Best Watch Movements Of Top Watchmakers

Luxury watchmakers have earned their reputations with superb craftsmanship and incorporating unique mechanisms into their watches that allow their watches to work flawlessly.

To truly understand what makes watch movements so great, we must delve into the ins and outs of engineering originality, precision instruments, tiny components that are used to make watches tick, and of course, a pair of VERY steady hands.

Watch Movements

Watch “movements” refer to the inner mechanics of a watch. Most people may not care for what the watch looks like on the inside, but watch connoisseurs definitely do. It helps them make more informed decisions about what watches are worth the money.

Here are a few basics you should know about:

Caliber—a mechanical movement made by the Swiss which does not need a battery to function. Unlike the Japanese quartz movement that requires a battery for energy, the Swiss caliber movement uses the energy created by a wound-up mainspring.

Quartz movement—The Japanese quartz movement makes for fantastically practical watches that are sold at affordable prices. Whereas the Swiss caliber movement has a more vintage appeal to it.

Now let’s take a look at the watch movements of celebrated watchmakers:


Rolex has branded their caliber movement “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified”. What does this mean? Well, unlike most luxury watches that are only certified by COSC, Rolex watches undergo a line of in-house tests instead.

Rolex’s stringent in-house tests have made it one of the most celebrated names in the industry. The brand is known for its precision, reliability, and its style.



Omega was founded in 1903. However, it got its name from a famous mechanical watch movement that was created in 1894. That should give you an idea of the importance that watchmakers place on mechanical movements.

For decades, Omega has launched one impressive collection of watches after the other. It’s built a reputation for building gorgeous, functional watches that consistently push technological boundaries.

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer earned a name for itself in the world of luxury watches for making value-driven, deluxe watched. In the year 2013, Tag Heuer introduced Caliber 1969.

Caliber 1969 is an in-house movement that replaced an age-old oscillating pinion with a straight clutch for greater precision. The lines of Tag Heuer watches that followed all consisted of more advanced versions of Caliber 1969, enclosed in the luxurious casings the brand is known for.

Next time you decide to buy a watch, take a moment to research its movement so you know exactly what makes the timepiece so impressive.

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Welcoming 2019—Beauty Trends To Lookout For

2018 has been quite exciting in terms of makeup looks. Many 90’s trends were revisited to varying reactions, but it’s time to look forward. Update your make up collection because it’s time to welcome the makeup trends of 2019!

A pop of neon!

The runway is known for its minimalist makeup looks, but Spring 2019 is going to inject some color back into it. Neon accents have been spotted on models showcasing pieces by Christian Siriano, Alex and Olivia, Chromat, and others. Slime green eyeliner, bright orange-red lipstick, hot-pink mascara, and orange eyeshadow have been incorporated into 2019’s spring look.

So how can you incorporate this into your makeup routine?

Runway looks don’t always work well for daily wear. There are ways in which you can use these trends to make them look subtle yet stylish. Makeup artists suggest that you choose one feature to play up. You could choose your cheeks, lips, eyes, or eyelashes. A bright but blended blush can be your feature for the day or a bright blue-green eyeliner. If you are looking for a more subdued look, brightly colored mascara on the bottom lashes does a fantastic job.

Canary yellow shadow

Yellow is a color we usually don’t associate with makeup. That’s all about to change! Models have been spotted wearing opaque yellow eyeshadow paired with a red lip.

If you are looking to try out this bold look, you can opt for a light wash of color across your lids and some mascara. If you want to go all out then, by all means, try the red lip.

Color blocking

Once a trend only used in fashion, color blocking has crept into makeup on the runway too! Makeup artist James Kallardos paired bright pink eyeshadow with an orangey-red lip. The eyeshadow way winged out for a “lifted-eye” effect.

If you are planning to sport this look off the runway, don’t forget some black mascara. It can help create a barrier, making the whites of your eyes look brighter.

Metallic lips

Metals have been a big part of makeup for a while now; whether it’s gold, bronze, silver, or copper. 2019 Spring trends are all set to incorporate metals into the lips too.

Foil-like lip shades give an edgy, futuristic look. The look can be created with some eyeshadow and loose glitters in metallic shades.

