Environmental Impact of Extending the Lifecycle of Clothes

Most of us donate clothes without really understanding the impact of what we’re doing. Donating any kinds of goods is a gracious act that is carried to help people in need. But there is a whole other side to donating clothes that people aren’t fully aware of.

Donating clothes responsibly has a positive impact on our environment.

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Here’s What You Need for Your Baby’s Bath Time

In many ways, babies behave like cats.

They scream bloody murder at times, even when there’s nothing to be upset about, they sleep an inordinate amount of time, and many hate bath time.

Yet, bath time must be had. So how do you make it bearable, nay, enjoyable?

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Fussy Baby Troubles – Developing Your Newborn’s Sleep Cycle

This sentence can be very annoying when people say it to you, not because it’s repeated so often, but because it’s true.

A newborn’s sleep schedule can be pretty unpredictable, to say the least. Babies have their own body clocks. So at the beginning, they go by their own timing. It is up to the parents to figure out a way to shift that schedule so it coincides with their sleep time as well.

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Summer Accessories every Man Should Own

With summers hitting a peak in the months to come, many of us have started stocking up our wardrobes and making sure we’re equipped for the warm or hot days ahead. Read more

A Short Guide to Buying Affordable Organic Baby Care Products

With so many brands out there touting their natural care for babies, you’re right to be a bit hesitant when buying products from them.

No worries though.

We’ve gotten the leading baby care brand Genio Baby to provide us with some tips on shopping for organic baby products, and what you should be aware of. Read more

The Pure Pleasure of Wearing Non-Iron Shirts

Even for modern businessmen who have their act together, the prospect of getting up early in the morning just to iron their clothes can seem dismal.

With the morning rush to deal with, there’s just not enough time to give ironing much attention.

This is why many are now opting for non-iron dress shirts so they can forego the whole mess.

The Miracle of the Non-Iron Shirt

Imagine this scenario.

The alarm blares at an early hour, but for once, you wake up without hurrying. You take care of your needs, take out your clothes, give your pants a light press to even it out, and that’s it. You don your non-iron shirt along with your pants and go out to conquer the world.

That is the ease non-iron shirts can give you.

Made with a type of chemical mix to keep them iron-free, these shirts are usually cheaper because they’re made using cheaper fabric, typically by fast fashion companies. However, brands like Mark Fred have now embraced the non-iron technology and are now applying it to higher-quality fabrics, using better techniques.

The result is a better quality slim-fit shirt that not only looks better but is durable as well.

The Promise of Being Iron-Free

Non-iron shirts nowadays have become lighter, more refined. The quality of cotton is finer, the fabric is softer and there’s no need to worry about wrinkles at all. Non-iron shirts have become the norm.

And from professional businessmen to college students, every person whose short on time in the mornings requires changing clothes during the day and has a smaller clothing budget can benefit from this style of clothing.

It’s also useful that these shirts are travel-friendly, so there really is no point in worrying about them getting wrinkled, just from being placed in a bag or a suitcase. They save time and effort and can prove to be a blessing for those with less time for preparation on their hands.

Buying Designer Men’s Clothing

Thanks to their growing popularity, these shirts are now available in different styles and colors as well. From the simple white to soft blues and pinks, you can now get these shirts in multiple shades. All you need is the right store.

Mark Fred is one such company that offers quality men’s apparel. The shirts and leather belts available are all designed to suit the wearer’s needs and use top-quality fabric to ensure durability.

Shop for the non-iron slim fit shirt at Mark Fred and buy yourself something that will complete your sophisticated and effortless look.

A Care Checklist for Babies With Sensitive Skin

Your bundle of joy is beautiful, cuddly and pink like a cherub… in fact, they’re a little too pink and mewling a bit because they seem to be uncomfortable. Could it be that they’re hot or cold? Or is the pinkness of their skin that you mistook for their natural adorable color telling you something else entirely? Read more

How to Be a Metrosexual Millennial

For a long time, men’s fashion stayed within certain parameters; simple cuts, dark colors, no embellishments, vibrancy, and flashiness – anything that would make these clothes look hyper-masculine. This was the fashion that men had to keep up with.

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Buckle Up! A Guide to Men’s Belts and Buckles

Belts are more than just a functional accessory to keep your pants up.

Belts and buckles give a unique impression of your overall attire, and can sometimes make or break your look, with just one degree of difference in style, or even color. This is why it’s important that every man knows the basics of belts and buckles.

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