A Guide to Developing a Collection Plan for Your Fashion Company

Introducing a new product in the fashion industry is hard enough. Creating a product that makes a substantial impact in the market is a different ball game altogether.

The fashion industry is driven by design, but clothing companies need to consider additional factors that make their design process much more effective. Here is a quick look at those factors: Read more

Is an Inexpensive Bridesmaids Dress Worth it?

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Should Contrasting Bridesmaids Dresses Work?

If you have a good eye for design and color schemes; yes!

Contrasting bridesmaids’ dresses have become the latest trend for wedding attire. Paired with an elegant white dress, contrasting dresses for your bevy of bridesmaids can add a unique touch to the whole ceremony. However, you can’t just simply add any style of contrasting dresses and be done with it. Read more

Beach Weddings – What You Should Know About Your Bridal Gown

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An Essential Guide To Tech Pack

A tech pack is one of the most vital tools for creating a fashion line. It’s one of the keys to producing high-quality product.

Basically, a tech pack is the blueprint for garment design. The tech pack provides all the information that your manufacturer or factory needs to create a product to your specifications.

Despite its significance, many new designers overlook this crucial step.  Read on to learn more about them: Read more

Choose The Best Wedding Venue With These Tips

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Shoe Shopping – Buying the Best Pair Online

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Making Your Body Look like a Million Bucks – Swimsuit Edition

There are several factors that go into making sure that when you step out onto the beach in your gorgeous swimsuit, you make heads turn.

Here, we share some details on how you can make your body look flawless in your beloved beachwear.