Rimmed eyes

This is one of those trends that everyone’s tried. Rimmed eyes were quite the craze before Instagram makeup came around. The runway look incorporated black eyeliner on the waterline and nothing else. If you happen to have freckles, it’ll look even better!

Glossy skin and pink lips


Not all looks can be recreated every single day. This is an exception. Glossy bronzed skin and a pink lip are a classic and easy universal look.

Gloss on the skin can be achieved by using cream-based highlighters and bronzers. To ensure the skin-like effect isn’t lost, make sure you don’t powder over any areas. Pink lipstick can be smudged on with fingers to give that faded and edgy look.

Purple Highlighter

The highlighter revolution doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. Just when you thought there was nothing else you could do with highlighter, another trend pops up!

Holographic purple-pink highlighter makes for the perfect pop of color for your makeup look. Brands like Jeffree Starr and Fenty Beauty stock amazing colors for you to try on your cheekbones. The deeper your skin, the better this trend will look on you!

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What is a Weave and Will It Look Good on Me?

With A-list celebrities like Zendaya, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Tyra Banks regularly switching up their looks with something they call weaves, you’re likely to have become curious about the term. While they have very recently become mainstream, extensions and weaves have long been a part of the entertainment industry as well as among regular people.

Let’s take a look into the world of weaves and discover everything they have to offer you!

The History of Weaves

The first instances of a weave installation actually come from more than 5000 years ago. Around 3400 BC, people started dyeing sheep wool or human hair as the earliest form of hair extensions. These were attached using beeswax or resin.

Since then, hair extensions have evolved to look extremely natural, and are attached by a number of different methods, including sew-in, tape-in, microbead extensions and more.

The Difference between a Weave and a Wig

While often confused as one and the same thing, weaves and wigs are two completely different things.

Unlike a wig, which is merely a net cap with hair sewed or glued on it, a weave is sewn directly into your natural hair. A full-cap wig may fully cover the hair, which can make the head feel hot and prevents your natural hair from breathing.

Wigs are usually taken off at the end of the day and allow you to completely change your hair color or length for a temporary amount of time. However, if you require something a little more permanent, a weave may be the right choice for you! A standard weave is meant to last at least a month.


Different Types of Weaves

Considering the many types of weaves available today, making the right choice is no easy task. Here’s a little something to make it a little easier for you:


Your natural hair is sectioned into tiny portions, braided up to an inch and extensions tied or sewed to the end with string.


The best kind of weave, sewed in weaves work well with most hair types and prevent traction alopecia. Your cosmetologist will tie a tiny bit of your hair into cornrows and then sew the hair extensions into your natural hair.


Using a keratin-protein bond matching your natural hair color, human hair extensions are attached to your hair.


Unlike the sewing method, the interlocking method sews tiny amounts of hair into loose hair instead of into cornrows.


Your cosmetologist uses special glue to glue strands of hair to your scalp. This method is typically not recommended as it can cause traction alopecia or balding.

Why Do People Wear Weaves?

From aesthetic reasons to health issues, there are a number of reasons why women all over the world wear weaves! Weaves can protect your natural hair from heat damage, allowing it to grow out stronger and healthier. It can be used to cover up genetic baldness, or baldness due to cancer treatments.

On the other hand, weaves are also easier to manage, very versatile and can take short hair to long without having to wait for months to grow it out! There are so many reasons why you might want to opt for an installation too!

But when all is said and done, most women opt for hair extensions and weaves just because they want to, and we’re not going to be stopping them when they look so fabulous in them!

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Just Man Things—A Guide To Men’s Jewelry Cleaning And Care

Jewelry of all kinds needs to be cared for so that they never age. Even the best quality jewelry requires care and a bit of cleaning. The cleaning agents you use will be different depending on the material you use. Here’s a guide for all kinds of men’s jewelry: Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Accessories For The Modern Man

“Style is saying who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe.

Whether it’s the bold t-shirt they’re wearing, or their coiffed hairstyle, there’s always something about people that stand out that alerts you to their presence.

But our style isn’t limited to how we dress. It’s also about how we behave and how we speak.

