The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Girl — The How-to Guide

Despite the plethora of blogs and articles you’ve read on the subject, you just can’t bring yourself to buy any of the recommendations for your perfect girl.

Not because they aren’t pretty or useful. But because you know that your girl, deserves something much, much better! Something more unique than perfume or a photo frame at least. Read more

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How to Be the Best Gift Giver for Your Wedding Anniversary

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Classic Hip Hop Jewelry Pieces

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Cute Gift Ideas for Your Young Daughter

Buying gifts for young boys aren’t half as tricky as buying a gift for little girls. For one, there are so many more options for girls than there are for boys.

Before you purchase a gift, keep in mind your daughter’s personality, the activities she likes, the movies she watches and any other indicators that can help you. Buying her the perfect gift wouldn’t be so difficult once you have an idea of what she’s into.

1) Hair Flair

Girls love playing with each other’s hair, why not give her this Hair Flair set which consists of colored extensions, feathers, beads, and threads.

The Hair Flair kit comes with 8 designs for her to try.

It’s fun, creative and it will keep her busy.

2) Tip Top Pottery

Young girls love the idea of making things with their own hands. With the help of Tip Top Pottery, your daughter can use the adjustable pottery wheel to develop her own vases and pots.

Start her off with a slow sleep and when gets more comfortable, you can speed the wheel up. The set comes with 2 pounds of clay, paints, paint brushes and sculpting tools that she can use to decorate her creations.

3) Shushu Kids Nail Polish Gift Set



Does she get into her mother’s or older sister’s makeup a lot? With all the exposure through TV and the Internet, little girls today enjoy experimenting with makeup.

However, letting them play with adult makeup isn’t the best option; firstly, because adult makeup can be very expensive and secondly because adult makeup consists of a lot of chemicals that aren’t suitable for younger children.

Luckily, there is makeup available that is created to be used by kids.

Shushu Kids specializes in creating natural makeup for little girls. Their kid’s makeup collection consists of peel off nail polish, 3D nail art, temporary tattoos and natural lip crayons.

Their nail polish gift set makes a super-cute present. It contains three acetone-free nail polishes, two packs of 3D nail stickers and it all comes in a pretty carrying case.

For more kid-friendly makeup, check out Shushu Kids full kid’s makeup collection. They specialize in organic, eco-friendly makeup for children which your daughter will love for sure!

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Gifts at Work- What You Should Know Before Giving Gifts at Work

It’s always nice to shower gifts on your loved ones but when it comes to coworkers, gifting etiquettes change immensely. After all, you don’t always show your gratitude towards the people you work with through something as personal as a present.

However, during occasions or seasonal greetings, it becomes a given. Again, even in situations as those, how you give the present plays a major role because let’s face it; you are giving it in a professional environment!

Gifting Etiquettes 101: What Should You Do?

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s giving away gifts which means, you may want to as well. However, you need to be sure to do it right or else you’ll be left facing a very awkward situation! Here are a few tips you can follow to avoid any awkward instances:

Tip #1: Picking The Right Spot

Let’s face it, you can’t really afford gifts for the whole office and neither do you want to. Some people just don’t make it to your list! However, that doesn’t mean you hand out the presents right in front of them! When you give a gift, make sure its somewhere away from people who didn’t make it to your list so as to avoid any unpleasantness in the workplace.

Tip #2: Personal But Not Too Personal

It’s always great to give gifts that show the other person you care. However, don’t make it to too personal. Remember, gifts can also be taken as subtle hints so you need to be very careful with it. For example, if you’re giving a deodorant, it could be taken as an indicator of bad body odor. You really don’t want that! Try to pay attention to what the coworker is truly in need of and go ahead with deciding the gift accordingly.

Tip #3: Gift Receipts Are Important

Your coworkers will like not every gift you give so it’s important that you include a gift receipt with it. It’s not only about whether or not they’ll like it, the gift could be defected or, in case of clothes, the wrong size. This way they always have the option of exchanging their gift accordingly.

Tip #4: Not Everyone’s The Same

The most important thing to focus on when giving a gift is whether your coworker is celebrating the certain holiday. Not everyone has the same perceptions or beliefs so by giving a gift to someone who doesn’t celebrate the occasion means you’re creating a difference between the two of you.

It’s important you pick out the right gifts and in case of giving gifts in your workplace, it’s often better to choose personalized gifts.

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