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3 Spiritual Truths to Live By

Why did he do this to me? Where will I go? What did I do to deserve this? When will this pass? We all struggle with questions—questions about our life, our circumstances, our capabilities, our worth. Every hardship is an opportunity to evolve; every curveball, a chance to discover something new about yourself.

The Epitome of Luxury Transportation

Getting around town is sometimes not just about getting from one point to another—it’s also about the car you’re going around in. A lot of things matter when it comes to your transport to important events—the comfort, mileage, model of the car, and quality of driving. CT Rising Star Limo promises great quality and great […]

The Dry and Sweet Factor of Sake

Sake is the only alcoholic drink that shares similarities with wine, in regards to flavor profile and food matching. Japanese rice wine, however, shares a close similarity with beer—the all-American drink for casual occasions when it comes to sake’s distilling process.

The Art of Buying Towels: Things to Consider

There isn’t any feeling that compares to a soft, fluffy towel hugging your body after a hot shower. Not that the feeling is incomparable but it’s difficult to recreate with a different set of towels. This is why hotel showers simply don’t compare to when you have one after a long day at home. The […]