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Interesting Facts about Termites

The silent destroyers, termites, are infamous for eating wood—that’s one fact everyone knows about these creepy crawlies. But did you know there are a total of 2000 termite species in the world? Out of these, nearly 45 different kinds are commonly found at homes in the United States.

5 Celebrities who Swear By CBD

We’re aware that cannabis has a mixed reputation partly because there are some celebrities out there who’ve given it ‘a delinquent’s favorite drug’ image. You might be thinking about Snoop Dogg right now and that’s okay because if there’s anything we know about Snoop besides his music career, it’s his love for Mary Jane. But […]

A Few Tips for Choosing Exterior Shades

Curtains, blinds, and shades are critical to uplifting the interior—as well as the exterior—of a home. Deciding to change the curtains or blinds of your house can be fun, as it allows you to creatively experiment with original and emulated ideas. Implementing all those ideas, however, is the complete opposite, and can be quite stressful […]

Yard Maintenance Tips for Optimal Termite Prevention

Termites have to be some of the most destructive creatures on planet earth. If left unchecked, these silent destroyers can cause some serious damage to your property. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage every year, and property owners spend over $2 billion on treatments every […]

Do You Really Need Boat Insurance?

If you’re wondering whether the law in most states mandates boat owners to purchase a boat insurance policy, then the answer is no. However, just because it isn’t necessary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one. Many marinas ask for an insurance policy if you want to use a slip or mooring.

Ways Cruelty-Free Products are Saving the Planet

If you’re still pondering over whether or not you should begin shopping for cruelty-free products, its time you start! During a time where it’s becoming plain to see that we’ve caused irreversible damage to the environment, its imperative that we make a conscious decision to do what’s right for the planet and all those who […]

Planning a Proposal on a Yacht

Finding love for a lifetime is one of the most joyous things that can happen to someone. If you’ve been with your significant other for a while now, you’re probably thinking of taking it to the next level—marriage. But before that, you need to propose. Planning a romantic proposal for your significant other is exciting! […]

3 Reasons to Opt For Scalp Micropigmentation

Have you undergone significant hair loss due to a medical ailment or a chronic condition? Is your hair no longer as voluminous and dense as it used to be? Are the bald patches on your scalp beginning to affect your self esteem? Scalp micropigmentation may just be the thing you need!