How to Stylize Your Fishing Apparel This Season

Planning a fishing trip this season? Why not do it in style? Fishing apparel has trumped its game over the years, and fashion trends aren’t only reserved for specific athletic wear anymore. Trends are being passed onto anglers for fishing, encouraging people to look good while they engage in the activity.

Today’s innovation in fashion offers just that, with various options out there for anglers to choose from before they set out on their fishing adventure.

Below we will offer a short guide on how you can stylize your fishing apparel this season!

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Wrench Away that Stench! Tips on Removing Gross Smells from Your Clothes

Humans have visited the moon, and are planning to colonize Mars, but we still haven’t figured out how to easily tackle stains or smelly clothes. Unless we come up with a technology that removes stains and odors within minutes, relying on manual washing and cleaning hacks is going to be our only option for the foreseeable future.

Stains are easy to remove once you’ve identified the source, location, and solution for them, but smells are a tough nut to crack; they seem to embed themselves in clothing and, sometimes, lurk around even after a full wash.

These tips will serve as a guideline for you to remove tough smells and avoid embarrassing eye-rolls when using public transport or when you’re at work.

Odor Removal Tips

An over-the-counter odor eliminating solution should work on meek smells that haven’t been there too long. Often, new clothing is scented; wash it to get rid of the odor before wearing it. Check the care label to see if it’s “dry-clean only.” In these cases, take it to a dry-cleaning service rather than doing a home wash.

Vinegar, baking soda, and borax are the top remedies for removing stink from clothing. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle white vinegar on the odor carrying garment. The vinegar will dissolve in no time, along with the gross smell.

Steaming is also commonly used to get rid of smells. You can add lemon to the water and get a nice scent out of it.


Prevention Tips

To prevent odors from getting into your clothes, you can take some simple measures to avoid the hassle later.

  • Wash, dry and foldall dress and laundry items properly
  • Don’t spritz scents and perfumes directly onto shirts, as not only will that leave a stain but it will also leave a strong smell. A simple hack is to spray the scent in the air and then walk through the area.
  • Don’t leave dirty laundry unwashed for too long or keep clean laundry in damp places where they will catch a stink.
  • Wash your laundry with softly scented detergents and if the care label says to dry-clean it, avoid doing a hand or machine wash.
  • Sweat odors are hard to prevent, but a deodorant can considerably reduce the smell. Even with the use of deodorant, a quick wash when you get home will get rid of the smell immediately, instead of letting it settle.

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Why Does Your Clothing Tag Say Dry Clean Only?

Have you ever looked at a dress and wondered what the various tags meant? If you’ve been guilty of ignoring these labels and tags, the chances are that you’ve encountered a few surprises when washing or ironing a dress that you’ve only worn once or twice.

While every tag should be read thoroughly to ensure the proper safety and long-term quality of a dress, people often tend to ignore the one that says “dry clean only.”

Let’s get into the details of what the “dry clean only” tag means and whether you should ignore it or not.

Why Does My Dress Say Dry Clean Only?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a consumer protection agency in the United States which ensures the labeling and tagging of clothes. Every clothing manufacturer is legally required to add care labels on individual clothing apparel in order to better inform customers about its protection and care. When using a dry clean label, the manufacturer wants to tell you to use a commercial cleaning service rather than doing a machine or hand wash.

The FTC defines dry cleaning as a process that uses organic solvents to remove dust and soil from a material. Clothing apparel is made of different materials and even within the same material, the quality can differ widely. Not every textile item can endure common cleaning methods.

If your dress has such a label, it’s because soap and detergents will harm the fabric, causing it to either shrink or shed its dye color.

Can I Ignore Dry Clean Only Tag and Machine Wash it?

While not all materials are able to or are designed to survive machine wash, most can. Even with the dry clean label, you can easily get away with a machine wash and get the same results. The trick is to use mild detergents and do a hand-wash for stains. Also, if you clearly understand the fabric and its characteristic changes when you put in water and detergent, you can avoid making multiple trips to your local dry cleaner every time you wear it.

Manufacturers often add the label to stay on the safe side in case of any mishap due to machine washes. Since—legally—only one type of care label can be added, using the dry cleaning one allows manufacturers to hint to consumers that the fabric will be better handled when left to professionals.

