The Importance of An Eye-Catching Reception Area

When it comes to making your salon more eye-catching for customers, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. Customers are often apprehensive about trying the services of a salon that they haven’t been to before. Which is why your salon or barbershop needs to be inviting, so they’re compelled to give it a visit.

Having a well-designed and well-maintained reception area is an excellent place to start. Here are some reasons why a reception area is so important:

The first impression is the last impression

Your salon’s reception area is customers’ first point of encounter with your business. And considering how competitive the salon industry is, you need to blow them away from the get-go. Make sure your business’s reception area welcomes customers. There should be ample room for them to wait with some magazines nearby, and they should be made to feel important the moment they enter.

The power of a warm greeting

The first person that customers will meet when they enter is your receptionist. Train your barbershop’s receptionist to give every customer who walks through the door a warm greeting and a smile.

A genuine greeting from someone can lift people’s mood, especially if they’ve had a bad day. It also lets them know that the receptionist is there to help them in whatever way they need.

Your receptionist needs to be someone who can make casual conversation with customers and makes them feel at home.

A tidy reception area

The reception of your salon or barbershop isn’t just an area that clients walk by. It makes a very powerful impression on them, and may even decide whether they choose to stay or not. Make sure the reception area is kept clean, smells fresh (use some scented candles or reed diffusers), and is well lit. You don’t need to have garish, bright lights shining in the area; just make it bright enough for them so they can see the services you provide or read a magazine if they are waiting.

Comfortable furniture

Receptions often have waiting areas for when the salon or barbershop is full or clients. Clients may also have to wait when their cabs haven’t arrived or if they came with a friend.

Make sure the waiting area has a comfortable seating arrangement. You wouldn’t want clients to feel uncomfortable or develop pains and aches when sitting there. Empire Salon Equipment carries a wide range of reception waiting chairs for salons and barbershops that are affordably priced and durable.

The company has been in business since 2005 with its headquarters in New York. They also carry wholesale barber chairs and salon furniture online. Contact them at  (718) 395-2030 for more information.

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How Salons Began: A History of Sophistication and Elegance

It all began in the 17th and 18th century Paris, a long time from now.

Salons back then were not meant for hair cutting and scissors and blow dryers—well, they weren’t just meant for the hair mowing.

It goes without saying that Paris in the 17th and the 18th century (as well as other parts of the world) was a largely patriarchal society. Women weren’t encouraged to discuss politics, language, or much of anything else.

The establishment of salons changed this power structure. Women—sophisticated women, mostly from the nobility—would gather and discuss politesse, appearance, sophistication, and things of the sort. They would also freely discuss politics and ideas, in their safe sanctuaries where no nosy men would come about mansplaining.

Eventually, this time period came to be known as the Age of Conversation. And soon enough, it wasn’t just Paris where establishments like these were brimming, but they took over all of Europe and were to be found everywhere in the immediate aftermath of the European Renaissance.

The Salon Culture

woman hairstyling

What became to be known as salon culture was basically the nobility meeting together to discuss ideas and culture (fashion, of course, was never far from the discourse). As this gained popularity, the “trends” that took birth inside salons began to slip out, and soon a following was generated—not unlike the trends of today.

A cross-cultural phenomenon was taking place across Europe, challenging existing power hierarchies by bringing women and people who did not belong to the nobility into the table talk. Ideas ranging from literature and philosophy, science and metaphysics were all up for grabs.

It’s important to note that in the age of enlightenment, having knowledge and an opinion about these subjects was considered the fashionable and sophisticated thing to do.

This is exactly what salons have today come to represent: fashion and sophistication. Women of Europe back then used to visit salons on a regular basis to “groom” themselves in sophistication, not much different from what we do today.

Salons Today

Although Jürgen Habermas in his book The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere tells us all about the salon culture in 18th century Europe, we have come a long way since then. Since we have women who stand side by side with men in college and studies, there’s hardly a need for educational grooming in secret havens.

What we still adhere to is the grooming aspect of it all, how we take care to visit salons regularly and ensure that we’re keeping up to date with all the sophistication that can be managed.

So the next time you visit a salon to have your hair styled and your nails trimmed, think about how it all began and feel proud to be part of such a thriving tradition.

About Empire Salon Equipment

Empire Salon Equipment is a leading equipment and furniture provider for salons and hairstyling establishments. They provide a wide range of equipment including barber chairs, salon chairs, shampoo units, dryers, stations, and more. Give them a call at 718-395-2030 to find out more.

In the Now: Hottest Salon Trends

It’s time to get over the “New Year, New Me” tagline.

