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The Dry and Sweet Factor of Sake

Sake is the only alcoholic drink that shares similarities with wine, in regards to flavor profile and food matching. Japanese rice wine, however, shares a close similarity with beer—the all-American drink for casual occasions when it comes to sake’s distilling process.

The Art of Buying Towels: Things to Consider

There isn’t any feeling that compares to a soft, fluffy towel hugging your body after a hot shower. Not that the feeling is incomparable but it’s difficult to recreate with a different set of towels. This is why hotel showers simply don’t compare to when you have one after a long day at home. The […]

How Customized T-Shirts Can Promote Fundraisers

Fundraisers are the best way to promote a cause and create awareness. They’re great for gathering donations for charities and events. Non-profit organizations are known for holding fundraisers to spread awareness about issues and problems within the society. The money collected is then distributed to those whom the donations are gathered for.