Organic solvents are also able to remove stains from dresses with accessories and embroidery on it that will be otherwise damaged in machine or hand wash.

Whatever your choice, at the end of the day, you’re responsible for the results. Dry cleaning can be expensive, but so is your dress so it’s better to be safe than sorry and use a professional dry-cleaning service.


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Summer Fabric Washing Tips

With spring bidding farewell, summer is just round the corner. This means you can finally take off all those extra layers of fleece and wool and flaunt summer wardrobe. But with greater choice of clothing comes the added responsibility to care for your summer dresses as well.

If you truly love your summer clothes, you won’t risk ruining your beloved garments with conventional washing tips. But in order to give your fashion line a good treatment, you’ll need to do some extra research and experimentation to know what works best for each fabric.

Here are a few summer washing tips for your wardrobe.


Cotton is by far the most worn fabric during summers. Because of its versatility and breathability, it’s the most common choice of wear in the hottest of regions. It’s also vastly preferred because of the crisp, matte look which looks equally fresh in all summer colors. Even though it’s a durable fabric, there’s a risk of color bleeding if you wash multiple colors in a single cycle.


If you choose to wash it at home, you have to be extra careful for each colored garment and that’s an exhausting job. It’s always better to pick a nearby wash-and-fold service to get your  cotton wear neatly pressed and ready to wear without any hassle.


Linen is a soft, comfortable fabric that’s equally popular for its breathability during the hot season. Even though it can be easily washed, you need to be careful about the temperature of water and speed of the cycle. With tons of chores to run, you might set the machine on a fast cycle which will ruin the fabric. Linen also turns out better if air-dried in the sun instead of being spun in a dryer. No one nowadays has the time to spread freshly laundered clothes in the sun and wait for them to dry. You can save yourself the extra work and risk of ruining by giving your linens to a local dry cleaner.

Beach Towels


When the sun is out, it’s time to hit the beach. Even though taking a dip in the ocean or soaking in the summer sun sounds fun, but cleaning the beach towels after is anything but fun. The beach sand settles at the base of the towel fibers and it gets extremely hard to dislodge the sand during wash. Unless you shake off the sand immediately, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it. And if you skip ridding the towels of the sand, it can damage the washing machine. Giving your beach towels to a professional laundry service is a better idea since they can return your towels—nice and fluffy—without any hassle.

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The Chomping Summer Wardrobe Tales: Keeping Your Clothes Moths Free

Summer can be fun, and it can also be absolutely cruel in many ways. Near the top of the concern list? The biblical proliferation of clothes moths…

Clothe moths love the summer heat more than we do. Damp weather further adds to their enjoyment. And when they have cashmere, shearling, cotton, silk and lambswool to feast on, they could be the happiest creatures in the world.

Non-stop chomping and ideal conditions for breeding, you say? Oh boy, bring on the onslaught!


So how can you keep your clothes moth-free and avoid the horrifying chomping wardrobe tales this summer?

Your friendly NYC organic dry cleaners have got some tips for you:

Regularly clean your wardrobe

Clothe moths like to lay their eggs in dark and humid places. Unfortunately for you, this is exactly what your wardrobe provides. So make sure you clean your wardrobe regularly and thoroughly, so if there are any eggs waiting to be hatched, you can remove them before the horn for infestation blows loud and strong.

Regularly wash your clothes

Clothes moths are attracted to fabrics in general, but they are attracted even more to articles soiled by perspiration, food, or beverages. This is why it’s important to regularly wash your clothes to keep them neat and clean. Washing your clothes regularly will also help get rid of the clothes moths that may already be splashing in the munchy playground. Have delicate garments? Bring them to your favorite organic dry cleaners—wink wink.

Properly store your clothes

This last tip is equally important as the other two. If you have clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t plan to wear in the summer, store them in vacuum sealed bags. Place small packets of thyme, lavender, or cloves in your wardrobe to keep the moths away. In addition, use wood hangars instead of plastic hangars,as plastic hangars can attract moths due to their static affinity for dust.


We wish you a happy and moths free summer!

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Hoodies vs. Sweatshirts: What’s the Difference?

