From Curvy to Petite: Women’s Golf Fashion Guide for Everybody

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Some are curvy and some are petite. But no matter what their size, they’re all look beautiful.

But so many sportswomen believe that just because they’re athletes, they need to stick to a single uniform code. This is especially true for golfers.

But is that really how it should be? Is that really the case? Does being a female golfer mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style?

Not really! There are plenty of ways you can dress to impress without breaking the rules. And when it comes to fashion, the women at The Sweet Spot Golf know all about what’s trendy!

Here are a couple of fashion rules you can follow as an athlete (and a couple you can break):

Go Bold This Year

lady golfer

2018 may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you have to hide behind a fur coat or cardigan all the time.

Since it’s the start of winter, you can always take a cashmere sweater with you. Putting on something light but warm will give you freedom of movement and keep you comfortable.

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But when it comes to designs, don’t shy away from bold patterns, animal prints, and striking colors. In fact, The Ladies European Tour witnessed a remarkable array of bold patterns and colors that kept everything interesting when it came to ladies golf apparel.

Bold prints often go well with a curvy figure but can also work well for petite women. Experiment with the colors and combination to figure out what looks best on you.

Ruffles and Pleats

If you want to add flair to an otherwise boring outfit, add ruffles and pleats!  Not only will it add personality to your outfit, it will also make you look sophisticated and elegant on the court!

This look is perfect for women who are petite because it compliments their overall figure.


For petite body types, skorts are perfect. Short, cute, and sexy all at once, they’re the perfect outfit for the course.

They’re also bound to accentuate your body type and provide ample freedom of movement. This means you can still look stunning, without compromising on your safety and comfort on the court.

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From Simple to Stunning: Ways to Dress Up Your Hoodie

You have to admit, sometimes there’s nothing better than cozying up in comfy clothes, especially in the cold winter months. There’s nothing better than a pair of cozy sweats and your favorite hoodie. But alas, you can’t wear a hoodie to work or to a party… or can you?

Thanks to the current fashion trends, athleisure has firmly entrenched itself into the fashion mainstream. It’s actually cool to wear a hoodie and slacks now! But provided you wear them right; if not styled correctly, athleisure can turn from hot to hobo real fast.

So how do you rock a hoodie to work or for a girls night out all the while maintaining style? Read on!

Mix and Match It!

While head-to-toe athleisure is definitely trending, it might be a little too laid-back for office-wear. But you can still wear a comfy hoodie to work if you style it right. The trick to pulling off a hoodie as formal wear is to mix and match it with other staid pieces of clothing. For example, you can pair a hoodie with formal dress trousers, or you can layer it under a sober blazer. This look works great for a working weekend.

Pair It With Something Stylish

All set for a girls’ night out in town but the temperature outside isn’t high street fashion-friendly? Hoodies to the rescue!

For party-wear, you can dress up the hoodie by pairing it up with something fancy and fussy, like a fringe skirt. Or if you’re going for something a little edgier, you can pair it up with a bright colored fitted skirt.


On Its Own

Hoodies are independent, strong clothing items! They don’t need anything else to style them up! In this case, an oversized hoodie can work fine all on its own as a makeshift dress. But for a more polished look, instead of reaching for the sneakers, pair it up with some over-the-knee boots. This’ll look great as a brunch outfit!

Sequin Savior

A sequined skirt paired up with a casual hoodie is a match made in heaven. If you’re looking to dress up casual clothing pieces such as hooded sweatshirts, what better way than to pair it up with the most luxe of items in your wardrobe? Sequins, velvet, and leather skirts will pair up perfectly with hoodies.

Layer It Down

Add a little drama to your look by layering your hoodie under a long coat or a vest. Coupled with some thigh-high boots, this outfit will be the perfect example of party on the front and business on the back style.

Ready to add some graphic hoodies to your wardrobe? Hoodies Galore stocks an eye-popping variety of 3D graphic hoodies for sale!