For salon owners and managers of hair styling establishments, it’s all about a new year and new trends. New trends mean newer equipment, contemporary fashion, Instagram influencers, and a healthy mix of multiple factors, which when combined with the right formula can make the right difference for your salon.

Social Media and the Digital World

The world has become so far digitized that it’s impossible to even imagine someone without a smartphone in their hand. The smartphone has taken over most essential devices (such as the TV, the computer, etc.) and social media has become the new source of tracking trends, knowing what’s going in various parts of the world, so on and so forth. As of 2019, some 2.77 billion people in the world use social media.

It would do you well to integrate both these elements into your basic business plan: have pages on social media that are regulated by moderators, engaging potential customers in the process. Enable a mobile app or an email newsletter, automated texts informing customers of alerts, etc. People scramble to mobile phones and social media because it makes life easier for them, and salon owners who realize how beneficial this can be for their business are on the right track.

Instagram Savvy

beauty salon

Instagram is huge these days, perhaps even bigger than Facebook—especially when it comes to the beauty and fashion industry. Some of the most celebrated people, makeup artists, fashion designers, and others hail from Instagram, where they have millions of followers.

If you focus on transforming your salon to make it become Instagram savvy, you’ll see a visible change in your clientele—a positive change. If your salon has the right aesthetic, the right lighting, and the right perks, you’ll soon be going viral on social media platforms. But it’s not so easily done.

We advise you to introduce selfie stations to your establishment, specially designed for a niche that wished to flaunt their new haircut on Instagram. Once multiple people have taken photos and released them on social media, you’ll strike gold. Remember, selfie obsession is still a thing, so make the most of it.

Go Natural

The millennial generation is obsessed with all things natural. According to reports, millennials are gravitating around organic fare, and many brands are jumping on to the bandwagon to target this woke audience. Introducing a range of organic products in your skin and hair care products will definitely attract the audiences that wouldn’t mind paying up a bit extra just to make sure they’re getting the best of organic products out there.

Besides, it isn’t just good for your finances—it’s good for the environment.

Get the Best Salon Equipment in Town

Items as minimal as a fancy salon chair can make a difference. With furnishing and salon equipment that’s set to impress, you’ll soon notice hoards of customers flocking to your salon just to check out the ambiance and décor you offer, in addition to your services.

Get in touch with Empire Salon Equipment for the most avant-garde salon equipment and furniture and upgrade the aesthetic of your salon to great heights.

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5 Gifts for the Comfort Lover


Buying a gift for someone who likes all things cozy and comfy should be a cinch. Get them some chocolates, maybe a throw-and-pillow set, and you’re good to go!

Only, now that you think about it, choosing something so obvious might not be the way to go. Not because they might not like your gift. But because as someone who’s a comfort connoisseur, your recipient might already have your chosen gift in their possession.

So how do you choose the perfect present? You pick from the following five choices we’ve listed below!

1. A Stylish Hoodie



Probably one of the most essential elements of any comfort-lover’s attire, a hoodie is one clothing item you can never have enough of. They’re easy to put on, you can pair them with any type of jeans-and-t-shirt combo, and even just wear it as is with a pair of shorts. With its versatile fashion and added warmth, a hoodie will always be a welcome gift. Just remember to buy it from a good store though, like Hoodies Galore, which has a great collection of 3D graphics and printed hoodies online!

2. A Fleece Blanket


Like a hug that you can wear, a fleece blanket is a favorite amongst comfort lovers. It’s warm, perfect for snuggling in, and available in a practically endless number of colors and designs. Not to mention that it’s affordable as well. As a special treat, add a fleece blanket in your friend’s gift pile and watch their face light up when they open up the package. And while you’re at it, buy yourself one too!

3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Yes, it’s a bit expensive when you consider that a robotic vacuum can cost upwards of $500. But this special piece of machinery can definitely be worth it if your friend works full-time and doesn’t have the energy to clean their home! With several models and types (many within a budget price range) available in the market, each with its own long list of features and add-ons, a robotic vacuum cleaner might just be what your giftee had been wishing for.

4. A Good Pair of Headphones


This option is especially great if your friend likes to listen to music! A good pair of headphones can make all the difference when listening to your tunes. Pair that with wireless technology and some noise-canceling action and you’ll probably end up buying yourself the same pair as well, because you’ll be jealous of your friend having all that fun!

5. A Jumble of String Lights


Hear us out! While string lights might not seem like the obvious option here, the reason why we recommend them is that they play a big role in creating a relaxed mood. We spend around 11 hours just staring at screens all day. So why would anyone want to subject themselves to glaring lights and bulbs?