Few clothing items have gained as much popularity as the humble hoodie and statement sweatshirts. Striking a chord with both men and women across the world, these clothing items, formerly reserved for lazy weekends and gym-wear, have transformed into a true fashion statement.

But a lot of people get confused between the two sartorial choices. Hoodies and sweatshirts may seem like they’re the same, but they’re actually not that similar at all.

While they share many similar merits when it comes to comfort, warmth, and style; they also differ in various other aspects. Read on to find the difference between the two.


Sweatshirts are usually long-sleeved and worn as a pullover garment. They can either be worn as a standalone item or they can be layered. You can pair it up with a shirt underneath or a scarf on top. Since sweatshirts are a pullover, they don’t feature any additions such as zippers, hook, or buttons. Sweatshirts can be mistaken for a sweater but they’re made of a lighter fabric, usually of cotton.

Sweatshirts used to be associated with sports apparel and were worn with sweatpants because of its ability to absorb sweat, hence the name. But they have found their way into the fashion market and have become a part of everyday-wear and casual non-sports outfits.



A hoodie is a jacket or a sweatshirt with a hood attached at the back. It’s basically a variation of a sweatshirt as its full form is called a “hooded sweatshirt.” While hoodies and sweatshirts are both usually oversized, heavy, and collarless; a hoodie has a few additions, namely a hood and strings to adjust the hood’s tightness. Hoodies also tend to have pockets, either multiple or single, while sweatshirts usually don’t have any.

The design of hoodies finds its origin in the religious attire of priests and medieval monks. Over the years, hoodies became a popular clothing article, associated with a lot of subcultures, such as Goths and skateboarders.

A hoodie came to be associated with mystery, suspicion, and anonymity. But since then, hoodies have entered the mainstream fashion scene and have become fashionable casual, street-smart attire. Hoodies can work great as sportswear, casual-trendy, and if styled right, it can be worn as part of a dressy look as well.

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Trippy Fashion Tips — How to Be Fashionably Unique


Made popular during the 60s, psychedelic fashion was in a class of its own. Versatile and vibrant, psychedelic fashion was primarily focused on the hippie movement and the freedom of creativity. However, with something as imaginative as this style, not many people were able to properly incorporate it properly into their personal look.

Alas, many fashion crimes were committed.

Not this time around though! Here are some tips that’ll make your outfit look on-point!

Fashion Tips for Psychedelic Fashion

Use the Flow of the Look

The main factor of psychedelic fashion is that it captures your focus. So why not use it to your advantage by having a psychedelic styled skirt? Pair it with a solid-colored t-shirt, a crop or bikini top and some simple earrings to balance it out. Even better, opt for an asymmetrical skirt so it doesn’t look frumpy.

Aim for Comfort


There’s a wide range of trippy hoodies available online. Pair them with a classic pair of skinny jeans and you’re good to go. The main purpose of this style is to show off your classy choice. Put all the attention on the hoodie by keeping everything else simple.

However, if you’re not much into the overwhelming look of psychedelic styles? Choose a simpler design on sites such as Hoodies Galore. If you want to go all out though, there’s a fine collection of 3D graphic hoodies as well that might grab your attention.

Add Some Leg Cover


You don’t necessarily have to go with something grand when it comes to psychedelic fashion. Companies such as Hoodies Galore also provide plenty of graphic leggings as well that use the same visuals and psychedelic patterns. Again, pairing them with some simple styled tops will do just the trick.

Keep them on the Toes


Not a fan of the full-on look of psychedelic fashion? Get some good shoes instead! This style of fashion has become quite popular so a lot of traders and designers in the industry will be using the patterns and textures for their wares. Just remember to get the right size, especially if you’re shopping online.

Start Shopping Today!

It’s actually quite easy to incorporate psychedelic fashion in your everyday look. You just have to have the right apparel.

So start shopping. Buy from sites such as Hoodies Galore and stock your wardrobe with the best styles from the fashion world!

Recycling Household Items

With the debate on the usage of plastic straws, the need to use biodegradable items and recycle has risen exponentially. According to reports, municipal waste from all over the country is distributed across more than 1,956 landfills, occupying a huge chunk of space. A lot of this waste comprises of items that can be easily recycled and don’t necessarily need to be in landfills. Read more

What’s The Deal with Leggings?