People take notice of how we act and behave.  This becomes a part of our image and how we’re perceived by others.

If you have a celebrity you admire, you probably love their sense of fashion. Many people take up famous figures as role models for creating their own sense of style.

However, it isn’t just about first impressions; it’s also about confidence. The way we carry ourselves is how people remember us. And while we focus on clothing, we often forget that how we accessorize ourselves also speaks volumes about us.

As the modern man, you probably think a black suit or tux is going to cut it. But you need something to complement that suit/tux. And that’s where accessories come in.

Here’s all you need to know to stand out when it comes to accessorizing:

Shoes, Shoes and Shoes!


Russell Westbrook once said, “Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes—done!”

You can wear just about anything but what complete your outfit are your shoes. Good shoes are not just for your foot’s comfort. They can boost your confidence and make an impact on your overall dressing and style.

From leather shoes to converse and sneakers, there are several types of shoes for men. Leather shoes are perfect for making an impression on clients while on a business trip or meeting. They add to the ‘professional look.’ Converse on the other hand are great for workouts at the gym.


Suits are essential for men, especially for formal occasions and parties. But what’s more essential is completing the look with a beautiful tie. They’re essential for business meetings as well, and add a ‘crisp’, ‘clean’ look to your style.

Watches, Watches, and Watches!

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful vintage watch! All eyes are meant to be on you. And what’s the best way to achieve that through a stunning chronograph? From Rolex to Omega and Patek Philippe, vintage and modern watches are the way to add confidence to your style and look!

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On Top of the World: The Cutest Pineapple Tops For Your Wardrobe

Ever opened your closet when you had to attend an event, only to close it, and let out a sigh of frustration? It’s not because you have nothing to wear; it’s just that you have too much in your closet and not all of it is as stylish as you remember!


You could solve this issue by going with a classic choice. But this time around, you feel like your adorable white-tee with distressed jeans is just not going to cut it. So why not take the chance with something cute and chic?

Here are a few tops to consider:

Pineapple Sequins Pink Cotton Tee

If you’ve ever wanted something that’s worth wearing outdoors but comfortable enough to sleep in, this cute-tee (pun-intended!) is for you!


It’s pink, it’s chic, but more importantly, it’s stylish. You can tie your hair in a messy bun to rock the casual look, or even wear to an office picnic—your choice.

Pineapple 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Another pineapple t-shirt! But what makes this piece stand out is that it’s simple, yet elegant and stylish.

You can experiment with different accessories, wear your favorite boots, and style your hair whichever way you want. This t-shirt will still look good and complement every look you try!

Dark Blue Pineapple Shirt

What to love about this piece: when you first look at it, it will instantly remind you of Hawaii. It has the same gorgeous patterns you’d expect to see on t-shirts from the beautiful place.


It reminds you of the ocean and the pineapple patterns will make you feel like you’re already vacationing there!

Love Pineapple Grey T-Shirt

This t-shirt is perfect because it isn’t the dull grey most people are used to! It’s light, appealing to the eyes and most importantly, it’s very fashionable!

In bold white color, it says “LOVE” with a pineapple in between. So those who love pineapples will find this t-shirt to be a great addition to their wardrobe.

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The Psychology of Scent: Why Smells Trigger Memories

Does the smell of chicken roast take you back to Sunday lunches at your Grandma’s? Or perhaps a whiff of lavender reminds you of the perfume your mom loves so much? Well, you’re not alone.

Certain scents have a funny way of bringing back memories of specific instances and having a particular effect on you.

Sniffing Up the Science

When a scent hits our senses, it comes in contact with the olfactory bulb located in the brain. The neural inputs conveyed by the scent are processed by the olfactory bulb’s receptor cells and the information is relayed to the brain. Once properly identified, the scents are then sent off to the amygdala and the hippocampus for further processing on a higher level. This involves memory and emotion.

The amygdala begins to associate these odors with positive and negative results. Most commonly linked with fear, the amygdale helps the brain in recognizing negative stimuli.

The hippocampus, on the other hand, connects particular smells with memories of specific occasions. With the passage of time, the brain’s neuron firing adapts to this to the extent that the associative process becomes second nature and a person experiences nostalgia by certain smells.


