Breastfeeding During the First Weeks: What They Don’t Tell You

Nothing can prepare you for the incredible and beautiful surprise you get once you hold your bundle of joy in your arms. Their beautiful features, delicate and fragile, remind you a little bit of yourself and a little of your partner.

The adorable way they form spit bubbles, and the way they let out an innocent, heartbreaking cry, wanting to be showered with love; these are incredible moments a mother can never forget.

But with these incredible moments don’t come without the unexpected and the unforeseen. While you want to demonstrate the abundance of unconditional affection to your child, the first few weeks aren’t all comfort and glory.

And while you don’t have to worry about developing mastitis or bleeding nipples, there are other unforeseen problems that do confuse you. Here’s what you should expect:

Honking Sounds

This confuses every mother. Why is the baby making weird honking noises? This is normal (or maybe we’ve had weird babies) and you can just brush it off as a grunt or snort.

Cracked or Blood Nipples

Okay, we lied (sorry)! But the truth is, you shouldn’t give up breastfeeding because of cracked or bloody nipples. Your nipples’ bleeding is actually pretty normal. No, it does not mean you’ve got the “latch” wrong. It just means that you’re not used to breastfeeding. It’ll go away in a day or two so you don’t need to worry about it.

Keep Everything You Need With You

mother and babyYour phone (Hey, nothing wrong with that!), food and the TV remote—basically everything you need—should be within reach. The last thing you want to do is face problems while breastfeeding because your mother is calling, and you can’t reach your phone!

You Will Need Nursing Gowns

Nursing gowns are awesome. Period. They help make breastfeeding so much easier! This is because they come with multi-purpose functions. Need to reach for something but don’t want your clothes to restrict your movement? Detachable straps are magic.

Need to change sides when you’re sleeping? You don’t need to worry about the fabric sticking to your body.

Nursing gowns are useful and investing in a few can help make breastfeeding a whole lot easier.

Dressed to Deliver offers maternity clothes for modern moms. With multi-purpose, 4-in-1 features, these gowns help make delivery and nursing easier. Browse through their collection to choose what suits you best or visit their website to learn more.

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