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A Care Checklist for Babies With Sensitive Skin

Your bundle of joy is beautiful, cuddly and pink like a cherub… in fact, they’re a little too pink and mewling a bit because they seem to be uncomfortable. Could it be that they’re hot or cold? Or is the pinkness of their skin that you mistook for their natural adorable color telling you something else entirely?

How to know Your Baby Has Sensitive Skin?

Newborns have a lot of unusual skincare conditions that we’re not aware of. While many are common and go away with time, there are some that require a bit more care on your part. Common skin conditions for babies include:

  • Baby acne
  • Cutis marmorata(skin gets a pinkish-blue marble pattern when exposed to colder temperature)
  • Erythema toxicum (red splotchy rash with yellow and white bumps)
  • Milia (minute whiteheads on the baby’s face)
  • Mongolian spots (birthmarks in brown, grey or black-blue color that look like bruises and appear on the lower back and buttocks)
  • Vernix (greasy white substance that protects the skin in the womb. Can be washed off or peel)
  • Diaper rash
  • Candidadiaper rash
  • Cradle cap
  • Eczema
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Heat rash

Tips on Caring for Your Baby

As you can see, there’s a long list of conditions you need to protect your baby from. And to do that, we’ve asked baby product purveyor Genio Baby for some useful tips:

Use Baby-Safe Products

Gentle soaps, natural products—there are so many products available now that are free from dyes, fragrances, Parabens and alcohol, use them in your baby’s daily care regime. They’ll be softer for the skin, and will produce just enough suds to clean them without causing any skin rashes.

Switch to Cloth Diapers

The plastic of your baby’s diaper plays a big role in their diaper rash. Switch to baby cloth diapers. Made from quality material that’s breathable, waterproof and eco-friendly, these diapers don’t irritate the skin and are adjustable as well so you can reuse them for a long time.

Give them Some More Love

As if you needed a reason to hug and cuddle with your baby! According to a study, cuddling improves the baby’s immune system, and can actually change their epigenome, which in turn can help them fight diseases, and that includes the skin conditions they go through. It can also make them calmer, cry less and sleep more peacefully.

Give them Some Fresh Air but Stay out of the Sun

Fresh air is good for your health as well as your little one. But for the first six months, it might be best to keep them out of the sun. If you must take them outside, cover their body with sunscreen and use a big hat to cover their head. Otherwise the heat might cause them to break out in a rash.


This cannot be said enough. Baby skin can dry out relatively quickly, just like ours. Use emollient cream and immediately use it after you’ve given your little one a bath. Before putting on the cream though, pat the water off their skin, then massage the cream in.Baby Cloth Diapers

Be Careful with their Clothing and Accessories

Baby clothes need to be extra soft; otherwise they may get scratches or a rash from the fabrics. Buy Baby fleece blankets from companies such as Genio Baby to ensure quality for an affordable price. And use special laundry detergents so their clothes are free from any perfumes or chemicals. Skip the fabric softener as well.

Protect Your Baby

If your little one still gets the occasional rash even after following these tips, stay calm. Skin conditions are quite common and do occur sometimes, so it’s best if you just look out for signs of an infection, rather than worry about the condition. You’ll have an easier time taking care of your baby.

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