How to Extend the Lifetime of your Water Heater

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The Environmental and Utility Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

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How to Finance Your Commercial Water Heater

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A Few Tips for Choosing Exterior Shades

Curtains, blinds, and shades are critical to uplifting the interior—as well as the exterior—of a home. Deciding to change the curtains or blinds of your house can be fun, as it allows you to creatively experiment with original and emulated ideas.

Implementing all those ideas, however, is the complete opposite, and can be quite stressful if you are unable to find the right material, color, or size in a nearby local store. Read more

The Right Way to Display Your China Collection

Just as accolades deserve to be displayed and exhibited in the best possible manner, so does a collection of China crockery. It’s no less of an achievement to have a complete collection of China to your name!

Owning an exquisite set of gold-rimmed China plates and a matching tea set is truly a luxury worth noting. It’s a sign of fine taste and extravagant living to wine and dine in these classy plates and sip from the delicate teacups. Read more

Plate and Cup Decoration for the Holidays: What Can I Do?

Unlike most of the world, Christmas down in Straya is a little on the warm side. Even so – it’s still Christmas and people from Melbourne to Perth are probably immersed in preparations for the holidays to come.

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5 Businesses Where Cup, Plate and Bowl Stands or Racks are Essential and Why

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Aesthetic Guide – Arranging Your China Cabinet

Often, the china cabinet is discarded as a dust collector. But with some proper organisation and arrangement, your understated china cabinet can be the star of your dining room, if not your home.

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Is there an Echo in Here? 6 Interior Design Flaws You Need Fixed

Walking past an antique store, your eyes fall on a majestic wood encased mirror. You immediately think; this mirror would look PERFECT in your living room.

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