With these chemical reactions initiated by the olfactory bulb, the brain is able to associate a wide range of smells with an even wider range of memories. These memory triggers lie on the positive and negative ends of the spectrum and are sensitive to the intensity of the memories experienced. For a person with full olfactory functioning, certain smells can evoke particular memories.

This is why the scent of an orchard in blossom can bring up memories you’re your childhood when you had picnic in a park, for example. The positive smell acts as a trigger, spontaneously recalling an experience you had long forgotten about and having you basking in sweet nostalgia.

Unfortunately, scents can serve as a negative trigger too. People who have experienced physical or emotional trauma in their past may strongly associate a particular to their unpleasant memories and have to relive it in their minds. This can be especially painful and traumatizing for individuals suffering from PTSD.

Feel Trip

Olfactory impulses aren’t only associated with memory; they can affect one’s emotions too! As the scent triggers a memory, the memory in turn triggers subconscious emotions related to that experience.


Scents serve a much greater purpose than merely smelling good or bad. They also trigger specific feelings, which can range from attraction to relaxation to irritation. Think of the smell of freshly baked cookies.

While it may bring back an old memory of your grandma baking, it will also leave you feeling relaxed and content, triggering positive memories and emotions.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 5 Botox Myths Busted!

“I don’t want to get Botox, I’ll never be able to smile again!”

“You don’t need Botox until you’re at least 50.”

“Botox? Doesn’t that kill you?” Read more

6 Tips For Perfume Shopping

Fragrance shopping is like being allowed to pick out just the kind of face you want. Interesting enough?

Your scent can either make you a head-turner or a people-repellant. In short, your scent is what defines you.

Research on nosenography has shown how smell is an “unruly force” which “identifies bodies” within spaces.

It is extremely important to have some tips before going for fragrance shopping; after all, who doesn’t want to be well-received at every occasion?

Here are a few tips.

  1. Homework

Letting yourself get dragged by a nice-smelling person will only help if you inquire about the scent they wear. The real purpose is to find a scent that you want to associate yourself with.

Shortlist a few brands and note down any fresh releases they might have. It is also useful to check the online website of the store you want to shop from.

Since Fragrance Frontier is an online shop for cosmetic products and has an exhaustive list of brands on its website, your shopping experience will be as easy as a click!

  1. Learn Fragrance Families

Everyone has a preference when it comes to picking fragrances. Some like it fruity with a tinge of citrus, while others prefer the scent of spring with flowery essence. Fragrances can range from spicy smells to dense aromatic scents. You need to know what tickles your fancy.

  1. Avoid Scented Lubricants

It is best to try on a scent that a family member or friend already has to avoid surprises. Do not apply any scented creams or body lotions or perfumes on yourself before going for a perfume test.

This would confound your olfactory senses and already saturate your nose with other scents.  Also chemicals in lotions tend to conceal the smell of a perfume when sprayed on it so you would not know the intensity of each scent.

  1. Take a vial

If you are planning to purchase a scent for permanent use, it is best to invest some time and effort into it.

Top notes of a scent are not always reliable. You can revisit these scents once you have collected all the ones you liked and decide on the one that suits you.

Give your nose some time to adjust to a scent and see if it is tempting you to sniff a few hours later. If so, that’s the one!

  1. Test Sillage

The best technique to ascertain sillage is to spray the scent on a blotter and hold it at a distance. If wafts of that scent travel to your nostrils this scent is most likely to have better sillage.

Since our customers mostly want a scent that leaves a trail behind, testing for sillage will definitely help narrowing down your options.

  1. Fragrance Frontier


This should be your last stop. Once you’ve found that one scent that makes you think it’s made for you, simply log on to the website and select the label you want to buy.

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The Modern Man’s Guide to Looking Stylish and Sophisticated

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.” – Giorgio Armani


They say that style is an expression of who you are—your beliefs, opinions, and thoughts. It’s a way to express yourself without having to verbalize what’s on your mind.

Think of your style as a blank canvas, one where you can express yourself all you want. The elements you choose for your personal style can take you from “that one guy we all know” to “that confident, creative, sexy man.” Read more