As a new golfer, you’re probably still figuring how to fit into the new environment. And you’re also figuring out what the deal is with so many rules and regulations!

Golf is actually a pretty fun sport. It’s easy, relaxing, and you’ll always find an opportunity to learn something new from your peers.

And you get why there are so many rules— it’s all about making sure that your aim and performance is on point.

But when it comes to the “no leggings” rule, is that really the case? Should women not be allowed to wear them? If so, why?

With that in mind, here are a couple of reasons why the “no leggings” doesn’t make much sense:

You Can Still Move Freely

One of the main reasons why this rule was imposed is because critics argued that women won’t be able to move freely in leggings. They argued that since leggings are similar to tights, they restrict movements.

And in some cases, critics also argued that leggings can restrict blood flow, leading to poor blood circulation and breathing problems.

In fact, players can be fined up to $1,000 if seen breaking the leggings rule.

But leggings aren’t bad for female golfers. They can actually be advantageous. You can still move freely, without any worries. It hasn’t been proven how leggings restrict your movements at all!

Some Leggings Cling to Your Waist

Another problem that critics have highlighted is that ladies golf leggings tend to slip after some time, which can be embarrassing for female golfers.

But when you’re wearing skorts or shorts that’s not really an issue. In fact, special golf leggings cling to your waist. Secondly, since they’re around your waist, you can easily wear shorts or skorts, without the worry of them slipping off.

Protection from the Weather

golf course

What critics forget is that leggings can protect players from the heat of the sun or the cold, frosty winters.

Another thing is that some players have sensitive or dry skin. This can become problematic and leggings can help protect the skin from becoming irritated.

They Offer Full Coverage

One of the main reasons critics are against women wearing leggings at the court is because they feel that this would allow them to wear inappropriate clothing. But leggings offer full coverage and also protect the legs from being exposed to dust and dirt.

There are several benefits to wearing leggings on the court and these are just a few of them.

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Wear Your Hoodie in 5 Different Ways

Hoodies have successfully climbed their way up the social ladder from a humble wardrobe staple to an all-out fashion statement. Gone are the days when hoodies were something you used to wear for a lazy night in. Now, this sportswear essential has made its way to the top in some of the most iconic runway looks.

Hoodies are no longer the style game of angsty adolescent. You can see well-dressed men rocking ‘em too! Hoodies offer you the ultimate comfort and thanks to today’s fashion, they can be worn stylishly in various ways.

Thinking of ways to pull off a hoodie outfit? Check out the 5 different ways you can style it!

1. A Layered Look

A hoodie on its own is chic but a hoodie layered up with other classic wardrobe staples is a downright party! A comfortable layered hoodie look is perfect for a busy day out in the city. Not only will you keep warm, you’ll also be looking sharp and crisp all day long. To nail the perfect layered hoodie look, wear a hoodie over a simple crew-neck t-shirt; top the outfit with a jacket or an overcoat, some fresh jeans, a pair of trainers, and you’re good to go!

2. Athleisure It

The fashion industry has warmly embraced athleisure with both hands and you should too! The look is a wonderful mélange of cozy comfort and cool chic. And hoodies of course are a key piece of clothing to get that athleisure look on point. The perfect street style outfit: pair your hoodie with cargo pants and finish it up with minimal white sneakers.

3. With a Leather Jacket

Nothing says style and panache more than a gorgeous leather jacket. Pairing up a hoodie with a leather jacket? Bam, you’ve got the perfect combination of a high-low outfit mix! A hoodie and leather jacket is one of those outfit pairings that work surprisingly well.

Experiment with different colored hoodies under a crisp leather jacket to get the right look.


4. With Tailored Duds

Gearing for a more professional look? A hoodie can work just great with tailored, formal clothing items as well. Sure, a hoodie teamed up with jeans and sneakers a classic look. But if you’re aiming to sharpen up your outfit, layer your hoodie under a tailored suit, or with tailored trousers.

This sports-meet-suit outfit is just the right amount of laidback and luxe.

5. With a Bomber Jacket

Another street chic combination is layering a hoodie under a bomber jacket. This look makes the perfect hip and trendy style statement. You can complete the outfit with a pair of jeans and a cap to finish it all off.

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