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The Best Ways of Making False Eyelashes Look Natural

Aside from natural confidence and some good eyelash glue, the other main factor that allows you to pull off a fake-but-real eyelash look is getting the right set of lashes in the first place.

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at some basic ways of wearing eyelashes that will make you the envy of beauty lovers everywhere!

Crucial Tips for Perfecting the ‘Natural’ False Eyelash Look

–         Add Some Curve to it

Most lashes aren’t meant to be used straight out of the box. They need to be curved slightly so they can stick to your natural eye shape. Start by wrapping each one around a makeup brush and hold them in place for a minute or two.

–         Trim and Measure

Typically, false eyelashes will be either too wide or too long, so you won’t be able to wear them comfortably over your peepers. Measure the lash by placing it along your lash line and note where your lash line stops. Snip away the part of the fake eyelash that’s left over.

–         Look Down into the Mirror

Mirror placement can make a world of difference. Rather than looking straight or up into the mirror, opt for a flat, downward placement instead, with your mirror on the table. This will not only make it easier to put on the lashes, but will also not strain your neck muscles.

–         Wait for the Glue to Dry

applying lashes

Remember this rule of thumb; the drier your glue is, the easier it’ll be for the lash to stick. Before putting on your lash, wait at least a minute or two so the glue becomes tacky. Keep in mind that the inner and outer corners cause a lot of trouble, so you’ll need to add some more glue on those ends so it sticks right.

–         Snip it in Half

Doing so will make it easier for you to wear them, especially if you want to add a subtle touch to your look. For a dramatic but elegant cat-eye, wear half your falsies in the outer corner of your eye to give it just the right touch.

–         Invest in an Eyelash Applicator

If you’re worried about poking your eye out with a pair of tweezers, get yourself an eyelash applicator. This’ll help you bring your false lashes really close to the lash line without damaging them.


Buying the Right False Eyelashes

While there are plenty of companies that offer fake eyelashes online, we’d recommend buying your products from one that has the reviews and the quality to back their worth, like Glamorous Saks.

With their range of mink 3D eyelashes and lash extensions available online, you should have no trouble experimenting and perfecting your eyelash game.glam looks

Use the above tips, and buy some gorgeous mink lashes from Glamorous Saks. You’ll be gluing on those falsies without a problem in no time!

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