On Top of the World: The Cutest Pineapple Tops For Your Wardrobe

Ever opened your closet when you had to attend an event, only to close it, and let out a sigh of frustration? It’s not because you have nothing to wear; it’s just that you have too much in your closet and not all of it is as stylish as you remember!


You could solve this issue by going with a classic choice. But this time around, you feel like your adorable white-tee with distressed jeans is just not going to cut it. So why not take the chance with something cute and chic?

Here are a few tops to consider:

Pineapple Sequins Pink Cotton Tee

If you’ve ever wanted something that’s worth wearing outdoors but comfortable enough to sleep in, this cute-tee (pun-intended!) is for you!


It’s pink, it’s chic, but more importantly, it’s stylish. You can tie your hair in a messy bun to rock the casual look, or even wear to an office picnic—your choice.

Pineapple 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Another pineapple t-shirt! But what makes this piece stand out is that it’s simple, yet elegant and stylish.

You can experiment with different accessories, wear your favorite boots, and style your hair whichever way you want. This t-shirt will still look good and complement every look you try!

Dark Blue Pineapple Shirt

What to love about this piece: when you first look at it, it will instantly remind you of Hawaii. It has the same gorgeous patterns you’d expect to see on t-shirts from the beautiful place.


It reminds you of the ocean and the pineapple patterns will make you feel like you’re already vacationing there!

Love Pineapple Grey T-Shirt

This t-shirt is perfect because it isn’t the dull grey most people are used to! It’s light, appealing to the eyes and most importantly, it’s very fashionable!

In bold white color, it says “LOVE” with a pineapple in between. So those who love pineapples will find this t-shirt to be a great addition to their wardrobe.

Looking for stylish pineapple design apparel and accessories? Pineapple Spark has just what you’re looking for! From phone cases to t-shirts and even home décor, they offer a number of products that feature pineapple designs!

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The Pure Pleasure of Wearing Non-Iron Shirts

Even for modern businessmen who have their act together, the prospect of getting up early in the morning just to iron their clothes can seem dismal.

With the morning rush to deal with, there’s just not enough time to give ironing much attention.

This is why many are now opting for non-iron dress shirts so they can forego the whole mess.

The Miracle of the Non-Iron Shirt

Imagine this scenario.

The alarm blares at an early hour, but for once, you wake up without hurrying. You take care of your needs, take out your clothes, give your pants a light press to even it out, and that’s it. You don your non-iron shirt along with your pants and go out to conquer the world.

That is the ease non-iron shirts can give you.

Made with a type of chemical mix to keep them iron-free, these shirts are usually cheaper because they’re made using cheaper fabric, typically by fast fashion companies. However, brands like Mark Fred have now embraced the non-iron technology and are now applying it to higher-quality fabrics, using better techniques.

The result is a better quality slim-fit shirt that not only looks better but is durable as well.

The Promise of Being Iron-Free

Non-iron shirts nowadays have become lighter, more refined. The quality of cotton is finer, the fabric is softer and there’s no need to worry about wrinkles at all. Non-iron shirts have become the norm.

And from professional businessmen to college students, every person whose short on time in the mornings requires changing clothes during the day and has a smaller clothing budget can benefit from this style of clothing.

It’s also useful that these shirts are travel-friendly, so there really is no point in worrying about them getting wrinkled, just from being placed in a bag or a suitcase. They save time and effort and can prove to be a blessing for those with less time for preparation on their hands.

Buying Designer Men’s Clothing

Thanks to their growing popularity, these shirts are now available in different styles and colors as well. From the simple white to soft blues and pinks, you can now get these shirts in multiple shades. All you need is the right store.

Mark Fred is one such company that offers quality men’s apparel. The shirts and leather belts available are all designed to suit the wearer’s needs and use top-quality fabric to ensure durability.

Shop for the non-iron slim fit shirt at Mark Fred and buy yourself something that will complete your sophisticated and effortless look.