3 Exciting Reasons to Rent Event Furniture

When you’re planning an event, especially as important as a wedding, you’re likely to have several things going on in your head. From why and how to when and where, there are so many things that may make it a stressful task.

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Why You Should Organize a Company Picnic on a Weekday

Heart attack. Kidney failure. Cancer. And work.

Do you know what is similar among all four of the aforementioned?

They can all kill you. Yes, even work. And it’s not just listening to Rihanna’s repetitive and ineligible Work that one might end fed up and frustrated instead: there are many people who become afflicted with depression due to work.

The world is quickly coming to terms with the phenomenon that burnout is, and are realizing that it can have long-lasting and drastic effects on people.

Perhaps the most striking of all is that in Japan, people are working hard; working so hard, in fact, that they’re working themselves to death. Horrifying as it may be, the “hard work” is hard only in the sense that it is taxing and exhausting.

Work that comes from a depressed and stressed out employee is hardly quality work, and in the end it is the company and the business at large which suffer.

So What Is To Be Done?

Getting them back in the loop is a matter of a carefully devised activity or an event, or even a series of activities if the lethargy is that great.

Make them engage with each other and get them talking—about things which don’t spell W-O-R-K at all. For a day, arrange a picnic or something which is not about work at all, but is engineered to steer them away from their work environment.

Planning a picnic is easy and often the first thing most employers seem to think up when thinking of a company event. Part of it is due to the fact that it only takes up a few hours and can be prepared at a setting that is not work-related, and so the workplace will not end up getting stashed.

What Goes Wrong: The Weekday Worry

Employees reading files

While all that is well and good, most employers are disgruntled when they see that most of their employees still fail to show up for the picnic. They go through the trouble and expense of organizing a fun company outing, and the employees don’t show up—this makes them think that the employees aren’t really interested, and they stop organizing events entirely.

That’s not true. Most employees just like a day home—especially since most companies organize their picnics on a weekend. Here’s how to ensure maximum participation in a company picnic:

  • Organize it on a weekday. This way your employees won’t have to give up part oftheir free day and can actually look forward to a some fun which would otherwise have been a day of work.
  • Have some sort of transportation ready. If the plan is to take them far away to a resort make sure you are providing adequate transportation so that they don’t have to worry about the commuting.

    From fuel to the distance, many factors can be off-putting for workers. If possible, have them picked from their homes or nearby bus stops.

Team building

It all boils down to making things easier for them. And once you’re done with that part, you’ll have a good number of positive results to boot. Here are some of the many bound to happen:

Increased Participation

Since they’re not losing part of their weekends, they’ll be more than willing to show up for a few hours of fun.

Increased Engagement

Since the picnic is at a setting other than the office, workers will feel more willing to open up, relax, and engage in conversation.

It’s cost-effective

It’s done within a day, and the preparations are made in bulk. Weekdays also carry a lower rental cost for venues since the weekends are always crammed.

The Logistics Are Easier

On weekdays, the parking lots are bound to be relatively empty; hence the logistics will be easier to manage.

Picnics Are More Diverse

A picnic can double as a series of games which otherwise have to be organized at the workplace.

It Brings A Sense Of Community—And Improves Your Branding!

The communal and corporate spirit is established, and the company begins to look better as a brand. As others will see that you care for your employees, they’ll flock to your brand, wanting it.

Best of all, it refreshes and invigorates your employees, making them less likely to suffer from burnout or depression.

Ready to Organize a Company Picnic?

Team Unity is a New Jersey based corporate event planning guru specializing in company picnics. They can be reached at (973) 325-9111.

How Apps Have Disrupted the Corporate Event Industry

It’s safe to say that we live in a digital world, and mobile apps are becoming a bigger part of our lives every day. Even web developers have pivoted to designing internet pages for mobile devices first, and adjusting them for computers later. Mobile app creators have figured out a way to take most of our personal and professional needs, and swap them out with an application. Need to find food? There’s an app for that. Need a personal trainer? There’s an app for that. Need directions? There’s an app for that. Now, if you need to plan a corporate event, there seems to be an app for that, too.