Having some string lights draped here and there will not only add to the ambiance, but they’ll also help alleviate the stress of the day.

Are You Ready?

While simple, this list could be very useful and effective in helping you choose the best gift for your comfort-loving friend.

So pick up that credit card, order that 3D hoodie or those special pair of headphones online.

Whichever option you pick, we’re sure your friend will love it!

All In A Day’s Work—Foot Care Tips For Heel Lovers

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with high heels. You can live with them but you can’t live without them either; because really, what looks as good as a pair of absolutely gorgeous heels! And quite honestly, your wardrobe is pretty much incomplete without a couple of pairs of heels.

But it’s one of the worst feelings when you’ve prepared yourself to get through the day in heels, only to find yourself cursing the moment you took that decision. Like we said—it’s complicated.

For those of us who can’t deny how incredibly confident we feel in high heels, here are a few tips to ensure your feet are taken care of throughout the day.

If The Shoe Fits

Now, you may not be Cinderella but your heels need to fit you properly. A size too big and your feet will feel tired too soon and be in excruciating pain. A size too small and you just might be donning blisters for the rest of the day. Your shoe size will change over the years. For new mothers, your foot size can go up by one by the time you have kids.

Have your feet measured whenever you go out to buy shoes. Better safe than sorry, as they say!

 Know Your Foot Type

You probably don’t hear this one too often but it’s super important to know your foot type. While a podiatrist can guide you better to understanding your foot type more accurately, you can even try a hack at home.

An easy way to do this is by wetting your foot and blotting it on a piece of construction paper. From here you can assess how flat or arching your foot is to understand which soles might work for you better.

The Chunkier The Better

Thin heels and stilettos cause your feet to wobble around and put more pressure on them while walking. While it’s okay to wear stilettos occasionally, thicker heels make for a much suitable option for daily wear.

Take A Break

Take frequent breaks in the day to take your shoes off and stretch out your feet and ankles. You can do this while at your desk and even slip into more comfortable flats when there isn’t much walking around to do. Try out stretches that target the front of your foot; point your toes out and down to stretch out the calf muscles and tendons.

If you’re looking for a more stylish substitute for your heels, glam up your regular old flats with Rebel Jane Footbands! Available in multiple colors and 3 different widths, these detachable footwear straps are perfect for flats and high heels!

Get your hands on Rebel Jane’s stylish footwear straps here!

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Here’s Why Classic Watches Will Never Be Old

Everyone has a timepiece or two that have been passed down for generations. Your great-grandfather may have owned a watch that your family insists on keeping. Sentimental reasons aside, is there any real value to keeping pre owned luxury watches? Aren’t they outdated? Isn’t it better to sell them?

Vintage jewelry commonly triggers debates in families. Is it really worth holding on to?

When it comes to watches, the answer is yes!

Unlike old necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc., old watches never really go out of style. There really wouldn’t be much of a difference between your great grandad’s luxury watch and the watch you gifted your dad last Christmas.

Let’s take a look at why classic watches will never get old:

1. They Work With Everything

Let’s face it, we don’t really use watches to check the time anymore, we use them to make a fashion statement. Classic watches have traditional shapes and designs that work with all outfits. Their elegance and timeless appeal looks great under the cuffs of a business suit and when you’re out for your morning jog as well.

2. They Add to Our Style

Will James Bond have the same effect on-screen in a pair of jeans and an Apple Watch? Definitely not!

Classic watches have forever been ingrained in our brains by cultural icons like Bond and many others who are known for their impeccable fashion sense.

3. They Depict Class


Back in the day, only the wealthy were able to afford a watches. Even with all the technological innovations in the market, we continue to be drawn to the elegant timepieces of Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Cartier, etc.

These watches may not offer the technological functions of an Apple Watch, but they do represent affluence, class, and good taste.

The reason some old watchmakers have lasted for centuries is that their watches and brands have always been treated as status symbols in society.

Tech giants can continue to churn out digital watches, but they won’t have the vintage appeal and history of renowned watchmakers.

4. They Don’t Need to be Changed

It all boils down to functionality and style. Typically, classic luxury watches do not need to be changed. They feature the best mechanical engineering which ensures they keep ticking; they’re also made of robust materials that do not wear out over time.

With that being said, even the best of watches require maintenance. If you own a luxury watch, make it a point to have it maintained so it continues to work and shine like it did when you first got it.

Have an old watch that requires repairs? Check out Vintage and Modern Watches. They do complete overhauling of pre-owned watches at reasonable prices.

Check out their collection online and contact them for their watch maintenance services.