The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By New Fashion Designers

In the world of fashion, there’s no room for error. Mistakes can cost designers big time. If you’ve decided to launch your own brand, here are a few mistakes you might be making and how you can avoid them:

Not knowing your business goals

It goes without saying that every fashion brand is unique. Therefore, goals vary from one designer to another designer. It’s absolutely crucial that you figure out your immediate and long-term goals, which include financial, marketing and more, for your business. Goals serve as a guide and will keep you motivated. They provide a clear direction to fashion designers. Not to mention, goals make it easier to assess your performance.

When defining your specific goals, make sure they are realistic, measurable, time-bound and relevant to your niche.

Not knowing your target audience

Not knowing your target audience

You may be producing great quality products, but if they fail to meet the needs of your target customers, it makes no sense at all.

Just like in other businesses, a customer is a king in fashion as well. Therefore, catering to your customers’ needs is not an option, it’s a necessity.

Get to know your target audience; what type of clothes do they like, dislike and need? Perform a research on your target audience’s demographics, which includes age, gender, occupation, location and more.

Knowing your target audience will help you design and develop apparel that suits their style, financial and lifestyle needs.

Not knowing your competition

This is another expensive mistake that you just can’t make. If you wish to have an edge your competitors, it’s important to keep an eye on their designs, pricing, and collections.

Ignoring the financial side of your business

Designing apparel and accessories is no doubt a creative process. But, at the end of the day, you’re running a business. In order to grow your business, you need money.

Many fashion designers treat their work like a hobby. The reality is that it’s a competitive industry and you need money in order to survive.

Figure out how much money you need to have to start the business. Manufacturing costs and product pricing are other significant factors to think about.

Doing everything on your own

Last but not least, launching a fashion line is no easy feat. The apparel manufacturing process is complicated and time-consuming. You will end up spending more if you do everything yourself.

Your best bet is to collaborate with a renowned design and manufacturing company, such as Lefty Production Co.

Lefty Production Co. provides the full range of services, such as design, fabric sourcing, pattern making, sample making, cutting, fittings, labels and branding, fittings, production, and more.

Find out more about their capabilities and specialties online.

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4 Trendy Plus Size Maternity Outfits

Plus-size maternity outfits don’t have to be large, shapeless, unflattering clothing. True, it is difficult for plus-size women to find stylish clothing, and it gets harder once they are pregnant.

With that being said, there are maternity wear outlets that are committed to offering comfortable and stylish maternity clothing.

Take a look at these trendy plus-size maternity outfits.

1) Maternity Maxi Dresses

Maxi-dresses always look graceful. You can pick from a number of styles. Depending on your size, you can choose to have maxi-dresses that provide a little more shape and are tighter around the waist; or you can go for maxi-dresses with straight cuts and hide your bump. No matter what style of maxi-dress you go for, make sure to put your comfort first.

As a plus-size woman, avoid wearing maxi-dresses with large prints because they will only make you look bigger than you currently are.

If you’re concerned about looking too big, opt for maxi-dresses in darker colors.

2) Elegant Midi Dresses

Midi-dresses make excellent outfits for work. Find yourself an elegant, plus-size midi-dress that fits your snugly without being too tight and allows sufficient space for your baby bump. There’s no reason to not look stylish in your plus-size midi-dress. Go for dresses that are tighter around the waist for a more hourglass silhouette.

3) Plus Size Wrap Tops

Something about how a wrap top is tied around your body gives the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Plus size wrap tops separate your bust from your belly and make your waist look slimmer. They are also loose around your belly so it doesn’t draw too much attention. Since maternity tops tend to be longer, they can also be worn with maternity yoga pants.

4) Plus-size maternity jeans

Pregnant women swear by their maternity jeans because no other item of clothing maximises comfort the way a good pair of jeans do.

What makes maternity jeans different from regular jeans is that they come with a big elastic waist band which stretches as the pregnancy progresses. The elastic band serves as a cushion for the baby bump while providing support in the lower back. Whether you are plus-size or regular, all moms-to-be can benefit from maternity jeans.

