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A Baker Is Incomplete Without These Tools

It might seem effortless watching a chef pour thick-delicious batter into several molds, expertly level the pan and place it in the oven.

Your heart swells as the chocolate is melted to be mixed with butter and cream. The baker uses different piping bags to make dreamy swirls around the cake’s surface.

Watching someone bake can be therapeutic for the soul. After a lot of skillful labor, a perfect-tasting dessert is dexterously presented on a platter.

Its success is highly dependent on the chef, baking supplies, precision in recipe, and tools used to prepare the dessert. So, if you are an aspiring baker, make sure these baking tools are available in your kitchen for flawless results.

Oven Thermometer

Baking Supplies

Sometimes the oven’s temperature fluctuates, causing imperfections and instability in your baked delicacies.  Inaccurate temperature not only ruins your hard work, but also wastes your time. Place the oven thermometer to learn the accurate temperature.


A food mixer will save time and make your batter fluffy and smooth. Invest in a hand and stand mixer to meet mixing demands of variety of desserts.

Food Scale 

Accuracy and precession is essential in baking. Following a recipe step-by-step can provide tantalizing results. Availability of a food scale will bring discipline in your baking method. In addition to this, replicate similar results by following the same measurements in your recipes.

Baking Mats

Baking paper is user-friendly, but baking mats are eco-friendly—they can be reused. Invest in a silicone baking mat to bake cookies, cakes, and biscuits. It’s dishwasher friendly and provides adequate non-stick surface for your baked goods.

Shaker Online Baking Cups

To achieve a snowy effect on your cakes and cookies, you need to get your hands on a shaker/dredger. This is a must-have baking tool as it plays a crucial role in presentation.

Garnishing Kit

Your tarts or pie might lose their appeal, if they are not presented in a tempting manner. To enhance the appeal and edibility of your baked goods, make use of a garnishing kit. It has all the tools to customize a fancy look for plain desserts. They are easily available on online baking supply store.

Dough Scoring Knife

Cleaning the aftermath of a baking expedition is half the battle. Save time and energy by using a dough knife. The stainless steel metal prevents the dough from sticking on the blade, making cutting and shaping an effortless task.

Copper Baking Cup

Finding presentable, non-stick, and heat resistant cups for your dessert is a problem faced by every baker. Invest in copper cups; they can withstand heat without sustaining damage to the surface. Finding online baking cups can save your dessert tables from singed lining and crumbling cupcakes.

Spatulas And Bowl Scraper

Spatulas, spoons, and scraper will be your trusted companion in every baking adventure. Make sure your kitchen in equipped with multiple varieties to fold and scrape fillings and mixtures.

There is a lot more that can be added to the list, but let stick to the basic necessities. You don’t need to look far to complete your chef tool collection. Find all you need at Divine Specialties, an online baking supplies store, delivering goods in California and beyond. If your order exceeds $99 you can avail their free delivery.

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