The corporate events industry, like every other professional industry, isn’t safe from the reach of the application revolution. Keep reading to learn more about how mobile device applications are shifting the conversation around corporate meetings and event:


Facial Recognition

Gone are the days of the paper sign-in sheet and name tags, and now we’re ushering in something a bit more futuristic. Though facial recognition technologies and their uses are heavily debated in political spheres, the corporate events industry has welcomed the technology with open arms. Facial recognition software allows organizers to take event personalization to the next level, from identifying guests before they can introduce themselves to monitoring their emotions throughout the event.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is a top priority for any company, and with every major data leak in the news, businesses are getting more creative and discreet about storing important information. But, when it comes to corporate event venues in NYC, many companies can falter in ensuring that the mobile devices being used day-of are also secure. This is a huge weak point in security for the company and their attendees, so the emergence of secure event planning apps has been crucial. These applications encrypt information so that potential hackers are unable to access or understand it, thus protecting businesses from a security breach.



Event gamification is the process of turning an otherwise mundane or strictly education activity into an opportunity to play games and win rewards. This concept has actually been proven to increase dopamine levels in attendees, attributing to their overall happiness. Gamification can occur online or offline, and many corporate events feature game corners or gamified icebreakers. But, with the rising popularity of smartphones, event planners have adapted to the idea of putting a personalized, engaging activity into the palm of their attendees’ hands with apps.

Live Streams

Thanks to apps, your corporate event guests never have to experience FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, again! Live streaming platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live allow the opportunity for people to “attend” the event, even if they aren’t physically there. For seminars, workshops, or international meetings, live streaming is a great way to ensure that information can get disseminated to all necessary parties. However, just be sure to check the WiFi bandwidth at your meeting room rental in NYC so that there are no disconnections during the event!


Chatbots, also known as Eventbots, allow your attendees to ask questions and receive important information about your event without ever needing to make a phone call. Designed to mimic instant messaging, Chatbots provide a direct line of communication between your guests and the information they need to access to attend your event smoothly. While AI, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots are most popular for their accessibility, smaller or more private events can benefit from using a Chatbot manually operated by a member of staff.

Want to try your hand at using a Chatbot? Head over to SoHoSoleil.com to check ours out!


Our corporate event venues, located in NYC, are available for rent for events, meetings, and shoots. Each of our lofts, called CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite, are extremely spacious and carefully designed to inspire creativity and innovation in our guests. In addition, our spaces come equipped with easily arranged furniture, WiFi, and a projector to best accommodate all of your corporate event needs.

Contact us today to find your next meeting room rental in NYC!

















Types of Party Balloons – Balloons for Every Event

Be it a brand launch at the beach or a corporate dinner—a party without balloons just seems boring, bland and dull. Sure, the music may be great and the food splendid, but the liveliness and joy balloons bring to parties is unparalleled.

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The Art of Decoration: Ribbons through the Ages

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Logo Ribbons: Your Understated Brand Identity

logo ribbons

If you’re asked to name 4 brands off the top of your head, which ones instantly come to mind?

Are they makers of products that you routinely buy for personal needs?

Or are they multinational names that are highly distinguishable by their logo, color scheme, commercials and catchy slogans?

In all likelihood, your mind generated the names of popular brands that you perhaps don’t even buy from.

And that’s the power of a strong brand identity.

Big Things Come in Small Packages (And Fancy Ribbons)

As an emerging start-up, one of your biggest challenges is to discover an authentic voice that’s strong enough to compete with corporate giants.

Impossible as it sounds, we’ve seen it happen. And contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t demand a criminally expensive budget.

Authenticity thrives on the currency of talent. So, if you’ve got some creative ideas to communicate with your consumers and clients, don’t be scared to try them!

Custom logo ribbons may seem like a small addition to your product. But much like pizza topping, they can add that somethin’-somethin’ you need to paint the canvas of your creation with a potpourri of colors.

Custom  color logo ribbons

We already know that colors play a crucial role in brand marketing. In fact, research published in the Journal of Management History proves that 90% of snap decisions are based on color alone!

So, when brands wrap their products in luxury satin multi-color ribbons, they’re not just making it aesthetically pleasing. They’re applying some super smart marketing strategies!

Power of Personalization 

Do you get upset when the Starbucks barista gets your name wrong?

Does it even matter if they’re only there to serve coffee?

Well, matters it does—as brand-conscious Yoda would say.

Personalization isn’t simply about communicating with customers. It’s about defining your brand identity by leaving a unique and profound impact on consumer behavior.

And what’s better than having a great cup’pa Joe?

A cup’pa Joe with your name on it.

Let’s Talk Logos

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you probably worked really hard to design your brand logo—and for good reason!

Logos are an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition and give your brand a unique face and personality.

Custom logo ribbons give you a platform to get even more creative, as you leave your signature on every fantastic creation!

Whether your budget is big or small, personalized ribbons cater to all!

For more inspiration on custom ribbon marketing and PMS matching options, check out Thirty Seven West and bring your brand to life!


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