Buckle Up! A Guide to Men’s Belts and Buckles

Belts are more than just a functional accessory to keep your pants up.

Belts and buckles give a unique impression of your overall attire, and can sometimes make or break your look, with just one degree of difference in style, or even color. This is why it’s important that every man knows the basics of belts and buckles.

And to provide you with just that, we asked Mark Fred, a known purveyor of classic men’s designer accessories and clothing online to guide us through!

A Man’s Guide to Belts and Buckles

Even Number of Belts

A man should have at least two, high-quality belts that they can wear with formal and informal attire. One should be a casual belt, while the other may be a sleek, ratchet-style number.

Accessories Match the Metal

Typically, when choosing a belt buckle, the metal should match that of your blazer button, tie clip, watch and cuff links. This allows uniformity in your look.

The Colors Should Match

Color schemes for accessories such as belts and buckles are such: the belt color should match your shoes, in hue, in shade and in style. Black belts go with black shoes, brown go with brown and so forth.

Simple Finish

The finish of your belt should also match your shoes. For example, if your belt has a wet look, the shoes should have a wet look as well. Matte or leather should also go with the same finish.

Casual Complacency

If you’re wearing a belt with denim for a casual look, choose shoes that complement the hue of the belt. Dark brown shoes would go well with a coffee-brown belt.

Wide and Narrow

Thicker belts are ideal for casual occasions. Skinny belts belong to formal attire. As for buckles, wide big buckles suit casual style. Formal attire should always be paired with a sleek, simple buckle.

Height Balance

Aside from skinny belts, the width of your belt should be between 1 and 1 ½ inches. Otherwise the belt would look comically awkward, in comparison to your other wardrobe choices.

Don’t Disregard Fabric

While leather is the ideal option, it’s not your only choice. Don’t disregard cotton and fabric belts. They’re a great choice for a casual, summer look.

Buying Belts and Buckles!

The perfect belt can complete your outfit. Companies like Mark Fred that are dedicated to offering craftsmanship and quality can offer you the best accessories and clothes online.

Visit their website and buy a belt for your classic man’s look!

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