitchen, you should do the same for your kitchen sink too. Kitchen sinks don’t have to be boring. With the wide variety of kitchen sinks and faucets available in the market, your kitchen sink can actually give your kitchen a bit of edge. Read more