9 Tips On Working With Fondant

Fondant is a great way to customize your cakes. Any design is possible with this medium. Many bakers are still nervous about using sugar paste on their cakes, but with these tips and tricks, you can be confident your cakes will turn out stunning every time! Read more

Tips & Tricks To Up Your Baking Game!

Think heartbreaks are only limited to people? Think again! When you spend hours in the kitchen and pull out a wonderfully flat cake or a fresh batch of tarts with collapsed crusts…Oh, you can definitely hear a crack from within your chest if you listen carefully.

Contrary to what one may think, solid preparation isn’t just required in the examination hall. As anyone with any amount of baking experience would tell you, ending up with scrumptious treats is all about starting off with the right level of concentration, preparation, and good technique.

In short, it’s all or nothing.

To make your baking mission a success, here are the tips to knock all others out the park. Read more

Top Things About Decorating With Fondant You Never Knew!

You could leave it at icing, but who wants their creations to look unfinished? The secret to impressive, decorative baking is… *drum roll* Read more

Expert Advice: Avoid These Baking Mistakes At All Costs!

We all claim to know the ins and outs of baking. How many of us actually deserve such admiration? Do you consider yourself a baking extraordinaire? Let’s put it to the test.

Here are top three mistakes bakers commit that lead to not-so-perfect creations. Check to see how many you are guilty of. Read more

No Dessert Table Is Complete Without These Delectable Goodies!

Who doesn’t like something sweet? We love cake, you love cake, we all love cake! Despite the universal admiration we have for this delectable delight, there’s no reason to limit yourself to the traditional vanilla cake when it comes to decorating your table with delicious desserts.

There is the whole world of scrumptious recipes just waiting for you to give them a try.

That said, can you imagine the tragedy it would be if your dessert table was devoid of these mouth-watering goodies? Read more

The Science Behind Baking Mouthwatering Chocolate Chip Cookies!

A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie is all you need to take your day from Nay to Yay. This palm-sized treat is a feast for the taste buds in its own right.

You might think that with all the different textures and finishes chocolate chip cookies come in today, there can’t be cookies that exactly satisfy everyone’s palette.

You’re wrong! Read more

Impressive Dessert Ideas For Special Occasions

Do you have a special day coming up? Maybe it’s your son’s birthday or your wedding anniversary. If you’re worrying about what dessert to create for an upcoming special occasion, we’ve got you covered!

Passionate bakers at Divine Specialties sat down together to brainstorm some creative ideas; here are some of our favorite picks: Read more

Fun Frozen Desserts For Summer

Summers calls for an icy-delight without breaking into a sweat, but how can one achieve the creamy thickness and the sweet melt-in-mouth flavor without using an oven? Be prepared to be amazed with the goodness of frozen desserts; now your taste buds can savor the rich taste without slaving over a hot oven. Here are some must-try frozen dessert recipes for you. Read more

Ice Cream Sandwich: 5 Icy Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Have you thought of a duo so dynamic, that it waters your mouth and freezes your brain at the same time? Well you haven’t someone else did, ICE CREAM – SANDWICH is a creamy delight that combines two of the most delicious things in the world, cookies and ice cream. Read more

A Baker Is Incomplete Without These Tools

It might seem effortless watching a chef pour thick-delicious batter into several molds, expertly level the pan and place it in the oven.

Your heart swells as the chocolate is melted to be mixed with butter and cream. The baker uses different piping bags to make dreamy swirls around the cake’s surface. Read more