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Why You Should Buy a New Wardrobe for the Pregnancy Days

Why are you buying maternity clothes? Just wear your old baggy clothes and save money!

You might have heard this unnecessary piece of advice from many a friends and family members, most of whom don’t see the point of buying maternity wear.

But the truth is that women don’t buy maternity wear, simply because they make them look stylish and fashionable.

Maternity wear designers take the female body into account before designing appropriate clothing. They focus on stitching and silhouettes to make the wearer look good and use stretchable material so the dress self-adjusts as the belly grows. But more than that, they focus on comfort, an integral component that can have a profound effect on a woman’s health and pregnancy.

Why Pregnant Women Need Comfortable Clothing

In those nine months, you’ll be nurturing and creating a miracle of life. This means your body is going through a great deal of change, something you’ll have to cope with somehow. And that’s where maternity clothing helps.

š Peace of Mind

Your body is going through a lot of changes. You’re obviously going to feel uncomfortable in many ways throughout. With pregnancy apparel, you’ll have something that is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible, with fabrics that are soft and stretchable.

š It Fits Just Right

Our regular clothing is designed to fit our regular body i.e. one that does is not pregnant and does not have a baby growing inside it.

If you stick to your old clothes, they’ll become tighter over time, and that’s problematic; too tight clothes will lead to discomfort.

š It Adjusts with Temperature

You should opt for anti-microbial, breathable fabric for a reason. Your body temperature fluctuates a lot as your hormones go through their ups and downs. You might feel hot and sweaty in the morning and cold one hour later.

With breathable fabric, you have the assurance that the material won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Which Clothes Should You Get?

Dressed to Deliver offers our line of fashionable maternity hospital gowns and 4-in-1 nursing covers for when the baby comes.

Made from luxurious bamboo fabric and designed with an empire waist, their 3-in-1 gowns are functional and comfortable to wear.

Shop for maternity clothes and stock your wardrobe. Your body (and hormones) will thank you for it!

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