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Yacht Types for The Thrill Seekers

Love the adrenaline rush of speeding through the ocean waters in a motor yacht? The best thing about yachts is the incredible amount of versatility they offer. Whether you enjoy sailing in broad daylight with lots of friends, or prefer going on blue water cruising trips alone, there’s a yacht type for everyone out there. […]

4 Safe Practices for Coloring Hair Extensions

One of the key benefits of getting hair extensions is freedom of experimentation that comes with them. Whether you want go for cotton candy pink or sea foam green, with hair extensions, the color possibilities are endless. However, transitioning from one hair color to another isn’t always easy. In cases where precautionary measures aren’t taken, […]

Your Guide to Brushing Hair Extensions

Can’t seem to get enough of your brand new hair extensions? Now that you’ve got the locks you always wanted, it’s time to work on developing a rigorous hair extension care routine to keep them healthy and damage free for a long period. Hair extensions, much like your real hair, are prone to knots and […]

Trippy Fashion Tips — How to Be Fashionably Unique

Made popular during the 60s, psychedelic fashion was in a class of its own. Versatile and vibrant, psychedelic fashion was primarily focused on the hippie movement and the freedom of creativity. However, with something as imaginative as this style, not many people were able to properly incorporate it properly into their personal look. Alas, many […]

5 Gifts for the Comfort Lover

Buying a gift for someone who likes all things cozy and comfy should be a cinch. Get them some chocolates, maybe a throw-and-pillow set, and you’re good to go! Only, now that you think about it, choosing something so obvious might not be the way to go. Not because they might not like your gift. But […]

Flight Checklist for the Inexperienced Flyer

For a first-time flyer, the experience of traveling in a plane can be a bit daunting. Even though a frequent traveler knows the drill, the process of getting to the plane from the departure terminal can be intimidating for an inexperienced flyer. If you’re clueless, these tips might help you get through the processes smoothly.

Common Vaping Mistakes Beginners Need to Avoid?

Switched from smoking to vaping? Well, congratulations on making a smart decision! Not only have you averted serious health risks, but you have also opened the door to a world of exciting flavors, savory e-liquids and some seriously cool mods! The vaping community welcomes you with open arms!