Dangers of Using a Dirty Bong

Water is essential to the proper functioning of a bong. Percolating the smoke with water creates a much better smoking experience as it filters out any solid particles and cools the smoke to reduce the intensity of the hit. Read more

The ‘6’ Most Expensive And Strangest Bongs Ever

In the light of the ever-increasing smoking culture, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t aware of water pipes or bongs.

New designs and features added in smoking equipment not only make it aesthetically pleasing but provide greater comfort and luxury to smokers. Read more

What You Should Know about Custom Challenge Coins

When it comes to designing a custom coin, there are a few provisos you need to be aware of.

With the possibility of seemingly endless custom coin designs, you can be sure that you’ll be able to have any style designed on the metal. Yet, this does not mean you can go overboard with it. Picasso or Van Gogh paintings are where creativity hits a dead end.

Yes, there are a lot of coin designs available online and countless designs you can make yourself. But do not have the same expectations as you would from a large sheet of canvas.

Coin designs are meant to be creative but simple. So if you’re to choose a custom design for a coin, here are some things you should know.

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5 Thoughtful Gifts for Veterans

Truth be told, gifting a veteran a typical themed gift, like a war memorial, a generic gun replica or something butch and masculine is just about the laziest thing you could do.

A gift is meant to deliver sentiment, heartfelt emotion for the one you care. So you know something simple (read: boring) just won’t do.

This is why we’re listing 5 gifts for veterans that they will actually like!

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