All of the above plus-size maternity outfits and more can be bought at Maternity Wear. Maternity Wear provides fashionable maternity wear for women of all sizes at affordable prices. Check their collection out and place your order today!

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Apparel Production for Beginners

New to apparel production? For many new and small brands, apparel production can be the most challenging part of the process.

Effective production requires careful planning and preparation. After all, this is the stage where you will be ordering materials and trims, cutting and sewing, enforcing quality control measures, packing and shipping.

In order to complete production on time, you need to keep track of many significant details. Let’s take a look at some factors that can improve your production process:

Select your sample maker and pattern maker

To create the perfect sample, you need to hire a skilled, experienced pattern maker. Give your pattern maker complete details about your product and target customer.

Product information includes design, size, fabrics, trims and more. Once a pattern is ready, it will be used for creating a sample.

Getting the sample right is crucial because the sample is a prototype of your product. It helps define your construction guidelines and fit and size specifications.

Often, designers have to order multiple samples because the first one is not up to their expectations. Once a sample has been approved by a designer, the factory can kick start bulk production.

Factor in production costs

Before you start looking for a manufacturing, create a realistic budget. Knowing your budget will help you to understand your financing needs and limitations.

In order to calculate your budget, keep in mind these crucial costs:

  • Upfront costs: Spending on product design, development and tooling fabrication
  • Production setup
  • Production costs: This includes raw material, equipment, supplies, quality control measures, and more.

Other costs include product promotion and marketing, shipping and deliveries, and more. Production costs will ultimately affect your product pricing.

Create a production timeline

Along with production costs, set a production timeline. Give your deadline a cushion to prepare for setbacks. With a timeline in hand, you will be able to streamline the production process.

Focus on quality control

It’s critical to track and monitor product quality. Compare it with your samples. Visit your factory regularly to monitor production. Consider conducting fittings on test units to ensure they are executed correctly.

quality control

Apparel production is complex and detail oriented. To make your life easier, hire the services of a reputable domestic factory, such as Lefty Production Co.

Lefty Production Co. is a full-service apparel and accessories development manufacturing company in Los Angeles, California. The company specializes in an array of services, including product design, development, pattern-making, sample making, marking and grading, cutting, sewing, finishing, packing and more.

How to Build a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life (especially the first one) and you have to resist the urge of stuffing your wardrobe with maternity clothes. Maternity clothes are different to the rest of your wardrobe; you can’t wear them over and over again to get your money’s worth nor can you keep packing them ‘until next year’ like you do with seasonal clothes.

Of course, when you have the budget, you don’t have to worry about looking great in maternity clothes; It’s a little harder on a budget though.

To save the costs of spending on maternity wardrobe, many women make the mistake of purchasing larger sizes of regular clothes or stuffing their closets with stretchy sweatpants.

Take a look at these tips:

1) Invest in basics

Basic items consist of simple t-shirts, tank tops and jeans that you will wear a lot. Purchase a collection of high-quality t-shirts and tank tops that won’t wear out easily; they will work with any type of bottoms.

The waistband on your maternity jeans may make you cringe when you first see them but you’ll learn to love them as your pregnancy progresses. Jeans are comfortable and they go with everything. Two pairs of jeans will be more than enough for your pregnancy.

2) Buy on sale

Stores do place discounts on maternity wear just like they do with other clothing items. Plan ahead to make the most of sales. If your baby is due in the summer then buy yourself cute maxi dresses on sale during the winter.

3) Shop your closet

You are bound to have clothes that still fit so look into your closet to see what clothes you can still slip into. Maxi-dresses, loose t-shirts and cardigans could still fit you.

4) Borrow clothes

Borrow clothes from friends and family members that were previously pregnant. People are usually more than happy to share or give away their maternity wear.

If you’re not keen on borrowing clothes from others then take a look at Maternity Wear. Maternity Wear is an online store that provides expecting mothers with a selection of affordable maternity clothes for all occasions. Their assortment consists of tops, bottoms and dresses for casual wear, evening wear and office wear as well.

All their clothes are available in a range of sizes, including small, tall and maternity plus.

Visit Maternity Wear and take advantage of their items on sale!