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The Case For Bacteria Buildup-Proof Kitchen Sinks

You can scrub till your stainless steel kitchen sink gleams, but when it comes to you vs. bacteria, it’s a tricky fight.

Overtime, bacteria builds up where there’s exposure to grease, dirt and environmental particulates. While about 99 percent of these microorganisms are not harmful, the remaining percent can be frustrating, even dangerous. From a runny nose to a fatal infection, these can cause a lot of health damage.

An ideal solution: an anti-bacterial kitchen sink. Finished off with a nanotech coating, these sinks not only resist scratches, but also the buildup of bacteria.

Before we delve further into why a nano kitchen sink is an appliance of awesomeness, let’s understand why it’s necessary.

That’s A Strong Grip

Between chopping up the chicken for marinade and soaking the heavy pots after a meal, the things you dump into your kitchen sinks leave behind tiny dents and scratches, often invisible unless you view them up close. Then there are those abrasive kitchen sponges, which leave stainless steel kitchen sinks with hundreds of nicks and cuts.

These are often missed during your regular warm water and soap and disinfectant clean up. The tiny little particles of grease and foodstuff may cling on, along with growing bacteria.

So what do you do? We suggest skipping the bleach and stronger cleaners; you only doing more damage to the finish and functionality of your metallic appliances when you clean them with harsh chemicals.

Power In The Shine

Think of a nano kitchen sink as a plumbing fixture that comprises of a barbed-wire fence to keep the bacteria out. In a world where you are surrounded by invisible microorganisms of fascinating (and icky) sorts, owning a nano kitchen sink means having one less thing to worry about making you sick.

Painted with an eco-friendly film of nano-sized compounds, these sinks prevent the buildup of bacteria from the very beginning—by preventing scratches. This film fortifies the hardness of the sink’s surface, thus keeping it safe from effects of hot water, alkalis in cleaning detergents, and the force of sharp and heavy objects. Plus, it adds a lasting luster, thus contributing to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

So the next time you are remodeling your kitchen, get a nano stainless steel sink. Don’t let the place where you prep your meals and wash your dished become a breeding ground for bacteria. You can find top-quality nano kitchen sinks at CreaVe, a leading supplier of China stainless steel kitchen sinks and accessories. Check out their full range of kitchen sinks today!

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