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Budget Baby Shopping – 5 Tips on Saving Money

A few months into finding out that you’re expecting, you begin a never-ending shopping spree that lasts for months. But the joy of holding a tiny-human in your hand is indescribable and worth every penny.

Babies require proper care and attention, but moms end up spending more than necessary. Here are some ways to stay on budgets when taking care of a baby.

Cloth Diapers

After some time, it may seem that baby care is limited to timely chaining of diapers. Diapers are used and abused by babies. Disposable diapers are an expensive alternative.

Cloth diapers are re-usable and user friendly; they keep your baby’s skin soft and rash-free. In addition to this, they provide better fitting and keep your little angel leak-free with their absorbent material. Save money and the environment with baby cloth diapers.

Scavenger For Hand-Me-Downs

Babies grow at a phenomenal rate. Buying things that are limited to the infant or toddler stage may be a wrong investment.

A better approach is to ask around for hand-me-down bouncy chairs and exersaucers.

Strollers become redundant quickly; borrowing them from a friend or family member just saves you money for your kid’s college fund. You can also borrow toys and books from other parents. Just make sure you wash them before using.

Maternity Clothes Fiasco

Women over-estimate their need for maternity clothing and hoard their wardrobes. You can invest in a waist band to fit into your old trousers, or ask fellow mothers to lend old maternity clothes.

Remember, your goal is to fit into your old skinny jeans, not replace it with a maternity gown. Unavailability of big-sized clothes will act as a subtle motivator to get back into shape.

Affordable Baby Products

Don’t go on shopping frenzies, and shop a year’s worth of clothes for your baby. The growth spurt of babies can be unpredictable; this leaves you with many clothes that remain un-used. Sit back and relax in your pregnancy, buy affordable clothes from an online baby store.

Look for affordable and discounted layers for your baby. Socks, under-shirts, and all-in-ones go under a jacket or shoes. Buy a neutral color like white to make mix-and-match easier for you.

Another useful tip for buying clothes for babies is to invest in unisex items. A unisex Sherpa baby blanket can be used by your son and daughter, which makes this a great one time affordable investment.

Moreover, don’t get worked up about the shoes. You will be cradling him/her for the first few months, and the other months he/she will spend throwing or chewing shoes any ways. Apart from this, babies learn walking more quickly when bare-foot. Therefore, invest in fancy shoes after the first step.

Make Your Own Baby Food

Instead of investing in numerous baby formulas, prepare your own baby food. Just take any fruit or vegetable and puree them. This will save you a lot of money.

With babies comes responsibility.

Always look out for the future; a dollar you save on a diaper may send your kid to college in the future. So, plan ahead and look for affordable and quality baby products such as, Genio Baby. They are an online store that provides economic yet quality products ranging from cloth diapers to blankets and bandanas.

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