Warning Signs That You’re Losing Too Much Weight

According to an update by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada is among the most overweight countries in the world with an obesity rate of over 25.8%. With the rising rates of obesity, more and more people are looking for quick weight loss methods. Crash dieting and detoxing are gaining popularity among people over the age of 18.   Read more

Top 4 One Bowl Wonder Desserts

Desserts are food for the soul. And while many find baking and consuming desserts a cathartic experience, most will agree that dealing with the aftermath of baking is something they don’t look forward to — loads of dirty dishes!

But did you know that not all desserts require loads of cutlery and crockery to prepare?

Here are some of the best one bowl desserts that are nothing short of amazing: Read more

6 5-Ingredient Desserts You Need To Know

A short ingredient list is definitely something to look forward to when preparing anything to eat. The lesser the ingredients, the lesser the steps to prepare the dessert, and the quicker you get to eat it!

Desserts often have a reputation for having a long list of specialized baking supplies. Here are some desserts that only require five ingredients that you can easily find in your pantry: Read more

The Power of Turmeric: The Proven Benefits!

Just as matcha was the flavour fad of 2016, turmeric has become the latest popular health fad around the world. The ancient aromatic golden spice dates back thousands of years and is a popular ingredient in curries and traditional medicine in the Middle East and Asian countries. Turmeric has become a featured ingredient in drinks such as the Golden Milk, teas, cereal bars and more. Read more

A Much-Needed Guide to Veganism

Veganuary just passed and many of you are newly converted vegans! Congratulations!

Going vegan means making major changes in your life. You will get many people asking you why you did it, you may find eating out rather difficult and yes, you will need to develop strong self-control to avoid all those cravings.

Even though many people know about veganism, there are still those who don’t. Read more

Who Knew Chocolate Desserts Could Be Healthy?

The beginning of the year is the most popular time for people to make radical changes to their diets. Most people set out on a quest to become healthy by cutting out junk food, sweet treats, carbonated drinks, alcohol etc.

If you had similar plans and pledged to curb your chocolate cravings this year; think again. Research shows that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants. It lowers cholesterol levels and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Here are some delectable desserts that you won’t believe are good for you: Read more

Valentine’s Day Desserts That Go Straight To The Heart

Valentine’s Day is a day that’s dedicated to love. It’s a day for flowers, chocolates, and all kinds of other confectionaries. Whether you have a partner to share the day with or not, it’s a great excuse to consume sugary treats.

So whether you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner or you’re hosting a Galentine’s party, here are some delectable out-of-the-box desserts to indulge in: Read more

7 Ways of Staying Healthy This Year that’ll actually Work

The beginning of the New Year is the best time to begin your journey to being healthy. After all the overindulgence during the festive period and New Year, we tend to feel lethargic and demotivated. It doesn’t help that our clothes feel snugger too!

Adopting a healthier lifestyle for the New Year will only do you good. You’ll lose a few pounds, feel energetic, and have better skin, hair, and nails too. Read more

What You Didn’t Know About Belgian Chocolate

If there was a king in the industry of chocolate, it would be Belgian chocolate.

With its vast variety and heavenly taste, Belgian chocolate surpasses all standards of excellence. The luxurious, velvety taste of Belgian chocolate melting in your mouth is inexplicable!

This family of chocolates not only has earned the royal status but also has a few interesting facts to its name. Here are a few things to know about Belgian chocolate. Read more

Dessert Ideas For The New Year

There’s never an occasion unfit for dessert.

A chocolate tart will melt as blissfully in your mouth as will a slice of cheesecake tickle your taste buds!

Starting 2019 with a lot of different dessert options on your plate is the right way to do it. There are endless ways of experimenting with your recipes to come up with new desserts! The right ingredients, well-tested recipe and a hint of creativity can bring perfect desserts out of your oven.

Here’s a list of dessert ideas you can try this year and entertain your taste buds. Read more